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  1. Damn something positive about time, now take advantage of this KM NICE!
  2. Wow SHOCKER Maile got a hit
  3. I still remember when Donaldson first came to the Jays they asked him about his swing and his response was he kind of mimics Bautistas swing, very similar this was a few years ago not sure if it has changed since, but I remember him saying that before.
  4. I have to call out Gibby and his lineup in a must win game. Martin should be catching, Barney or Goins should be playing 3rd base and the other 2nd base, Goins versus a Lefty is still a better chance at a hit then Maile so the argument for the matchup is useless. This is a prime example of a horrible manager in a must win game.
  5. Regarding Tulo, if some remember I mentioned many times how I wouldn't mind trading Tulo for pitching and having Goins and Travis up the middle that was the future. Although it was also Goins bat that struggled which made sense to keep Tulo, but this year Goins is proving he can hit, so he makes Tulo now expendable for sure. But then again Travis maybe done for his career soon, he can't stay healthy kind of reminds me a bit of Josh Hamilton.
  6. I don't actually follow any other teams tbh, just the occasional player who stands out.
  7. Well besides the Jays, anyone following or seeing what that kid over at Dodgers is doing? Cody Bellinger, the kid is just crushing HRs over there it's pretty crazy what he's doing, 22 HRs in his first 52 career games.
  8. Start was horrible, but they're still in this game, offense needs to wake up. Nvm, Bullpen, but Gibby to stupid
  9. Grilli pitching.... great game is now over.... A rejuvenated Grilli after Father's Day maybe....
  10. After watching him enough this year so far his approach has changed a lot, it's his patience and not swinging at the junk down low, it's actually impressive how much he's changed to lay off that stuff this year, I'm shocked. He's finally playing like the player people hoped and expected him to be years ago, but I still stand by my original statement. If after 3/4 of the season and he's still doing this great I will admit 100% I was wrong about him and give him the much needed credit that is due.
  11. But Burr is coming back eventually....
  12. Basically everything besides small and soft which what we kind of already are.
  13. Very true as well, a team will easily do that probably.
  14. Or LV takes Luongo, Canucks resign Miller trade him to LV for Luongo, and Luongo comes back home to mentor Markstrom who plays similar to Luongo.