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  1. I believe your right, I thought that or the slapshot one he did, but hearing how it's his knee now, this makes total sense and really sucks, get ride of that race.
  2. Yes I'm well aware of the situation thanks.
  3. Now that would be funny, who knows but I doubt it, still would be funny.
  4. As long as Willie is still here probably will be this guy eventually lol.
  5. No question this team does lack that physical presence, but they're in a rebuild, and this team isn't in a place to be at the top of the league yet or a threat, but once that happens they better address the issue. I'm sure they will when that time comes it's just not yet, and it will come through trades or free agent signing. I still believe Virtanen will help this issue out eventually, whether it's next year or the year after, but his physical presence will be very welcomed.
  6. For the remaining games against LA and Sharks I'm seeing for upper bowl anywhere from $40-70 for a single ticket, lots of pairs going from $100-$140. But for the Oilers game for upper bowl looks like the asking price is $100 for single, $200 for pair.
  7. Regarding Pagan he said 3 days ago 72hrs ago he would make his decision in 48hrs.... Well no news on the situation at all.
  8. Last I read was probably not because of didn't views on how it should be set up.
  9. I really don't like Keith, and not a fan of Doughty but I do believe he's a good player, kind of the same I feel about Kesler even though I don't like him. I'll admit I was a little shocked that Doughty didn't even make an attempt to send him a message back, but what I think he wanted to do is just concentrate on the game and his team, and not let it affect his team, so they could concentrate on winning and hopefully making into the playoffs. Doughty I think knows there will be a time and place for his revenge, but felt it was more important to win then deal with that crap right now is my best guess.
  10. I don't think we are in denial actually, as someone who wanted us to draft Thachuk, I really did I knew he would produce offensively what this team needed, and have a little chip/physical presence on the ice. But after watching the game last night, I changed my opinion on the matter, not saying he isn't a good player, but how easily this kid can get rattled and then go basically crazy on the ice to try and send messages which just affect your whole team in a game. The amount of penalties he took to send messages, hurt his team forcing them to be short handed, forcing his teammates into situations to get involved or help him out because he wants to do these antics, I really wouldn't want that on the Canucks tbh. I personally feel he went overboard and it's all because of his emotions getting the best of him, but his true self came out last night and that's not a good thing to be excited about. Finally I'll add if Doughty was the one who started this all by handing out the cheap elbow then I would of respected Thachuk more to do what he did, but that wasn't the case at all it was the complete opposite, and just don't get his antics. And speaking of playoffs if it's that easy to get this kid rattled and under his skin to go crazy like that after a cheap shot he gave someone else, good luck in the playoffs because his antics will hurt his team more then help.
  11. Yes correct.
  12. He is Marchand 2.0 I really don't remember Keith in his younger years, but I felt the same as you as if he wasn't as much as a punk early on in his career, as he was as he got older and more comfortable with the game. Oh and yes I was super shocked when I first saw how out of shape he was, couldn't believe how bad he looked.
  13. Have you seen his dad since he retired? The guy looks like a fat bum, just gave up and retired into the darkness.
  14. The play on Bertuzzi was a result from his teammates leaving the door opened when 2 players are involved in a shoving match already... The knee on Duncan yes I'll agree it's cheap, but I defend it because of prior history with what Keith did to Daniel. Still Burrows didn't charge at him on the ice and jump in the air to take his head off, or try and flip him over cheap hip check style(Marchand), these are plays to intentionally injure for long periods of time. Burrows didn't do that, he did things like Tkachuk to get under guys skin, but didn't take it to that extent like Marchand does, or now Tkachuk does. But the biggest question of it all is why is Tkachuk even taking runs at Doughty in the first place? If anything it should be Doughty taking runs at Tkachuk, as to why it's even more stupid to what he did tonight.
  15. Thanks for the post! Great examples of him getting under players skin!