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  1. I will say I guess I'm glad your opinion on Horvat has changed, but tbh the flip flop in such a short matter of time, makes it really hard for me to take your posts serious anymore going forward, and now seeing proposals for trading Boeser... I guess good luck with that
  2. Wait what did you just say???? I got into a mini disagreement with you a few months ago, because you had suggested trading Horvat, and I said that's not going to happen, then I come here and see you write that response to someone, yeah no that statement is a lie. I get you said in the future, but present/future you're still saying you'd trade Horvat, but saying you would never here now, yeah no.
  3. It's almost like yes they're willing to look at ideas or options to expand, but they're more concerned with punishing the other team trying to get the call right because they're worried about prolonging games or maybe teams taking advantage of it when it's all about making the right call. I just think they're taking the wrong approach here with coming to an agreement on it going forward, they're just to fixated on adding on a punishment to the other team instead of just using technology to make the right call.
  4. The only thing I thought which may of possibly happened was it hit Bouwmeesters left leg maybe, but it's kind of hard to really tell, that's really the only doubt I had regarding it.
  5. Just because the camera angle from behind makes the puck look like it's overlapping the stick doesn't mean it hit the stick...
  6. This is what kind of went through my mind after this finished, but the one against Vancouver I can't remember it exactly just part of it, but it was the referees who decided to have a meeting I believe after one of our goals and they decided to change their mind and make it no goal after, but the whole issue was it was a play that wasn't reviewable anyways but they over turned it themselves instead, so we were screwed no matter what. So when I saw this play today even though it's not reviewable, I was shocked that not even 1 out of the 4 of them didn't see it so they could overturn it and make the right call, like they supposedly did when it happened to the Canucks. Did some searching on YouTube and I think I found it
  7. I actually didn't watch it yesterday, not going to lie I almost did to see Jays highlights, but found a game clip on YouTube instead
  8. Yup there's another thing exactly, score a goal here or there and now bam momentum, so many what ifs, but deeply back in my mind I strongly feel the refs would of found a way to kill that momentum anyway they could, hence feeling the outcome would of never changed because it was and always was going to be 2 against 1, always will feel that way.
  9. It's actually starting to get interesting hearing comments from ex referees regarding some matters in the NHL now with referees, especially when they're supposed to be stricter now on calls then back in the day, yet those refs from back in the day are now kind of questioning the refs and their decisions now a days. One example was Kerry Fraser on twitter, wasn't aware of how vocal this guy really was, but anyways the incident with Marchand and the cheap shot to the back of the head, basically Fraser said how do the refs not keep an eye on a guy like that on the ice, you should be aware of where he is or have an eye on him all the time, so basically Fraser is calling the refs out for not doing their job in his eyes.
  10. So about a month ago I ended up going back to the 360 to play NHL Legacy for EASHL, I really don't like NHL 19 and how it operates and plays, I feel it's a very sloppy game with no flow it's not a smooth playing game at all. There are way too many "what the heck is it doing" plays that make me not enjoy playing 19 at all the gameplay is just horrible, to me it's a completely different gameplay then last gen to the point it's just not enjoyable to play anymore. The only thing I do on 19 now is HUT and collect my free daily pack for monthly cards, and buy any players or collectibles on the market cheap that I can resell for more coins, hence having $3.5M in coins it's been pretty easy and having a team rated 97-99. My online record in HUT is 47-26-4 so my opinion on 19 isn't based on me losing or being bad at the game or anything like that, it's just how the actual game performs and plays it's just really bad.
  11. According to the actual French, they can't even speak French properly
  12. Even when Toronto is out of the playoffs, they still want to be the center of attention No Sportsnet for me today I guess
  13. I'm not going to deny there definitely seemed to be a lot of bias towards Boston over the Canucks from the NHL back then, and tbh I felt the same about 94 although I was a young kid at the time so going off what my parents and their friends mostly said at that time, but that we got screwed and they're always having to win against 2 teams instead of 1, the Refs and the actual team they're facing. Now yes people can argue things like, well if so and so scored there or if they scored when they had the chance there instead, or if that goalie was playing instead, or if the NHL didn't change their rules for playoffs, so on and so on. Now don't get me wrong those are legit arguments and there are others, but even if you went back and did all those what ifs, I still feel it wouldn't of changed the outcome anyways, it always was and was going to be 2 against 1, not in our favor.
  14. I'm sure Trump can come to some kind of a trade agreement maybe...
  15. Trump takes credit for Red Sox winning streak after White House visit
  16. A's DFA Morales less than 2 months after acquiring him
  17. More mad that I didn't see Marchand get nailed, then seeing the Bruins win.
  18. Basically my reaction everyday now when finding out the Jays play....