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  1. Very interesting didn't even think of this but saw this on social media. They didn't sing the Canadian Anthem before the HR Derby even though the one Canadian team representing the MLB had a participant in it...
  2. Yeah very exciting, especially when the guy you want to win, wins
  3. Lol, I don't think he got his bucket of chicken yesterday, he's not himself when he's hungry.
  4. They had a falling out yesterday I thought.... Seeing Trump's tweets about how mad he was about their late night anchors or something.
  5. Unfortunately they don't make the NHL series for the PC anymore, which doesn't make any sense to me kind of stupid, they only offer the game on Xbox or PlayStation.
  6. Yeah totally agree, that's when it was the most exciting so why not, there is way worse stuff out there on YouTube now a days anyways, social media and YouTube wasn't a thing back then not everyone even had camera phones yet , people want that rawness that's the entertainment side so I say give the people what they want, and that's what AEW is doing. And yes regarding the woman's division, it has come pretty far, to the point where when I skip through stuff that I don't really care for but come across say Becky I'll watch and see, I never used to do that unless it was due to their looks instead. Actually another one who doesn't get much on Raw or SmackDown although recently she's been getting some, but more on main event right now is Dana Brooke. I've noticed that she's actually a very strong athlete, she needs work on the mic though, but I feel due to her raw strength she could give it a run one day for holding the belt or deserving of it one day down the road. But yes point is back in the attitude days I wasn't watching the woman for their wrestling skills, but for their looks, now I'm watching them for both
  7. Obviously first and foremost sucks that you had to experience that first hand, no one deserves that, but good that you were strong enough to get away from it that's the key which sounds like you did good on you, many aren't that strong and don't move on or leave. Now regarding the other stuff, I think if someone was totally against being gay they definitely would have that kind of mindset that they were living a lie, but I guess we all know that has never happened right.... Maybe 20-30 years ago thinking that they were bisexual before if they decided to go that route, would of made more sense, but now a days with how diverse it is and how open and accepted the gay community is people aren't as afraid to try it or come out, it has opened others minds to the possibly of trying it, but 20-30 years ago they wouldn't of ever thought of trying it. And again like I said before, I'm not talking about EVERYONE, because everyone is different.
  8. Lol that's normal on here unfortunately, just got to pick and choose your battles with some sometimes, they can get a little narrow minded on things, and then they get real cranky if you don't agree with their bias opinion unfortunately, but that just comes with the old school mentality of a few here and possibly stubbornness.
  9. Whatever I am smoking or drinking??? Because you have a hard time trying to accept the possibility that someone, just someone may of not been bisexual before being gay. Dude go smoke another or have another drink, I think you got confused with what you were actually doing at that time, but nice read btw
  10. You believe EVERYONE was bisexual before making that choice
  11. I don't think it's dying, that's the media and the message the NHL is trying to send, but obviously watching playoffs that is not the case at all that it's dying. The game is definitely becoming more safer for smaller faster players to play in, but it's still not the model you want to build your whole team around. Right now the best model imo is a a good mix of both still, smaller faster and bigger stronger, and if it's a good balance throughout the lineup, then that will help you succeed the most still.
  12. Because woman have actually done this, after dating men and being hurt or treated wrong, some choose to become a lesbian after and insist they will never date men again because of it, that means they chose it.
  13. Yes some do, and by saying some doesn't mean all, just fyi.
  14. Having flexibility come trade deadline depending on where this team is standing is always a good thing too have.
  15. Definitely agree, he was able to show some of his skills in roles here that he wouldn't of had in TO, behind them all there. So as someone else mentioned this is a show me contract, just hope he shows it and improves in a few other areas of his game and he should be able to get another contract out of it.
  16. If that fits your narrative, then fine by me, you're entitled to your CHOICE. But I prefer swoosh, sounds better!
  17. Decent signing, but he does need to step up is 200 ft game. No question he has offensive upside and skill when he wants to try and score, but he also has a tendency to float a bit if he isn't the one having the offensive opportunity, but if Green can get him working on that part of his game then this will be a good signing.
  18. That's what freedom is all about you get to choose I guess you just prefer someone being forced into something instead, not right.