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  1. I'm only laughing at your reply due to what you're saying for the guys on MLB Network, they'll get probably a little slap on the wrist a nice fine. I'm also interested in this scandal, because that same year 2017 the Boston Red Sox were caught using an Apple watch for sign stealing against the Yankees, and they were just fined an undisclosed amount....
  2. Because that's sports, everyone tries something to get an advantage until they get caught, just the way she goes sometimes. Although sometimes it's tough to choose what's right from wrong when no rule is in place for such thing yet because no one had thought of it then, but as sports evolve people always find new ways to get an advantage.
  3. That comeback in the 3rd to tie it and get the point was worth it, don't mind losing games like that, if we lose. Oh and keep the Skate Jersey WAY BETTER.
  4. This is a funny video of Don Cherry, not going to lie he reminds me of a guy down south lol Trump. But for some reason as much as I dislike Trump, listening to Cherry talk like that makes me like him more Make Canada Great Again
  5. Some type of new Segment which involves Brian Burke possibly my best guess
  6. He made his point on both sides of the stance, his and Dons, he's just sticking with his stance on it, then over Dons. But he made it clear this is the last time Coach's Corner will ever happen.
  7. His IQ is off the charts, hence why I supported him as our #1 PP guy on the point from the start of this season, he's a quarterback with is IQ and hands, didn't care about his age or how young he was or lack of NHL experience, you could just see is IQ with the control of the puck as Jovo mentioned, the kid will be very enjoyable to watch over the years!
  8. Funny when I first heard about it, I thought it was regarding this year and was like oh well it obviously didn't work for them , but then hearing it was regarding the 2017 year, then I was a little more interested. Then seeing the video you just posted is alarming never saw that before, that's crazy. Oh and to hear one of the people accusing the Astros of this was one of their ex pitchers This is my stance regarding issues with sign stealing. If technology is being used to get that info then that's 100% cheating and I don't support that one bit, that's a joke. But if players/coaches pick up on signs during the game then that's fair game. Say a runner is on 2nd and they can pick up the catchers sign then they have all the right to create something to relay that message to their teammates at the plate, or maybe the 3rd base or 1st base coach pick up on something then they have all the right to do the same. But if they're using technology like a camera to see signals to relay that to someone after that's cheating, or even using an ear piece to tell them a sign, that's cheating in my books, any use of technology to relay signs to someone is cheating.
  9. Technically, but it definitely won't happen with AEW, especially after the two sides butted heads supposedly a few months ago when AEW tried to sign him. Cody didn't sound pleased at all on how CM Punk handle it by the sounds, which doesn't surprise me Punk is a Punk.
  10. Guess what the game is about youth now, learn to adapt it's the new trend.
  11. Funny going back to that FA year, this is the guy I always wanted not Eriksson, heck I even suggest a few years ago they should trade with Islanders to swap them and hope a new team could help them both out. Now it's come to this with both the players, Eriksson better be the next one I read about on here for waivers. Hopefully the Canucks organization can start to see the picture and budge and do the same with Eriksson soon.