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  1. 4 hours ago, kilgore said:

    It seems as though he's still using the same static PP setups he used with the Sedins. Which catered to their lack of speed as their careers wound down. Frustrating to watch.





    That actually looks more productive :lol: at least the 3 forwards are the ones leading the play, instead of the lone defender back there to drop it back again :lol:

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  2. 15 hours ago, BrockBoester said:

    Hey, at least we aren't the Senators.


    They have a 0% powerplay after 6 games, lol


    Also the Devils are 4% after 7 games, Stars are 4.2% after 8 games, Ducks are at 5.5% and Kings are at 8.2% in 7 games.


    So by that comparison our healthy 16.7% which is tied for 23rd in the league is quite respectable!


    In other news, the Oilers, Bruins and Sabres are coming in at a whopping (and fully sustainable) 45.5%, 38.1% and 35.5% respectively. Each team, unsurprisingly, only has 1 loss.


    And the Hurricanes have garbage numbers for special teams and are 3rd place in the league.


    But as you know it is still early in the season and the sample size cannot yet accurately reflect the longer term efficiency of special teams.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Marc Crawford isn't there anymore.....

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  3. 4 hours ago, Alflives said:

    Was it a headshot?  Haven’t seen the play. 

    It's hard to really tell tbh, because they won't show any other replay of it except from up in the broadcast booth, which is so far away you can't really tell if it was a direct hit to the head or not. From the only angle they're allowing us to see in the video, it does look like he did hit him in his head possibly, I just don't know why they won't show a closer replay of it, but they'll show a closer replay of the slash from Helm from behind the net.... 

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  4. Just have to say, if people want to see some good dirt on Trump, watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah from his Thursday episode, he nailed it. He brought up the Mick Mulvaney thing, but he also played a side by side video of Trump talking recently about the Kurds and trashing them and then another video from 2018 of Trump literally praising the Kurds the whole time, anyways it was a good watch to see how much of a hypocrite Trump is.

  5. I've never once said to fire Newell Brown in the years, all I've ever said about the PP before is things need change, like who's on the PP, or how they set up, or how they position some of the players on the unit, I did support Brown when the Sedins were here. But I have finally jumped on the wagon here, and Browns time is done, it's just to stale they need someone new, with new fresh ideas, no way should a PP be getting 0 shots when they have the man advantage, it's time for a new PP coach.

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  6. The Championship match between Jericho and Darby Allin, was interesting. I thought Jericho looked bad in the match tbh, I think age is starting to catch up on him he looked really slow all match, but my god Darby Allin what an athlete. I'll admit when AEW first started I was a little skeptical about this Darby Allin, but as the show's have gone on my opinion has been starting to change, but after last night my opinion has completely changed he put on a heck of a show, very impressive.