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  1. Shows how bad sales are and how bad 19 is now, they're offering it FREE this month on Xbox One
  2. Blue Jays select Canadian Dasan Brown in 3rd round of MLB draft The Toronto Blue Jays selected Canadian outfielder Dasan Brown with the 88th pick in the third round of the 2019 MLB amateur draft on Tuesday. Brown, an Oakville, Ont., native who attends Abbey Park High School, is the first Canuck to be selected in this year's draft. He took the day off school because he didn't want to disrupt his teachers by getting a phone call from an MLB front office during class, according to Scott Mitchell of TSN. The 18-year-old, who's listed at 6-feet and 185 lbs, has committed to Texas A&M University and played for the Canadian junior national team. "He's got game-changing speed," Baseball Canada director Greg Hamilton said. "He's probably going to be one of the fastest guys in the draft, regardless of who's in there. Game-changing speed on defense and game-changing speed offensively. Rarely do you see that kind of speed on (the) baseball field. "Is he a finished product as a hitter? Not yet. But there's certainly the hand speed to handle good velocity and he's shown that he's able to make some adjustments now and show some productivity as a hitter." For the first time since 2012, no Canadians were picked in the first two rounds of the draft. Mississauga's Bo Naylor was the highest Canadian selected in 2018 when he went 29th overall to the Cleveland Indians.
  3. Yeah that's the risk so I get why he was the 2nd pick, but I feel the Jays have some good youth coming up which may help a player young like that see an opportunity available here, and having Guerrero Jr, is a good selling point.
  4. Blue Jays select prep hurler Kendall Williams No. 52 overall With the 52nd pick of the 2019 MLB amateur draft, the Toronto Blue Jays selected right-handed pitcher Kendall Williams from IMG Academy. The 6-foot-6 Williams can regularly reach 94 mph with his fastball and could add more velocity as he matures. Because of his height, the ball is deceivingly faster due to the steep plane and angle that Williams throws it at. He also throws a slider, changeup, and curve with the latter being his best secondary pitch as scouts like his high three-quarter slot. Williams is committed to Vanderbilt and his draft stock is trending in the right direction thanks in large part to a switch to IMG Academy in Florida. The 18-year-old has thrived with better competition after moving in January 2017 from his home in Mississippi. (I kind of like this one more then the 1st pick due to the age for potential)
  5. Blue Jays select West Virginia ace Alek Manoah No. 11 overall With the 11th pick in the 2019 MLB amateur draft, the Toronto Blue Jaysselected Alek Manoah, a junior right-handed pitcher from West Virginia. Manoah was not drafted out of high school but broke out almost immediately after arriving at West Virginia. He was named to the Big 12 All-Freshman team as a reliever, then built on his solid sophomore campaign by averaging nearly 13 strikeouts per nine innings in seven Cape Cod League starts last summer. This season, Manoah truly emerged as West Virginia's ace. He was named Big 12 Pitcher of the Year by unanimous vote after leading the conference in multiple categories and became the first Big 12 hurler since at least 2003 to strike out 15 in consecutive conference starts. He's also excelled at limiting power, giving up just three homers this year and seven during his entire college career.
  6. Doesn't even matter if I like them or not, I'd take them over Trump any day. Trump the joke is just that bad, it's like watching a little kid not get his way and cry and cry until he gets it, just pathetic person, spoiled fat brat who deserves to be punished for his childish behaviour.
  7. AEW Double Or Nothing Estimated At Just Under 100,000 PPV Buys, Outperforms WWE Money In The Bank
  8. Think your mixing up who's the actually joke, but makes sense when you support a joke in the first place.
  9. China back to the threat game with Canada and telling them not to help the U.S. China tells Canada of 'consequences' of helping U.S. with Huawei case The simple version of 5G China versus U.S.
  10. Mueller made it pretty obvious that he does feel Trump did commit a crime, because if he didn't think that then he would of said so . Democrats right, Republicans wrong.
  11. That was funny, what was more funnier was how fast Vince probably said send Rollins out now, because Sami was asked a question and wasn't even able to answer it
  12. Same here never touched it saw to many friends screwed up on it many nights it actually turned me away from ever doing it watching them, because I never wanted to look or act or talk like that. Although I will totally disagree with you on making all drugs legal, personally I don't think people need a reason to be trying something they never would've if it wasn't legal, especially the harder drugs. Yeah same here I disagree with the NHL a lot, not a big fan of them, but I do like the approach regarding drug/alcohol abuse on their part, they're definitely just wanting to help that person out.
  13. AEW chants on Raw tonight and "this is awful" chants
  14. Definitely a more respectful view on the matter, probably would of been better to just answer him like that. But heck I don't even watch Basketball lol
  15. This exactly the same here, lost a best friend because of it actually, so I'm really against this drug big time.
  16. Really after your other post to that poster, you actually follow some NBA players.... Shocked
  17. I always think of Ross Rebagliati and people believing him that he didn't smoke any weed and was just a bystander the whole time. But I think after the Jarret Stoll incident, the NHL is looking into these matters a little more, and just going to check and make sure it's not a problem. This was from last year quote. During an October 2015, interview with TSN, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said he was aware of the rising number of NHL players who tested positive for cocaine. “The number of [cocaine] positives are more than they were in previous years and they're going up,” Daly said. “I wouldn't say it's a crisis in any sense. What I'd say is drugs like cocaine are cyclical and you've hit a cycle where it's an 'in' drug again. “I'd be shocked if we're talking about a couple dozen guys. I don't want to be naïve here … but if we're talking more than 20 guys I'd be shocked. Because we don't test in a comprehensive way, I can't say.”
  18. Bruins definitely outplayed the Blues in the 2nd and the 3rd, but the refs still gave Boston some questionable PP opportunities on the calls made this game.