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  1. I'll admit listening to his speech on the ice, I would say he will have a good career as a coach, so maybe the Canucks could do something, since we're all not a fan of Newell Brown , how about Burrows as Browns replacement......
  2. Miller and Hughes, knew they were good but not this good, big bonus. Gaudette definitely right there as well.
  3. Times are changing Report: MLB to remove marijuana testing for minor leaguers Major league Baseball will remove marijuana from the list of banned substances for minor leaguers, sources told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. The decision to remove testing for marijuana is a part of a larger new agreement on opioids that the league and Major League Baseball Players Association are negotiating, according to Rosenthal. Before the reported changes, players in the minors were referred to counseling and treatment programs after their first positive test for marijuana. A second positive result would've led to a suspension.
  4. I read this yesterday and was happy to hear this but it says by the year 2021... So that wouldn't be next year that would be the following year, just in time for the new consoles. EA Sports last I heard was thinking on bringing MVP Baseball back, imo best baseball game ever, but that rumor seems to have died, so as long as The Show comes to Xbox it will keep me with Xbox then. Was really thinking of switching to PS eventually just because of the Baseball, so maybe now I won't have to.
  5. @shiznak Report: Blue Jays considering Encarnacion, Smoak for 1B opening Free-agent sluggers Edwin Encarnacion and Justin Smoak are getting consideration from the Toronto Blue Jays for the club's vacancy at first base, Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet reports. The Blue Jays are also intrigued by international free-agent Yo$&!#omo Tsutsugo, according to Nicholson-Smith. However, multiple American League Central teams are also reportedly interested in the 28-year-old Japanese first baseman/outfielder
  6. I really think that poll was fake, just my opinion. I also believe the black community didn't come out and vote as much as they did in the past when Obama was running, because they didn't care as much since they weren't voting for a black candidate, again speculating on that but I believe that was a big reason. But I believe what Trump has been doing as President is going to bring the black community who didn't vote to come out this time and vote, and it's to vote him out, I kind of believe they don't think like him and seeing things like this helps my decision on that a bit more......
  7. I called this on someone's status reply regarding the Canucks and #1 for PP opportunities or something. The NHL made sure to tell their referees that the other team has to have more PP opportunities then the Canucks going forward, no way the NHL wants us being #1 in opportunities anymore.
  8. If I spoke my real mind I'd probably be banned from here , but it's just getting insane how far they're going now, had to rant a bit
  9. It's getting ridiculous actually, they continue to ignore the same things Trump did or has done or continues to do, but then hold someone else to a higher standard when they do it..... And when that other person does it, it's still not as bad as what Trump did, but somehow in their brainwashed minds it's worse. Seriously Republicans, take your heads out of your you know what already, this circus act you're all pulling is becoming sad.
  10. You have the right to choose what you want to watch, no one's telling you that you have to watch this or you have to watch that, that's still you're choice, but when you put a title like what you did saying real news and then you read something like how they're running stories from a conspiracy website and actually coping and pasting them, that's a little alarming and doesn't scream real, just saying. And don't get me wrong they obviously run real stories, but they run the stories with a bias right win point of view, so if you only watch this style of news you will always only see one side of the story, and that's how people can get manipulated by what they watch and take in. Personally I watch both sides, I don't just watch one type of news I get a variety of them to get the real story in the end, I believe this is the best way, but it also lets you see who you think is trying to trick viewers at times as well, and chances are you will strongly disagree with one of the two sides normally.
  11. Small sample size so far gotcha, but in those games did it look like he was really missed that much?
  12. Should be a good game, definitely giving the edge to the Canucks in this one though. Curious have the Canucks been better or worse with Edler out?
  13. Don't really want to get into this with the (R) but I have to. I decided to check out fox news last night and came across this Joe Biden thing that's going viral now, and only reason I was watching fox news was to see how hard they're still trying to convince viewers over there with their bs. Anyways came across Hannity and he was going off about this Joe Biden thing with this 83 year old man, look a guy brought up something about his family so what's he supposed to do, just ignore it and agree with the guy? But hearing Hannity and reading responses of people over there on the delusional right, they think that Joe is now unhinged or gone mad and crazy or something lol, but they're all lashing out at him for how he responded, are you right hypocrites that delusional?..... You're mad at the way Joe Biden responded to that guy, but ignore and accept all the crap and the way Trump has responded to people or reporters in the past..... Like give me a break, mocking a disabled person but hey we support him though, but no Joe Biden responded to a person that now hurt our feelings supposedly, you guys are so delusional it makes me sick.
  14. Sucks Crawford is in this position because of Avery, one of the biggest pests to ever play the game, the same guy who was arrested for shoving a police officer..... The same guy who's been accused of calling black people monkeys on the ice to get under a players skin...... I'm sure coaching Avery was one of the most frustrating things to do as a coach, probably every coach's worse nightmare actually. And I'm sure because of the way Avery played and frustrated every coach by not playing the way they wanted made coaches want to kick him . Obviously Crawford is in the wrong you can't be kicking players, I'm sure a coach patting a player on the back was just as painful for Avery though...... Avery you were only good for one thing and one thing ever, pulling that move on Brodeur the rest of your career is a joke.
  15. Yeah, his title as saying it's REAL news is misleading hence why I posted this information.
  16. And for anyone who's interested in who /what The Duran is here you go. History Founded in 2016, The Duran is a strongly right leaning news and opinion website with ties to Russian state media. Based in Cyprus, the editor of the website is Alexander Mercouris, who in 2012 was disbarred as an attorney in London. According to the Telegraph, he then went on to become a “pro-Russian commentator on world affairs for Russian TV news outlets and websites.” The Duran’s director is Peter Lavelle, who is host of RT’s (Russian state news outlet) political debate program CrossTalk. In 2018, the right leaning Weekly Standard accused The Duran of peddling Russian “Fake News.” The website does not provide an about page, mission statement, funding or obvious ownership information. Funded by / Ownership The Duran is owned by the Cyprus based DRN Media PLC. Moscow native Alex Christoforou is the President and Chairman of DRN Media PLC. Funding for The Duran comes from Paypal and Patreon donations, as well as advertising. Analysis / Bias When covering the USA, the Duran demonstrates a conservative bias with frequent articles denigrating the left such as this: Rudy Giuliani DESTROYS Hillary Clinton, “America’s Number One Crime Family” (Video) and this story promoting a conspiracy theory, NXIVM Sex-Cult Prosecutors Have Evidence Of Illegal Clinton Campaign Contributions For “Political Influence”. This latter story is copied and pasted from the right wing conspiracy website Zerohedge. In general, The Duran routinely publishes pro-Russian propaganda and promotes right wing conspiracies through the use of poorly sourced, plagiarized news articles.
  17. Atkins: Blue Jays have 'flexibility' to spend $100M on marquee free agent The Toronto Blue Jays are poised to be aggressive in free agency, and general manager Ross Atkins said the front office has the green light to spend. Atkins told the Toronto chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America that the team has the financial "flexibility" to spend in the $100-million range on a marquee free agent, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. He added that the team was not ruling out any pitcher who remains on the open market, which could include Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg. "There's not a free-agent pitcher that we haven't touched base with and we have been aggressively trying to understand every opportunity and we'll continue to do that," Atkins said, according to Davidi. "There remains opportunity out there." The Blue Jays have been linked to the likes of Hyun-Jin Ryu, Dallas Keuchel, and Michael Pineda in recent days. Toronto was also reportedly interested in right-hander Zack Wheeler and catcher Yasmani Grandal prior to their signings.