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  1. Definitely a safe bet, and even of neither lasts their whole careers here they will be here for a good chunk of it I believe.
  2. I'm surprised Trump hasn't lobbied yet to make it the Trump Peace Prize...
  3. no all good man, just was playing around. Definitely a good buy nice one! Jealous I want one now
  4. Man I wish it was April 1st that would of been a good one, I wasted it to early
  5. Nice hopefully he stays, Rogers supposedly doesn't want to pay Vlad and Bo they only are willing to pay for one, so will be interesting to see which one stays....
  6. <<<<<< Too bad Matthews can't be near Ryan Kesler level for modeling
  7. Yes regarding the Sanchez, Biagini, and prospect trade one I get that frustration as I to am not happy with Atkins on that return and probably won't ever be, but doesn't mean I'm going to start trashing the rest of the players on this team to win now all of a sudden. Stroman is a cancer on any team imo, his head's just way to big for his small frame of a body, so getting ride of him was huge for the mindset of the prospects going forward on this team, getting him off the Jays was a win win.
  8. Correct. Everyone well almost everyone knew they weren't going to be strong this year it was going to be an opportunity for the young guys to start coming in to see for the Jays future down the road as you mentioned a new core, then the young guys started over achieving maybe a bit and showed some promise of what the future could bring us, and then it's like everyone forgot again they were in a rebuild year....
  9. Surprised San Jose and their fan base and media isn't trying to force Thornton to retire like the Canucks did with the Sedins... The Sedins combined for 105 points in their last year, but that wasn't good enough to change people's minds on keeping them, but people are praising it as a good deal for Thornton to continue playing
  10. He's just waiting another year until Tryamkin comes back then he will sign here again.
  11. Yes because they're not informing the public of the risks of interacting with a wild crow
  12. When I get a pet I get it weeks or a month old max, not something that's 5 years old in which case yes you maybe correct, but at the same time they are treated and checked before so they don't have diseases and if they're to dangerous for humans they put them down, they don't just go around and collect every stray cat and slap a tag on it and say here you go lol. Here's a story when I was about 10 years old and not knowing any better, I was walking home from school and found a dead squirrel so decided to bring it home to have it buried, man was my mother livid, I wasn't aware of the diseases they can carry. Reason why I did it was because we had a squirrel that would show up on our porch and I would always feed it peanuts, so in a way it was like a pet, but I didn't start telling all my friends or show casing him to everyone to come see it, didn't bring it in the house didn't pet it like a real pet, I put peanuts on the ground and that was it, it wasn't something to bring into the house though. Once I found out the diseases they can carry I learned to keep my distance, imo show casing this crow as a friendly wild rodent for the younger generation imo is the wrong message, because I doubt like myself at a young age kids don't know this that they can carry diseases, I just believe it's the wrong message to send to kids and not telling them of the problems instead that a wild crow can carry.
  13. Well of course because they can carry diseases, just like a crow can, we shouldn't be ignoring that just because one got some attention.
  14. I'm pretty sure you answered your own question here, domesticated ones is the key word here, not wild. I didn't pick up a stray cat in the alley and take it home...
  15. So you would be okay with a wild rat hanging out with you will you eat your meal because he became popular for some antics he pulled? I highly doubt you would feel the same for the rat as you do for this crow. I'm also pretty sure they have said for years in Vancouver DON'T FEED THE WILD BIRDS FOR A REASON.
  16. Yeah saw that one to, but again if it was a rat instead doing this would people feel the same way they do for the crow... It's a wild crow that can carry a disease do people just forget about this stuff all of a sudden because he made the news...
  17. I'm not denying they can be intelligent animals, lots of animals can be intelligent but doesn't mean they should be a pet especially when they're wild. So if a rat in Vancouver (Marchand jokes coming) decided one day to be like this crow and not be afraid of humans, I guess Vancouver would make him their new pet as well....
  18. Tesla researcher says new Battery could last 1 Million Miles, definitely will be interesting if they can make this...

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    2. Alflives


      We could say goodbye to combustion engines if this is true.  I’d really like to see this happen in my lifetime. 

    3. LordCanuck


      I wasnt saying just tesla, electric cars are less expensive to run, have a tonne of less moving parts and most batteries today last longer than the frame or drive train will last. As we go alone parts will get cheaper. cars will get cheaper.


      all current teslas out of warranty started out at over 100,000 dollars each, no duh parts will be expensive

    4. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Obviously comparing a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle car driving side by side the electric car will cost you less to have it move duh, but doesn't mean it will cost you less in the long run or when issues start to happen and repairs need to be done, until like I said before you replied when they start becoming more popular and people start buying them more then the parts start getting cheaper because they're producing more, hence why I said down the road is when I'll look at switching then it will be cheaper for sure.


      But hold up these companies are giving warranty for 100,000 miles or up to 8 years because that's the estimated life of the batteries and you're going to say a frame of a vehicle will not outlast that? Lol what?

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  19. I never knew this became a big thing in Vancouver.... I do remember watching the News and seeing that guy on the bike and the crow trying to ride his backpack in the past, but didn't know it was because this crow was some idol to Vancouver.... But when I saw the video of it in the McDonald's that was disgusting, people go to a place to eat and they have to deal with a crow flying around and hopping around on their tables and everyone thinks it's funny.... I'm just shocked that a crow has gotten this much attention
  20. Wow I missed the Toes joke first time around
  21. One thing I see and read a lot on social media, is people saying how Obama really didn't do anything and Trump has done way more than Obama could ever do. Which I call BS, what people tend to forget about is how many times and times again Obama tried to make changes for your country, but because your system is so stupid and Congress is a joke they only favor their party, so Obama tried to make changes but Congress would almost always reject him because he wasn't a Republican, now a Republican is a President and Congress will pass more of his bills because of his party side, so to say Trumps done more is a joke, he's just favored more by a corrupt Congress.