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  1. Report: Blue Jays interested in Ryu, Keuchel The Toronto Blue Jays are interested in free-agent pitchers Hyun-Jin Ryu and Dallas Keuchel, according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network.
  2. Willie Desjardins W L OTL 109 110 27 Travis Green W L OTL 79 87 26
  3. Report: Wheeler expected to land 5-year deal worth over $100M Zack Wheeler is expected to cash in this offseason. The free-agent right-hander has received at least one $100-million offer and will land a five-year deal in excess of that amount, reports The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal. Among the teams pursuing Wheeler are the Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, and Toronto Blue Jays, Rosenthal adds. Wheeler is widely viewed as the third-best free-agent starting pitcher available behind Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg following two straight stellar campaigns with the New York Mets.
  4. Not sure myself tbh, but do know they have been picking up some pitchers here and there this off season.
  5. Astros non-tender Aaron Sanchez Giants non-tender Kevin Pillar
  6. Has Nurse been trying to learn figure skating in the off season.... Looked like he was going for a triple axel there But in all seriousness, that was a joke what a clown Nurse is, I didn't know he was one of those people in the league, guys a joke.
  7. Yeah it was one of those plays that make you go like this. And normally when I feel like that, it's a good sign it should be a penalty automatically. And the fact that you clearly see Neals stick in between Tanevs legs, was already a no brainer.
  8. Oh yeah totally, he really seemed worried of being the one dictating the game for the Oilers and to allow Vancouver a chance to tie it, that's the sense I'm getting, and that's bad. That's a play the league has been addressing for years now to get ride of to prevent serious injuries, it's just a joke how it's run imo, because I bet if Tanev was injured then a penalty would of been called, because it would put the ref on the spot and they would have to make the call, but if the player doesn't get hurt they can ignore the call just a joke.
  9. Not defending Nurse yes he sold it like it hit him in the face which was sad, almost was like watching Kesler again in a way, but replay, it did look like Erikssons stick hit Nurses helmet on the top of his head when he went to switch sides with his stick, it was a weak call, but it still was technically a stick to the head unfortunately, but the acting job of Nurse to sell it after was very weak, he should of also got a penalty for that sell job.
  10. I'd like to see him post the guys who they should replace and see the reaction he gets then
  11. Neal should of been given a penalty on that play on Tanev, Neals stick was between Tanevs legs, and Tanev tripped/fell awkwardly into the boards because of that, lucky Tanev didn't get hurt because he easily could have, but to not call a penalty there is bush league.
  12. Talking about McDavid and Driasaitl playing together and they're literally on different lines at that moment
  13. Quick someone put a razor blade in their glove so the next time they're high sticked they can draw blood