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  1. How about Brock who had almost a career ending back injury like seriously the guy is lucky as heck to be able to still play hockey for that matter, let alone in the NHL still(quote from Brock “But I’ve got to look at the other side of it. I am pretty lucky because that injury could have ended my career, honestly) wouldn't that make him soft then in your opinion if someone has had a back injury. Didn't Brock have groin problems/injuries last year as well, I guess that would make him more soft? Oh yeah Brock had a wrist injury as well jezz he's going to be so soft. If you thought 4x4 was bad from a back injury, Brock must be around what 2x2 max then in your view with all his previous injuries.
  2. Again Greed comes into play, and the mindset of making profits off people's deaths, that money just doesn't seem right like having dirty money, but somehow it just doesn't affect you, you'd be more then pleased to have that money in your pocket instead and that's just wrong. Even if Joe Blow decides to open a business and try and take the profits, why open another and another and another, why not say no I won't open one that is helping the problem with one less, that's the mindset that needs to happen and it won't ever change if people won't start changing the ways they think, change is good sometimes.
  3. Now going back to your other response when I asked about recycling instead. Human nature does allow for change to happen, people used to NEVER recycle but many do now, yes some are forced to do so and that's you, but many have chosen to recycle for the good even if they never used to recycle before, because they realized there was a problem. The same applies for the mindset of humans regarding what guns and ammo do to human beings as being an issue, it's realizing that there's a problem and doing what you can to prevent it from getting worse, not making it easier because Joe Blow does it too.
  4. Was hoping this wasn't the only reason but thought it was a possibility due to how you felt about changing the way people get ammo. Obviously you're not one of the ones who like movement and change for the better, but that's what you and your country needs to start doing changing your mindsets, that you're doing it for a good reason instead of just ignoring it and being an enabler, because you use an excuse that someone else does it or will do it anyways so who cares, please care that's what you're country needs to start doing CARING.
  5. True I didn't think it was going to be this bad definitely thought a possibility of a connection with the Sedins was to at least happen, even if he wasn't my choice to be signed in the first place. I hope the formating works, but this shows the decline of those 2016 UFAs pretty crazy actually wow. PPG Contract Year PPG 2016-17 PPG 2017-18 PPG 2018-19 % Decline (Contract year vs 2018-19) Milan Lucic 0.68 0.61 0.41 0.25 -63.24% Kyle Okposo 0.81 0.69 0.58 0.37 -54.32% Andrew Ladd 0.62 0.40 0.40 0.42 -32.26% Loui Eriksson 0.77 0.37 0.46 0.36 -53.25% Frans Nielsen 0.64 0.52 0.42 0.49 -23.44% David Backes 0.57 0.51 0.58 0.29 -49.12% Troy Brouwer 0.48 0.34 0.29 0.28 -41.67% Mikkel Boedker 0.65 0.32 0.50 0.49 -24.62% Jamie McGinn 0.50 0.24 0.38 0.37 -26.00% Matt Martin 0.24 0.11 0.24 0.21 -12.50% Dale Weise 0.38 0.23 0.17 0.22 -42.11% Lee Stempniak 0.62 0.49 0.24 N/A N/A Joe Colborne 0.60 0.13 N/A N/A N/A
  6. After Landon's Cut: The Canucks will be at the bottom of the league for years to come, they are stuck on this retool and will never get out of it.
  7. I thought signing guys for more and longer was just normal for Benning, just ask Loui Eriksson right... We really shouldn't be surprised.
  8. Why bother recycling at home? Are you trying to do something good?
  9. Random question but do you recycle?
  10. Bam right there, that mindset is the issue unfortunately, sorry you can't see it. People have the power to make change, but without actually doing anything about it nothing will ever change sadly.
  11. When the issue is as bad as it is for you guys, the mindset of normal people should be limiting it as much as possible and not making it easier to access. Now if gun violence wasn't a problem or issue in your country like other places then I would probably agree with you, but since your problem is as bad as it is, and people still have that mindset of finding ways to get the ammunition into peoples hands for money, is just an enabler imo.
  12. @Rush17 we know you couldn't handle Bo talking about it, but you must be going crazy that another NHL player is talking about it now.
  13. Would you sell the alcohol with the car? Like Ammo for the gun? I'm sorry but that mindset is what's wrong with society, when the problem is as bad as it is for gun violence, people will still find ways to ignore the issue of it if it helps them make money instead of trying to help fix the issue instead.
  14. Maybe they're waiting until they acquire a player Mark Messier and name him the Captain like in the past, so maybe they will trade and get Marchand and name him the Captain
  15. So Walmart tries to make it safer for people by limiting the types of ammo and guns that people can buy without an actual law stating they have to, and what do you do still knock them
  16. Lol I was going to add another comment under the one I wrote saying, but knowing the States and how much greed there is, I'm sure some other company or companies will try and take advantage of it instead, although I deleted that message lol, but you filled it in for me, although your last comment is the most worrying one of them all, and that's normal I guess with people sometimes GREED unfortunately.
  17. Who would of thought Walmart out of everyone would or could be the start to the States gun control issue.... Nothing but respect for Walmart for doing this, about freaking time, I just hope this can start a trend in the US, where others follow there lead and help change the way Americans can access guns it would be huge imo, since the country doesn't want to change its gun laws, but these companies can kind of change it if companies stop allowing people to buy certain ones like Walmart is doing.
  18. Personally this no Captain crap by Vancouver Management last year has been more of a joke and just has created more drama regarding it then good imo. How do you blame a player who by the looks of it last year was basically groomed by Vancouver to show he will be the next Captain, but Vancouver still didn't give it to him, then when asked about it what's he supposed to say, no I don't want it stop asking me about it..... Then what you attack him for saying no he doesn't want it... Can't believe the OP actually attacked BO regarding this matter when it's Management who has made the problem in the first place, but hey let's blame the player instead
  19. He seems like a much more talented player then you could be... What team do you play for?
  20. Finally a new page!!! That formating on one of Gurns posts made that last page annoying to scroll thought you were getting baseball news... NOT