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  1. Just wrong on so many accounts, the real question is how do you call yourself a Canuck fan then....
  2. Well they lowered their standards in this game for calls, so it should be the same on both sides, so fans will call for it when they see it.
  3. Refs: "We need to give them a pp to even the game up, just wait for the fans to react then throw your arm up as fast as you can after"
  4. Meh that was a little bit of a weak call when you see how much they do let go in playoffs...
  5. Capitals looking into video appearing to show Kuznetsov with cocaine We are aware of the video that surfaced on social media of Evgeny Kuznetsov," a team spokesman told the Washington Post's Isabelle Khurshudyan on Monday. "We are currently in the process of gathering facts and will have no further comment at this time." In a statement translated by Russian Machine Never Breaks' Igor Kleyner, Kuznetsov told Russian outlet Sport-Express that he has never used drugs and doesn't plan to, adding that the video was taken following the Capitals' championship victory last year: NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Monday that the league needs time to gather more facts on the video before commenting on it, according to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston. Twitter user @thesavspb posted and later deleted the clip purportedly showing the superstar forward sitting at a table with what appears to be cocaine. It has since been shared by other Twitter accounts and has been uploaded to YouTube. I didn't post the video, because I wasn't sure of the standards on this forum with having videos showing illegal drugs, just click on link. Update: Caps accept Kuznetsov's explanation of video The Washington Capitals released a statement Friday stating the team accepts Evgeny Kuznetsov's explanation for his appearance in a now-deleted video on social media that appeared to show him in a hotel room with lines of white powder on a table in front of him. Kuznetsov previously issued a statement to a Russian news outlet that said the video was from the 2018 playoffs and left the room, which belonged to a friend, upon seeing drugs. "In addition to doing our own due diligence, we met with Evgeny to discuss the video circulated on social media," the Capitals said in a statement. "While we are disappointed by his presence in the video, we accept his explanation and apology for putting himself in an unfortunate situation. Evgeny has been a terrific player and an active member of our community, and we expect him to learn from this experience and uphold both the standards the organization has for him as well as his own." The NHL, which also reviewed the video and conducted an in-person interview with Kuznetsov, announced Friday that the league now considers the matter "formally closed." "We have thoroughly reviewed the situation surrounding the video circulated on the internet this past Monday, May 27, and involving Capitals' Player Evgeny Kuznetsov," deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement. "Our review included, among other fact-finding steps, an in-person interview with Mr. Kuznetsov. While we certainly do not condone or endorse some of the decisions he made on the night in question, Mr. Kuznetsov's account of the events that transpired aligns with other information we have been able to gather, and we have found no basis to question his representations with respect to what did - and what did not occur. We consider the matter formally closed." Kuznetsov, 27, also issued a statement on Friday, "I would like to address the video of me that appeared online on Monday," he said. "While I have never taken illegal drugs in my life and career, I would like to publicly apologize to the Capitals, my teammates, our fans and everyone else, for putting myself in a bad situation. This was a hard lesson for me to learn."
  6. They will have to do something because I doubt if AEW expands and like said gets a weekly show eventually, people will watch it especially if it's not PG, and then young kids will start watching it and I doubt WWE will be happy losing that many fans and it will just continue to happen unless they change their boring crap they got going now. When AEW has guys fingering other wrestling's and swearing at them, that already is in another level then WWE that they just can't do. I'm not talking about blood and pg, I'm talking about actions and words non pg and that is what fans have been wanting since the attitude era ended and with AEW they're finally going to get that again.
  7. But that's why they're moving SmackDown to Fox so they can move away from the pg, and hence why Roman was put on SmackDown now, it's supposed to be the #1 show once it goes to Fox in October or November I believe. Even some shows recently they've started pushing the boundaries a bit in WWE, but due to their contract rights they have to keep it pg. Will it ever be the same as the attitude era I highly doubt it, won't be seeing any bra and panty matches that's for sure, but if they can start swearing a bit it will open the door for it a bit. Cena was one of the biggest reasons the PG era lastest keeping WWE at the top for so long, and that he never wanted to turn heal the kids adored him, and money was flowing. Now that Cena is gone they're in a mix on what to do a bit going forward, but does look like they will try eventually to push the limits again, but it's going to be a 50/50 gamble on WWE part depending on how well AEW does, because either way they're going to lose fans, whether it's 18+ audience because AEW is more raw, or WWE loses a lot of kids as fans if they move on from the pg era, but of course many kids will like it. Last year HHH and some others higher up in WWE supposedly sold a huge amount of stocks because they knew a decline was coming, but I don't think they expected AEW to get this big this fast, again if things keep going good for AEW, WWE is going to have to do something different they won't want to be 2nd, that's not in McMahon blood.
  8. I'll admit too, when I saw Cody go after that Throne and smash it, felt a little cheesy, but hearing his response I actually respect it more tbh, good on you Cody you go play ball and keep hitting homeruns.
  9. AEW is going to force WWE to go back to the attitude non pg if they want to compete with AEW. SmackDown is rumored to be going back to this once it's on Fox later this year, but as for Raw as long as they're pg WWE is going to lose a lot of fans. If AEW can get some more money and start putting out a few more shows to run a couple story lines before another PPV, to really experience there raw material, it will be nice to see some non pg shows again, definitely routing for AEW and if done properly so far they have, they have a good opportunity to become the better/best product out there.
  10. If only someone here used this as an Avatar they would have a great one...
  11. Did Murray use the excuse again they just had lucky shots...