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  1. I will disagree with this that Benning is hoping to get something replaceable back or decent back, they have enough players right now without Brock signed and with the players they brought in they don't need a replacement for LE they just need him gone to play the other players now. I believe at this point they're willing to take anything to free up cap space without having FA pay him out, or be payed his salary if he gets waived to the minors. FA made it pretty clear last year he wasn't a fan of paying Gagners contract while he was in the minors, at like half the price, FA would lose his mind if Eriksson was waived and being paid that in the minors. The buy out option isn't worth it either for them, even if they thought about it, it would just hurt the Canucks in the long run not worth it. Basically at this point just moving him to another team that's willing to take him is all that's left, and if Benning is holding out to get something better for him instead that's a huge mistake, take your loss and move on that's the best approach he should be taking for moving Eriksson.
  2. Yankee fans bitter because the Mets got Stroman, Stroman not happy because he wanted the Yankees or a contender. Sounds like a win win no matter what
  3. I would expect that's the reasoning for it, makes sense.
  4. So I guess it just runs in the family with Stromans they just like that attention.... Earl Stroman: Marcus 'was hoping a little bit' to be traded to Yankees Earl Stroman, Marcus' father, said his son assumed he would be traded to either the New York Yankees or Houston Astros prior to the July 31 deadline. When rumors swirled of a trade to the Empire State, Earl said Marcus "was hoping it was the Yankees a little bit," according to Steven Marcus of Newsday. "He was kind of psyched, maybe hoping to go there. I'm not going to tell you that he wasn't," the elder Stroman said. "If he was to leave Toronto at all. Don't forget, Marcus loved Toronto, his heart was there. The brass didn't kind of appreciate him as much as the fans did. The whole country took to him and they took to me." However, there was an apparent commotion inside the Blue Jays' clubhouse following Sunday's game, with Mike Puma of the New York Postreporting that it was caused by Stroman's initial disappointment that he wasn't traded to a contender such as the Yankees, Astros, or Boston Red Sox. Now there was a rumor of an argument in the Jays clubhouse yesterday and that rumor is official, it was Stroman arguing with the Jays and by the sounds of it was due to the trade and not being traded to a contender. Some tweets regarding this thing in the clubhouse.
  5. Really wanted this guy, he has proved solid numbers in the KHL the last few years, obviously time will tell how he transitions to the NHL, but I think NJ got a good player well worth those draft picks.
  6. As for the trade meh, glad it's pitching prospects just sucks that's the best they could do. Those guys will need some work, yes the one guy at 19 I think is young but he's struggling at the single A level that's not promising at all, then the other guy did well at double A by the looks of it but is struggling at Triple A that's not a good sign either, but still to early to right him off, give him the rest of the year to see more hopefully improves.
  7. As was I because he was a solid player for years in Colorado, but that trade changed him mentally from the get go, he just had a very hard time accepting that Colorado was willing to trade him. Took him a little while to finally embrace his new team but once he did especially realizing he gets the chance to play in the playoffs we saw a glimpse of the real Tulo we all were hoping for, but after that 2015 chance, he just started going down hill unfortunately, even in 2016 it wasn't the same Tulo from previous years of Tulo in Colorado. The mindset from the trade and then just his body in general just isn't the same anymore, he made the right decision to finally hang them up, to bad though at his age.
  8. Troy Tulowitzki announces retirement Troy Tulowitzki has retired from baseball, the veteran infielder announced in a statement Thursday. "I wanted to take this opportunity to announce my retirement as a Major League Baseball player," Tulowitzki said, according to Lindsey Adler of The Athletic. "For as long as I can remember, my dream was to compete at the highest level as a Major League Baseball Player ... to wear a big-league uniform and play hard for my teammates and the fans. I will forever be grateful for every day that I've had to live out my dream. It has been an absolute honor." Tulowitzki played 13 seasons in the big leagues with the Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees. "I will always look back with tremendous gratitude for having the privilege of playing as long as I did," Tulowitzki said, according to Adler. "There is no way to truly express my gratitude to the fans of Colorado, Toronto, and New York. They always made my family and I feel so welcome. "I want to thank the Yankees organization and (general manager) Brian Cashman for giving me the opportunity to wear the Yankees uniform and live out another childhood dream. I wish that my health had allowed for a different ending to that chapter." The 34-year-old Tulowitzki appeared in five All-Star Games, won two Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers, and received MVP consideration on six separate occasions during his career. "While this chapter is now over, I look forward to continuing my involvement in the game that I love ... instructing and helping young players to achieve their goals and dreams," Tulowitzki continued. "I'm saying goodbye to Major League Baseball, but I will never say goodbye (to) the game I love. Thanks again (to) all of you!"
  9. Yeah I remember you really liking him, which then got me to liking him a lot, and seeing potential for him as mentioned above in a leadoff role back then. Injuries have really haunted him unfortunately, if he can stay injury free for the rest of the year and get back to where he was in spring training, I could still see a chance for him I believe he's that skilled, as long as he doesn't get any injury. Yes the Jays are bad which was expected this year and next year expect the same, but they're not that that bad, they have bad pitching unfortunately but they definitely have potential in the batting lineup by the looks of it moving forward which is good to see. The Jays management has a year and half to address the pitching, as long as they do that and get the right pitching in 2 years, then I believe I see this team as a wild card team easily.
  10. And that's what sucks because of his injuries, he hasn't been able to play a lot to really see if he can hit at the MLB level, just small sample sizes and in those he wasn't bad but was just getting going all the time it seemed the injuries happened at the worst possible times. I really saw a possible future for him as the Jays leadoff hitter one day, with his speed and bunting which he said he enjoyed he just enjoyed being on base and with those wheels can't blame him. As for Travis I have a feeling they may give him the same treatment then if they're willing to do it to Pompey, but I still stand by what I have been saying the last couple years for him, I don't want him for up the middle or in the field, but for DH I just want his bat. I believe he has a great bat, and he would be a great DH if he could just handle the running of the bases with his knees, then I think he would have a perfect home as a DH.
  11. Oh they will, that's because the refs just hate us so much, that just comes naturally with the territory now, so might as well take advantage of it and make those penalties worth it
  12. Around the 3:30 mark, that hit on Sbisa was dangerous. Just making it easier to see then clicking on the link
  13. This one I do question a bit tbh just because he is still only 26 he isn't 30 yet, I get the frustration part due to injuries but he's got skill, if they're willing to hang onto Travis this long still and he's 28, I don't see why they couldn't of done the same with Pompey. I really hope no one grabs him, but I believe a team will. I got a feeling @Xbox isn't going to be liking this move by the Jays.
  14. Oh this was at the trade deadline supposedly, but nothing recent right? And yes I didn't want Lucic, but hey I would of taken a shot with Neal tbh.
  15. I sure hope so if he's still under contract for the Canucks.
  16. So he complains about his position here, and then JB tries to trade him to play with the best player in the world and LE still says no? Huh what a load of garbage Eriksson is then. Curious where is a link or anything that says LE vetoed this? Can't find one thing on the internet stating this claim...
  17. I really do hope he is traded, but if he isn't well then I just hope he gets injured then and doesn't get to play instead. Yeah yeah I get it no one ever wants to wish an injury on someone, but when that one comes out and complains like a @#$&# about playing time and not being given the opportunities, when history shows he has been, sorry but not sorry hopefully you get injured if your still on this team to start the season.
  18. I find it funny that Eriksson can't even be moved but these 2 guys can find new homes no problem, no one wants Eriksson, but hey on CDC "Eriksson is so good defensively", why wouldn't a team want Eriksson if he was that good defensively then? The one argument CDC has tried to use for years(cough cough Oldnews) to defend him, guess what he can't be that good then, NO OTHER TEAMS EVEN WANT HIM
  19. So in the gameplay trailer for 19 they didn't show any plays with players missing the puck or missing one timers they did a good job of hiding it, but in the 20 gameplay trailer now they show it.... So even though they knew that was the issue for 19, they didn't want to inform the public instead hide it and then show it for the following year to help sell 20? And just because they haven't showed any flaws for 20 which they won't until 21, but everyone is already sold on 20 that's it's not going to have mistakes or run bad at all because they didn't show any flaws in the trailer.... people are so easily tricked it's funny. Just like with the new RPM they tried selling to people last year, how it was so good and realistic, responsive and of course EXPLOSIVE, yet it was a huge fail and wasn't any of what they said, now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe them again? Really come on. This is what they tried selling last year for 19 to the people with RPM, which was completely incorrect.
  20. Very interesting didn't even think of this but saw this on social media. They didn't sing the Canadian Anthem before the HR Derby even though the one Canadian team representing the MLB had a participant in it...
  21. Yeah very exciting, especially when the guy you want to win, wins