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  1. I agree completely but we don’t save enough salary sending LE down. The fact also remains that if we ever want to have a chance at trading LE for even peanuts....we need to at least show he has NHL value.
  2. My opinion would be that he’s bigger and can play lower down the lineup if needed. But that’s just my opinion...If this happens I doubt it’s an easy decision for management
  3. I can see some guys here are pretty bummed if Sven goes on waivers. I like the guy too but our team is improving and some tough decisions are being made. In the end it’s a business and these players are compensated quite well.
  4. Goldy is gonzo....there’s is no way he can be gifted a roster spot over other guys. Wonder if he makes through waivers.
  5. See them on Canucks Twitter Edit...or right above my post. Haha
  6. Lol Erickson and Jake with all the Canucks goals lol
  7. There’s an option to buy it for a week too if you don’t want to commit
  8. You can watch all 82 Canucks games plus HNIC games
  9. Been perfect so far running on my Sony with built in Android so app directly on TV. Shaw 300
  10. I snagged the Sportsnet Now subscription just now. Going to use it to watch games this year since I don’t have cable. In the past I have used Kodi most of the time but just got a full year for $149 plus tax. So far it’s been great, no different then cable. Pretty happy with the quality.
  11. Was so close to pulling the trigger on 4 tickets in Victoria. Glad I didn’t...No Petey or Hughes. $20 for all 4 tickets yesterday was perfect and I got to see some EP40 dangles
  12. I was at the game today and watched Jake a bunch, honestly hoping to see something contrary to what people have been saying...but what I saw was unfortunately as described by most, he just skates around with out a real purpose and looks pissed off, several times he turned to refs looking for a call on board battles that he lost. He just doesn’t have the same hockey IQ and devotion to the game as most other guys
  13. Was at the scrimmage today, few observations. The obvious...Petey and Hughes are amazing. Ferland looked great with EP40, he’s a big boy too, so glad he’s on our team now. Jake was just out there running around with basically no purpose or direction half the time, a few times he actually turned to the refs looking for calls, couldn’t believe it. I’m all for packaging him in a Loiu trade at this point. Gaudette looked great, looking much stronger on the puck a long the boards too. MDP looked good, he’ll develop nicely over the years. We’ve got good goaltending between the pipes for years to come. Myers is huge and has a cannon of a shot. Can’t wait for the season to start.