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  1. First I was like “awesome let’s win this in regulation “ Then I was like “okay I’ll take a win in OT, sucks to give them a point” Now I’ll settle for a point.
  2. Haven’t bought tickets online in a while, where’s the best place to buy and not get scammed? There are more than a few options that pop up online.
  3. I’m not sure why you think my post wasn’t serious, but yeah you could be right.
  4. No you’re right. In fact I heard we own any unborn children he may have, including any sperm he may have donated recently or dirty thought he may have.
  5. We just got ridden of Madden, we’re not moving Gaudette
  6. I think we should trade Stetcher now, I’m curious with his arb rights this doesn’t end like a Hutton situation where he isn’t worth paying what an arbitrator awards.
  7. Back to back afternoon games are the worst...:getting a minimum 3 points is awesome....let’s get the win boys
  8. We clearly have the best Hughes brother....I know Jack will be a stud but I don’t know if I’d trade Quinn for Jack at this point. Quinn is just so dynamic. He’s like an extra forward when needed but also a has great defensive instincts. He’s just getting better and better which is a crazy thought. I remember someone comparing him to Lidstrom last year and I thought that was a very bold thing to say....but wow this kid.
  9. If we trade Boeser for anyone, I’d rather try and do a trade with the wild for Zucker and Dumba, we’d have to add....maybe stetcher plus.
  10. I agree completely but we don’t save enough salary sending LE down. The fact also remains that if we ever want to have a chance at trading LE for even peanuts....we need to at least show he has NHL value.
  11. My opinion would be that he’s bigger and can play lower down the lineup if needed. But that’s just my opinion...If this happens I doubt it’s an easy decision for management
  12. I can see some guys here are pretty bummed if Sven goes on waivers. I like the guy too but our team is improving and some tough decisions are being made. In the end it’s a business and these players are compensated quite well.
  13. Goldy is gonzo....there’s is no way he can be gifted a roster spot over other guys. Wonder if he makes through waivers.