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  1. Honestly there is something wrong here when arb rights are giving guys raises like this. RFAs are seriously messing up the salary structure. Since when did RFA guys get so much power...
  2. Id rather take Zaitsev and Kapanen in a trade if possible. At least his term is manageable and he will fill a roll.
  3. Health hasnt been an issue for the last 2 years, but 7 million for 30 point defenseman... Gross
  4. How many points would TM need to get next season to make people feel okay if we signed him to a 7 x 7 agreement? Keep in mind he's only had over 40 once in his rookie year.... This alone should scare the hell out of you.
  5. Yesterday, when I first heard we traded for Miller I was quite happy... Then I found out the return. Initially I was pretty pissed off we gave up a 1st rounder. After having some time to think about it.... Given his age, production and contract, imho he is worth a first. I realize Tampa needed to shed cap but this is by no means a cap dump. The fact that the pick is lottery protected next year is huge... Keep in mind although we are still part way into a rebuild, we need to start progressing forward before EP and QH finish there ELC's. If we still haven't made the playoffs by then then that would be a huge failure. No teams have been successful without having some percentage of their talent still on ELC's. See Toronto, they are going to have a tough time surrounding their core with solid pieces with 3 guys over 11 Mil. RIP Team Tank.... It's time to start thinking playoffs not lottery picks.
  6. Exactly, way better than overpaying in free agency. This is a great pickup. Team shaping up nicely... Just need a stud Dman.
  7. The only way Id trade Horvat for Barrie is if we also swap the 4th and 10th picks... But I doubt the Avs do that. Bo's contract only adds to his value and Barrie will be a FA next year.
  8. Ive heard of diversity but this crosses the line... Please god no
  9. Id like to get Risto.... We dont need him to be a number 1 guy, Hughes will develop into that. What we need is a big body who can put up points and eat minutes. His minus was terrible last year because Buffalo is terrible. I dont think his value is as high as some other names mentioned. Virtanen + a second??
  10. There's no guarantees... Better to have two kicks at the can then one.
  11. Even if some how you completed step 2...Id rather keep picks 8 and 9 then trade them for one of 3 or 4.