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  1. I haven't gone home in weeks, I am actually having Tim-bits withdrawls....Sorry Top Pot you're just not Tim Horton's........(They look at you funny if you try and order a double-double with a maple dip!)

  2. I need to ask you all for your thoughts and prayers, my neice Anna, was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis (or JDM) please go to and if you can please donate and help us find a cure! (Also prayers and happy thoughts are good too).

    1. Xbox

      Best of luck

    2. SeaVanCanGal

      Thank you, please pray for her.

    3. AppleJack

      thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  3. I'm eating left-over soup for breakfast.

    1. WeatherWise

      Soup for breakfast is absolutely acceptable.

      Soup for dessert may... also be acceptable.

      Such a versatile item.

    2. SeaVanCanGal

      LoL yes it is! I also have it for a snack! (Amy's minestrone......yum!)

      Btw, I had tomato w/grilled cheese toast for breakfast. :D


    1. Traumatic

      Put a big smile on my face

    2. SeaVanCanGal

      Puts one on mine too. It was a good run, and if the Caps win the Cup its something that they deserved and earned. I can't believe that I reside in this Washington but I'm cheering for the other. Go Washington Go! :D

    3. AppleJack

      The Caps made me a very happy girl tonight!