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  1. Time Capsule - Prediction thread for 2015-16 season

    Pacific: Anaheim Calgary Los Angeles Vancouver San Jose Edmonton Arizona Canucks finish 10th in the West. Top 5 Canucks Scorers H. Sedin - 60-70 pts D. Sedin - 60-65 pts R. Vrbata - 50-55 pts B. Horvat - 45-50 pts S. Baertschi - 45-50 pts
  2. Verdict on Vey

    A plus for Vey clearing waivers is that I believe one of the changes to waivers is that Vey can now be called up from and returned to Utica without having to clear another time this season. Granted, he had to clear waivers in the first place.
  3. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Sigh. Management must be confident that Biega, Pedan, Fedun and Subban will adequately fill any depth needs that we will have this season. Good for Corrado though - he gets to stick in the NHL this season (he cannot be sent down without clearing waivers IMO and I believe the Canucks will have first dibs on him if the Leafs do try to send him down). As a slight positive for the Canucks, it opens up a contract which may help in a future trade...
  4. (Signing) Canucks Sign Adam Cracknell

    Anyone know what Cracknell's faceoff proficiency was in the regular season? I don't mind having Cracknell on the opening night roster but he didn't seem super proficient with faceoffs so hopefully that's something he can improve over the course of the year. If WD is really going to play Sutter on RW with the Sedins, that leaves Henrik, Bo, McCann and Cracknell as the guys who will be relied on to gain possession from faceoffs.
  5. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    Surprising news but very interesting. Hopefully they all clear so that the Canucks don't lose depth. Something will still have to give at the earlier of the 9 game marks for McCann and Virtanen or Higgins' return though.
  6. Verdict on Vey

    To be honest, I think Vey has it in him to be a good player but as others have said, maybe not in the West. It's disappointing to see him being outshone by the younger guys but I would be shocked if they don't at least try to obtain a draft pick for him if the young guys deserve to make the team. Based on play so far, I can see Kenins being demoted. I'm not sure if management is worried about losing Cracknell on waivers but if Virtanen makes the team, I can see them demoting him as well. This is one of the ways that management could keep McCann and Virtanen on the opening night roster while also keeping Vey - assuming they aren't open to risking him on waivers. This will only buy management time to figure out what to do with Vey however, unless they are able to ship out another vet. It would be amusing if they waived Prust since they have talked about him bringing character to the line-up quite a bit this summer... Something will have to give at the earliest of the 9 game marks for McCann and/or Virtanen or when Higgins returns. It will be interesting to see how management works this out.
  7. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Brandon Sutter

    IMO, this is a reasonable deal for Sutter. I think Sportsnet did a reasonable list of comparables to Sutter and while there is always room for argument, the cap hit on his new deal is fair and in the ballpark. This is based primarily on production and the limited times that I have seen him play. Having not seen too much of Sutter's play, I think it's fair to go with Management's assessment of his ability to be a solid player for the Canucks. I know the analytics folks have been quite critical of Sutter so I think there is definitely room for concern. Sutter has certainly seemed like a desired and respected player however, so I think it's fair to wait and see what he can do. Frankly speaking, if Sutter can put up 35-45 points and be a very effective two-way forward who plays the hardest minutes, wins faceoffs and pushes possession, I think he will have met expectations. If he can develop into a Mike Fisher type player and put up 40-50 points, I would be very happy. Fisher's not super physical either but is a strong two-way forward. I think Sutter figures into long term plans for the Canucks as a solid two-way center that will be able to take the load off of Horvat, McCann and Cassels as they develop their game and confidence. Sutter should be able to play the tough minutes and while he might not physically punish the opposition, he has been able to produce enough that he is a risk to top lines when he takes the puck to the offensive zone. For everyone who is not happy about the contract, it will be interesting to see what Bonino gets after his contract is up, assuming that his production remains consistent. Even with his disappointing production last season, I would imagine that Bonino could get much more than his current salary if he was a UFA.
  8. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    On the fence with this but initial gut reaction is that the Canucks overpaid a bit for Sutter. Someone else speculated that Clendening may have been included for cap reasons which would be unfortunate and unnecessary if our bottom 6 wasn't so expensive. I didn't expect Clendening to be a savior for the team but his inclusion in this deal reduces our D depth, particularly since there is no D coming back. We get a 3rd round pick back, which is good, but we give up our 2nd, which is bad, especially if we end up having a higher draft position next year. So no 2nd and no 5th next draft for now. Hoping they can recoup picks at next year's deadline or at the 2016 draft.
  9. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    I wonder if the Canucks are in on a dman. Clendening was expected to be a roster player this year. I don't think there are any other D on the Comets that were reasonably expected to hold down a 7-8 position. Ehrhoff maybe? Franson's salary would likely be too high.
  10. In Defence of Sbisa

    I don't disagree with the OP but my sense for a lot of fans weren't so much that they desperately wanted Sbisa run out of town but that they were unhappy with his contract, and understandably so IMO. He showed flashes of what he can do when performing at the top of his game last season. It's encouraging to look forward to whether he can do that consistently this upcoming season. That being said, there were long stretches last season that he did not play well so it was very surprising that he was rewarded with his contract at that stage of the season and that salary. Ultimately, it's not technically the fans' money that is being spent but it seemed like a odd contract at an odd time. Surely he could have been re-signed for less money during the summer. For the next season, I am hoping that he can play well consistently because when he does that, he brings elements to the d-core that were missing for awhile.
  11. 2015 Canucks Summer Summit (July 9th 2015) Summary

    As unpopular as the moves made by management this summer have been (primarily with Lack and Kassian), I think they can be defensible provided that Linden's and Benning's assessments turn out to be correct. Of course, that is a "hindsight is 20/20" approach but I think there's enough gray area with Lack and Kass that management's decisions can be seen as reasonable. I can't say I was a big fan of either deal personally but: as patient as the fanbase has been with Kass, you just had a feeling that his time was running out. The trade would be less bitter if the Canucks didn't give up a 5th rd pick - just seemed odd if the goal is to stockpile picks; and Lack might not have netted the return that we would have liked but Cam Talbot didn't net a much better return either and he was rumored to have been the most sought after goalie. Turns out it was the younger goalies, Lehner and Jones, who held the most value. The fact that a whole bunch of goalies came on the market must not have helped management's cause either. I don't have much of a problem with fans expressing discontent to management but I do hope everyone can remain respectful of their decisions, even if some of them aren't considered to be good ones (e.g. Sbisa's extension - why they didn't wait to the summer is still beyond me - I have a hard time believing he would have received much more than his QO if he went to arbitration). Linden and Benning may want to play things a little closer to the chest moving forward however as anything they say seems capable of starting a firestorm.
  12. Stewart has been a surprise based on the videos. He's much more mobile than expected and he also seems to have a decent shot although the true test will be when he doesn't have as much time and space to release it. Boeser's got a great shot.
  13. Linden Vey Article

    I'm not a big Vey fan but if he can get stronger and can improve his faceoff ability, I will be satisfied. If management see him as a winger, then he primarily needs to work on his strength. I think he demonstrated last season that he has the skill to play in the NHL, even if it was inconsistently shown.
  14. (Article) Mike Burnstein fired!

    I would expect more firings the way this is going. Trainers maybe? As someone else mentioned, Delorme lives. The guy must be a cat.
  15. [Signing] Canucks sign Blair Jones

    Don't mind the signing but I am interested in whether he is a good faceoff guy. I remember him with the Flames. He was a decent depth guy. Big but not overly physical. Don't remember him shying away from physical play (unlike Matthias).