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  1. I actually think the MDZ-Guddy pairing works but between the two, MDZ can handle more minutes and is more versatile. It looks like his defense first usage in Philly might have rounded out his game a bit. In terms of usage, MDZ has clearly moved up to #3 IMHO. Whether he should rightfully stay there is another question. Between Hutton and Stecher, I think Stecher has moved down the depth chart, if only because of his size. Stecher needs to be paired with a big physical D IMHO to be successful, and that is not going to be Hutton or MDZ. With Green's insistence on handedness for LD-RD, I can't imagine that Stecher would ever be paired with Guddy. Pedan might have been a good D partner for Stecher. I think Pouliot has a strong chance at pushing both Stecher and Hutton down the depth chart with Edler's injury especially since he has the advantage of being able to be paired with Guddy (if they want to give him a physical D partner) or Tanev (if they want to give him a D partner who can keep up with him and use positioning to suppress chances). Ironically, the Pedan trade might affect Stecher in this way.
  2. I know the PP got a goal tonight but it still needs a lot of work. Whatever sharpness they showed in the pre-season hasn't quite translated into the regular season yet. Vanek was good but as PITB points out, his competition wasn't as strong. Still, it was good to see him be more combative and involved. The Sedins were good but their passing game seems off right now. It's hard to tell if this is partly because they played so few pre-season games or if age is catching up with them. Baertschi is buzzing but without a great deal of results. Hopefully that turns around for him soon. It's good to see the team play with more pace but their passing has to be more crisp. Horvat has been good and Boeser was decent but you can see that physically, he still needs a bit more work as he still loses many physical battles. Right now, Boeser is most effective using his abiltiy to fade away from coverage and his agility (especially on the PP) but when it comes to winning battles on the boards or outskating his check, he'll need more time to develop (IMHO). If Edler is out for awhile, it will be interesting to see Pouliot draw in. A perfect opportunity as any to make an impact with his new team. Creates an opportunity for McEneny or Holm as well.
  3. Gally for Gallagher does make more sense, ha ha. Thanks!
  4. I suspect it's that Gally is best at centre but isn't very good on faceoffs and there are analytics article discussing his defensive deficiencies. There was an article stating that he was played at wing, he played with more defence oriented players while being expected to produce which might have hurt his production (especially as he was coming off of an injury). I'm not sure how true that is. I'm not sure how Gally would fit with the Canucks. He seems to do better at centre but perhaps he would be a good winger with the right group of more offensive-minded forwards (e.g. Horvat, etc.).
  5. I would be more interested in a deal for Galchenyuk involving Hutton. It could be another reclamation project but the guy scored 30 goals not too long ago and is only 23. Galchenyuk seems to be struggling in Montreal so maybe his value is lower now, though my guess is that there would be a host of other teams interested if he was on the market which would likely put us out of the running.
  6. The Canucks were ok but for the terrible PP. They didn't play great but the PP really didn't work well. I stared incredulously as they kept on making drop passes.
  7. I think PITB had a fair assessment of Pouliot's potential. He played well in his first extended NHL playing time but has struggled recently. Hard to know what the Canucks are getting. It is of some concern that he was unable to beat out some guys to make the Penguins team for the past 2 seasons but, having said that, he also had to unseat Kris Letang and now Justin Schultz for playing time. Both of those guys, IMHO, already fill the role that he would be expected to excel in. In the case of Schultz, he has done surprisingly well with the Penguins after a few tire fire seasons in Edmonton. Beyond Letang and Schultz, I don't think there was a good spot for him. If the Penguins had not acquired Schultz then maybe he would have had a better shot. This was also the first year that he was waiver eligible which, I think, makes a huge difference when management is trying to ice a line up. Pouliot is a reclamation project but his potential is very exciting and something that the Canucks did not have in their system. IMHO, Stecher is the closest in potential, and even then, his size will always be seen as a disadvantage. No idea whether Pouliot ever reaches this potential, but I think it's encouraging to see the team have this opportunity.
  8. Interesting choice to waive Wiercioch. I think he clears. I didn't think he looked to bad in preseason, better than Biega anyway, but I guess they really like Biega's versatility. Don't know how Pouliot draws in to the top-6 w/o injuries, but it's good to have that depth.
  9. My guess is Biega will be sent down now that the Canucks just picked up Derrick Pouliot? Or is Pouliot still waiver exempt? Curious move.
  10. The Comets camp is going to be super competitive too. With Boucher clearing and Rodin en route to Utica subject to waivers and his US visa, they could be ridiculously deep. One has to assume that Chaput and Megna will be send to Utica soon too. I'm dialing back my expectations of Dahlen because if he really did have mono, it could take him awhile to get back up to speed. It's insane though, at forward alone, the Comets could have: Dahlen Goldobin Boucher Rodin Chaput Megna Molino MacEwen Carcone Labate ... that's quite a lot of AHL talent and the Canucks could still send down Boeser or Virtanen. D is less experienced than in years past, but also deep. Hoping for a strong year from the Comets!
  11. If the Canucks did not sign Vanek, then perhaps he might have had a space, but he would still have had to outplay quite a few people. I have liked the Rodin story with his return to the NHL last season after a successful stint in the SHL. It was nice to see him get a chance to play in the NHL and it's too bad that injuries hampered his ability to get into the line up last season. Rodin has a bad injury history, has a slight frame and, IMHO, isn't a much better skill option than others that the Canucks have (e.g. Burmistrov, Vanek, etc.). He didn't have a bad preseason but he also didn't outplay any of the other guys. If Rodin gets through waivers, he'll be good for Utica and good depth for the Canucks. If not, then I hope he finds success elsewhere!
  12. I agree. As far as I can tell, Archibald has played well in the preseason. The question is whether he has out competed one or more of Boeser, Virtanen, Burmistrov or Rodin who, IMHO, are the guys who have come into camp and who are a bit on the bubble (not necessarily because of their play but simply because of the logjam, the roles that need filling on the roster and contract situations). Archibald is also competing with NHL vets in Upshall and White. I just don't see him getting a NHL contract yet. One guy I haven't been hearing as much about is Gaunce. I'm guessing he's starting the season on IR? He's waiver eligible though, right? So once he's off IR, the Canucks will have to clear another roster spot?
  13. Great that Boucher cleared. Hope he can stay motivated in Utica. As for #7 and #8 D, I agree that it comes down to 2 of the above list, but I think Wiercioch and Biega make the most sense. To me, Wiercioch is a lock for #7. He is a PP option and has shown decent wheels. IMHO, he can play in the top 6 in a pinch, and he has held a regular job in the NHL for a few seasons now. Based on his age, it's not really detrimental to his development for him to sit a lot. I think the fact that Wiercioch has a resume that makes him a strong candidate to jump into the top 6 will push guys like Del Zotto and Hutton to perform. After Wiercioch, Biega makes the most sense to me unless the Canucks want to go big and keep a guy who will fight. In that case, I think Pedan could make it, but he's not a real improvement on D and although he has played F in injury situations, I don't think he's as good at it as Biega, mainly due to foot speed. That's why I think Biega makes the most sense. He is a willing scrapper (though he's too small to go with the biggest guys) and he has the speed to forecheck (when needed). Holm and McEneny don't need waivers so I think both go to Utica to play big minutes and to be top call-up options. I think Pedan is exposed on waivers and goes to Utica too. Subban wasn't mentioned and while I would love to see him get some game time this year, I think it's very possible that he will not get a sniff at the NHL level at all this year and may end up on waivers next year. I think a lot of us really want him to succeed but he is just too much of a high incident player at both ends of the rink. My prediction is that he gets traded for another flawed prospect or a mid to late pick to a team that is willing to give him a chance based on his offensive skill alone. Hopefully he will clean up his game in Utica and play well enough to get a call-up.
  14. If Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser sticks as a line, I would take a page from the Baertschi-Horvat-Rodin line and call the line, "Bro-Bo-Bear".