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  1. Or Roussel and Ferland for that matter. I think the increased depth is helping Jake develop his game as it gives him people to emulate, a challenge to improve to stay in the line-up, and less pressure to help him grow his confidence.
  2. I agree that Colorado is probably going to be a top team in the West for awhile given their depth. Their forward group is already very deep but so is their D. While Byram is still unproven, for them to have him in the pipeline is sick (thanks Ottawa) when they already have Makar and Girard (signed long term). Erik Johnson is like their Alex Edler, but he's a bit younger. That D could be insanely good very soon. What might hopefully happen is that the Canucks will start to peak when the Avs core starts to wane either by age or because of salary cap issues. As promising as the Canucks core is now, it will be interesting to see how guys like Madden, Podkolzin, Hoglander, Rafferty, Lind, Gadjovich and Woo factor in if and when they make the jump. We also haven't seen what Juolevi can do, notwithstanding concerns about his health. I wouldn't expect Tryamkin to have a huge impact if he came back, but if he does, then that would immediately ramp up the Canucks ability to compete in a physical game. If there is any concern about the Canucks future right now, then to me it would have to be at D. As good as Hughes has been, we don't really have that much high end talent on the blue line (though this is pretty much the Canucks' entire history). If Hughes can continue to get better and excel and the Canucks can continue to at least find serviceable top-4/6 D to surround him with, then they should be a strong team for awhile.
  3. I think it was Pass it to Bulis that has written about splitting Petey and Boeser as Boeser has played well with Horvat before. Will be very interesting to see how this works out. Miller gives Petey and Goldobin the forechecker they need. Pearson, Horvat and Boeser is actually a pretty big line and it'll be interesting to see how they might take advantage of Boeser's shot with their style of play. Intriguing. The bottom 6 is obviously less deep without Sutter and Beagle but has played reasonably well.
  4. Coyle was heading into UFA years so I guess they're banking on him turning into a 40-50+ point guy consistently. $5.25M per year seems a bit high when you consider JT Miller is being paid that amount but there are quite a few players in that price range who produce at that level. He produced quite well in last year's playoffs so that might be another factor.
  5. I can see Roussel slotting in for Schaller. Motte and Schaller could be the extras if management goes ahead with demoting Eriksson. The larger question marks in my mind are what happens if Goldobin sticks (like most of us want him to). With everyone healthy, then there is basically no more room to just demote a player (unless the Canucks demote Gaudette given he is still exempt from waivers). I can't see the Canucks trading Sutter. Gaudette has been great but he's not a replacement for Sutter yet. They have a different skill set but Sutter's face off ability and overall two-way play give coaching more confidence about sending him out in all situations. I suppose the Canucks could play Beagle in more of that role if Sutter were to be traded, but having Sutter gives the Canucks way more depth at C. If Sutter doesn't go and Goldobin sticks, then Gaudette has to bump someone off at wing since, I presume, the Canucks aren't just going to let him sit in the pressbox. Leivo could be scratched but does he really deserve that? Not sure. He might not be producing a lot but he's been an excellent complimentary player for awhile now (if only for the way he wins puck battles). Virtanen has not played poorly this year, but has the ship sailed for him with this management team? Possibly. The team always has the option of waiving Schaller or Motte and hoping they clear but they would presumably be extras most of the time on a fully healthy roster so, again, a regular will probably need to be moved. In the short term, if Goldobin shows that he can stick it out in the NHL and as everyone start to get healthy, then I think management might just demote Gaudette to kick the can down the road. I would like to think that they would demote Eriksson as well. We're heading into Christmas so there might be a trade or two in the next couple weeks. If anything happens, then I'll expect it to happen in the new year. Of course, if Goldobin can't stick, then it makes management's life "easier".
  6. I would like to see that too but not sure if ownership is going to go for it. I agree with you though, purely on merit I think Eriksson deserves to be demoted.
  7. They're also going to get a boost if Tarasenko can return and play at a high level in time for the playoffs.
  8. Nice to see players getting back from injury. With Roussel on a conditioning stint, I'm curious how management will make room for his return. If Beagle goes on IR then that alleviates some pressure since Baertschi, Graovac and MacEwen are easily demoted (unless Baertschi is kept past 30 Nov) to make room for Roussel, Motte, Ferland and Sutter. Once Beagle is back though, something has got to give. My guess is Schaller will be waived to make room for Rouss well. No shade meant for Schaller, I just see him as the odd man out in the situation as I think Motte slots in higher than him in the depth chart.
  9. While Babcock hasn't done himself any favors, like others have said, Dubas shares a lot of responsibility for the performance of the team. I still can't see how they will keep all of Matthews, Tavares, Marner and Nylander when all of their D except for Rielly are free agents next summer, including their big ticket acquisition in Tyson Barrie. They only have $15M in cap space but if they want better depth at D, $15M doesn't seem nearly enough even if Sandin and Liljegren make the jump next year. They will probably go cheap with their forward depth as well which admittedly will remain mostly intact since most of their forwards won't be free agents next summer. It'll be interesting to see the response of the big names.
  10. Sucks for Sutter. Good for MacEwen to get a shot. Same for Graovac.
  11. Great start from Fabbri this game. Hopefully he can recapture his momentum from before!
  12. I don't see how this is a steal for the Wings or a significant loss for the Blues. Fabbri has had some terrible injury trouble and it's not entirely clear if he will ever get back to his level of play from 2017. I think there are serious question marks about Fabbi even if it would be great to see him overcome those injuries and do well. The Blues would have needed to make a decision about Fabbri after this year anyway, notwithstanding his RFA status. They have some young players that they probably want to work into the line-up and, I suppose, have already decided that Fabbri will not be in their long term plans.
  13. Nice to see Stecher get a chance to play with Hughes. I had been concerned that coaching/management wouldn't like having two smaller D play together but I think it might actually be a decent pairing.
  14. I'm also in the camp that didn't read Binnington's comments as saying that he deserved the Calder over Pettersson. I would expect that any high performing, competitive athlete would understandably be disappointed at losing out on a trophy that, for all intents and purposes, there was a reasonable opportunity to win. Binnington would have been a worthy winner of the Calder if the votes had gone his way in which case we may be having the other discussion from Pettersson's side. As a Canucks fan, I'm of course biased toward Pettersson and it was nice to see that the people who voted for the Calder felt the same way about his rookie season.
  15. Was neat to see Pettersson bring a physical edge to his game last night. I don't see him doing that every night but that could well force defenders to rush decisions even more if they know that he might lay a solid check on them.