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  1. True. Not a bad strategy to wait until the TDL to press cap stretched teams now that 1 July is over.
  2. [Signing] Blues sign Patrick Maroon

    Wow, what a deal for the Blues. It's quite the hometown discount. Maroon's usually good for at least 25-30 points and is a physical presence.
  3. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I wouldn't say that I dislike Gagner. Gagner's a very skilled guy and he's a fairly versatile player. The issues with Gagner on this team include his roster position potentially taking away a spot from a younger prospect (which is less of an issue IMHO because he should be relatively easy to trade) but also that: his skillset just doesn't seem to have much of a place on this team. He's a natural center but he is terrible at faceoffs and has found more success in this league while playing wing. He's got good puck skills but that hasn't translated to the degree that was hoped for when he was drafted; he's not a physical player, even if he showed some feistiness last season. That's not really his game and he does not play that way consistently; his defensive game is not very strong, even if it might have improved over the years; and he has never struck me as a fast player. He's got lightning quick hands but he doesn't seem to have that extra gear or quick step to give himself more time at the NHL level. Gagner's a far better player than I'll ever be but I just don't see how he fits onto the current team or future iterations of the Canucks.
  4. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Hadn't seen how bad their cap problems were. Yikes. They essentially have to move out some contracts for futures (i.e. picks or prospects). They can probably afford to move a forward or two as they have some good young players upcoming. Roslovic could take over for Bryan Little in the near future and Little would be a very useful player for many teams. Wheeler has been a fantastic player for the Jets but I could actually see them dealing him or walking away. If Connor keeps his development trajectory, he may have quite the pay day and the Jets might have a hard time keeping him. Not sure how their D prospect pool is but my guess is one of Trouba or Myers may be dealt. My guess is Trouba but he is the younger of the 2 so there's a good chance that the Jets would prefer to keep him. Lots of tough decisions for Jets management over the next year.
  5. [Rumour] "Very Comfortable" source says Karlsson to Tampa Bay

    Not that this proves anything, but Karlsson and Hedman seem to be good friends. Considering Karlsson holds a great deal of control over where he goes, Tampa seems like a very, very good bet.
  6. Griffen Molino | C/LW

    Good for Molino to get a contract to stay in pro hockey. Maybe Molino will find a way to capitalize on his speed more with the Marlies. His wheels are certainly impressive but it doesn't seem like he has found a way to translate that into production quite yet.
  7. [Rumour] "Very Comfortable" source says Karlsson to Tampa Bay

    If TBY does this, they must be extremely confident in the quality of their young players and in their ability to retain Kucherov. The appeal is easy to see however. A top pairing of Hedman-Karlsson is terrifying (on paper). McDonagh-Karlsson would also be solid and may be more complimentary. As an earlier poster said, they can make this work if they ship out a big contract or two this season. They can then replace some expiring contracts next season with up and coming prospects. If they pull this off, then my guess is Toronto will be under a lot more pressure to improve their own D.
  8. Here's what we got now !

    Assuming the Canucks do not sign or otherwise acquire another center, the way I see the Canucks lining up at forward right now is: LW C RW 1 Sven Baertschi Bo Horvat Brock Boeser 2 Elias Pettersson Brandon Sutter Loui Eriksson 3 Antoine Roussel - Jake Virtanen 4 Tim Schaller Jay Beagle - S - - - I am also assuming, of course, that Pettersson makes the team. That really leaves about three (3) positions open, four (4) if the Canucks carry 14 forwards. If I'm honest, this is not a great line-up and places a great deal of pressure on Pettersson to score this season. IMHO, the bubble players at each position are as follows (some players will be repeated due to their versatility): LW: Goldobin, Leipsic, Gaunce, Granlund, Archibald C: Granlund, Gagner, Gaudette, Gaunce RW: Granlund, Archibald, Gagner This is assuming that none of the other prospects (e.g. Dahlen, Jasek, Palmu, Lind, Gadjovich in no particular order) play their way onto the team. At LW, despite the Canucks lack of depth at this position, the NHL roster is probably pretty much spoken for unless some of the listed players are moved to the other wing (e.g. I believe Roussel plays both wings and Schaller can move from wing to C). There should still be space at C (depending on whether Pettersson starts off at center which would be a surprise to me) which I think is where management expects Gaudette to compete. If Gaudette wins the spot, then Granlund, Gagner or Gaunce will either be kept as the 13th forward or will be moved to RW. At RW, there is probably a spot open beside Beagle. My guess is Granlund will make the team due to his versatility unless he is dealt or has a terrible training camp and ends up waived. I have a strong suspicion that Gaudette will also win a spot with his play. Management gave him a solid a look at the end of last season and he's probably the Canucks most certain prospect at C. He'll have to outplay Gagner but with all due respect to Gagner, I think this is not an unreasonable outcome. The remaining spot or spots (2) would then go to one or two of Goldobin, Archibald, Leipsic, Gagner or Gaunce. Given the Canucks injury history, I think they'll stick with 13 forwards. Unless something happens before training camp, the Canucks could lose any number of these guys on waivers. Gagner is the least likely to be picked up and, if he is really outplayed, this will really test the Canucks' willingness to make room for young guys. At the very least, I could see the Canucks losing at least three of those guys (Goldobin, Leipsic and Gaunce). I think the most realistic scenario is that Gagner, Granlund and one of Archibald, Goldobin or Leipsic make the team with Gaudette going to Utica to start the season. Even here, this means that the Canucks will probably lose some combination of Goldobin, Leipsic and/or Gaunce. If this does in fact happen, I really hope that the Canucks can at least recoup some younger prospects or picks for some of those guys.
  9. I don't mind the deals though it leaves one wondering how these signings affect the pipeline for prospects. The way I see it, in the next 4-years, the Canucks will find out whether forwards like Pettersson, Gaudette, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, MacEwen and to a lesser degree Tyler Madden (since he could be in college for the next 4-years) will make the jump and reach their potential. That's eight (8) guys that have at least top-9 potential with the exception of MacEwen who may project as a good 4th line forward. Obviously Pettersson is expected to be a top-line forward. I'm leaving aside forward positions for now but note that based on projections, Pettersson and Gaudette are likely the only centers in that group with Gaudette being more likely to break in at that position. Within the next 4-years, the Canucks now have: Horvat , Virtanen and Boeser who are both presumably part of the young core (I'm assuming Virtanen and Boeser will be re-signed) as well as Eriksson, Sutter, Baertschi, Roussel and Beagle most likely guaranteed to take up eight (8) roster spots. Of that group, Sutter and Baertschi may be the most likely trade candidates along with guys like Gagner, Schaller, Granlund, Gaunce, Leipsic, Goldobin and Motte within the next year or two. With expiring contracts, loss due to waivers or simply losing players to free agency, those guys will clear out from the pipeline soon which should open up space for the forward prospects to come in. There's a logjam yes, but I don't see it as being too bad. While I agree that $3M+ for each of Roussel and Beagle feels a bit too much, especially for 4-years each, if the Canucks can get solid play from them for the next 4-years, then I think the contracts are defensible. With a 21-person roster, that works out to a median salary of $3.76M per position (if everyone was paid the same). While that's obviously a rough and somewhat arbitrary number, if you have players that hold one of those 21 roster spots and provide solid play, then a salary in or below that amount is not unreasonable depending on what they bring to the table.
  10. [Signing] Ducks sign Anton Rodin

    Good for Rodin. He deserves another chance in the NHL.
  11. [Signing] Canucks sign F Tim Schaller [2 year x $1.9M AAV]

    Gaunce will be waived to Utica or another NHL team will pick him up.
  12. It just occurred to me that Beagle will essentially be the replacement, "overpaid", bottom-6 player with Dorsett having to retire. I don't dislike the rumored deal of 3-years at $2.5M per year. Beagle seems like a solid bottom-6 player. That's a lot to pay for a guy who might play limited minutes, but those should be solidly used minutes.
  13. I don't know if Tavares would be second fiddle. Matthews only just completed his sophomore year and while he has been great, he still has a lot to prove. I don't see Tavares as being a major egocentric guy either. The 1-2 punch thing might not work for everyone but it has definitely worked before. Would remain to be seen how Matthews would deal with it however. Having Tavares and Matthews would give the Leafs a great one-two punch in a similar way that the Penguins have Crosby and Malkin. It would bump Kadri down to the 3rd line which would give them a ridiculously dangerous 3rd line. They also have a few up and coming wingers that can fill in the gaps (even if they still need to sign a few others). Nylander could play on the wing but the $s he'll command on his next contract is the limiting factor. Toronto could definitely fit but they would need to invest in a win-now fashion.
  14. If to TB: Van has options to provide cap relief by taking on some number of Johnson, Killorn, Coburn and/or Girardi with the sweetener being a prospect or pick. Main impediments are the NMCs/NTCs held by the players. Wouldn't mind Killorn - he's relatively young and is a big winger who has shown that he can produce with skilled players and has a slightly lesser term and $ than Johnson (also makes Killorn less likely to be dealt by TB). If to DAL: Van has options to provide cap relief by taking on Spezza (who may help the Canucks in the short term by providing a veteran C, even if he's in the twilight of his career). Not as familiar with DAL's prospect cupboard but again, prospect(s) or pick(s) as sweeteners. If to SJ: Their cap space could dry up pretty quick as they still have to resign Hertl and Jumbo Joe and will need to extend Couture, Donskoi and Pavelski next season (unless they decide to unload them) as well as a slew of RFAs. They might not need to make any immediate moves though. If to TOR: Makes sense that Nylander becomes expendable but sounds like they would want something along the lines of Tanev + for him. If it's Tanev + Baertschi then I'm not against it. As much as Nylander gets criticized for soft play, the guy has produced wherever he has played. He also filled in at C admirably for Matthews during Matthews' stretch of injuries last year. If the Canucks can actually acquire Nylander without giving up much, then I can't see how that's a loss for the team. If to NYI: They can definitely absorb the cap hit so probably no deal here.
  15. More surprised at his age. I vaguely recall his name in past games and I thought he was a young prospect. Didn't realize he's been around for this long already. I agree that the Canucks have quite a few D fighting for spots but I suppose there is always the possibility of stocking Utica. I presume Juolevi will be sent there to develop further so that gives the Canucks McEneny, Sautner, Chatfield, Brisebois in Utica along with Utica's own D signings. As nice as it has been to see McEneny and Sautner develop into serviceable depth D, perhaps management wants to both have a relatively proven NHL D available to call up and to have a more veteran presence in Utica. Again though, acquiring D doesn't make too much sense unless someone is expected to be moved. Unless there is a clear upgrade, I agree that D is probably not where the team needs to be focused. I'm most interested to see what they do at the C position seeing as there's a concerning lack of depth there.