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  1. EternalCanuckFan

    [Rumour] Everyone in St. Louis is available

    The "high end" guys in STL will probably be too expensive for the Canucks. I'd be interested to hear what the costs of guys like Sanford, Barbashev, Sundqvist, Dunn or Schmaltz might be, if they're available. Whether this is deserved or not, I have a feeling that Goldobin may be on the trade block. He might be a guy that STL could have interest in if they want to exchange an "underperforming" forward of theirs for him.
  2. EternalCanuckFan

    [Rumour] Red Wings shopping Jimmy Howard for 1st-round pick

    Thanks for the tid bit! I thought someone could have been and Andersen was a good pick-up by the Leafs. I agree that Howard is not worth a 1st. Would be shocked if Howard actually went for a 1st. He's already 34 and while goalies tend to "last longer", a 1st is a lot to give up for an aging goalie. I believe Buffalo and Colorado are the only teams with more than one 1st and neither team strikes me as being in need of an aging goalie at the moment (Ullmark has played admirably well behind Hutton and the Av's specifically acquired Grubauer this summer). There are a bunch of teams with multiple 2nds that might be better candidates so maybe... Howard had a good run and he's having a good season but I'm not sold on him being able to play at the level of a #1 for another 2-3 years.
  3. EternalCanuckFan

    [Rumour] Red Wings shopping Jimmy Howard for 1st-round pick

    Who's the last goaltender to have been traded for a 1st Round pick? Cory Schneider?
  4. EternalCanuckFan

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Dubinsky's not a small guy either. Clearly didn't expect the reverse hit. Besides the obvious offensive magic that Pettersson has brought this season, I'm continually impressed at his very solid two-way play and his fearlessness to attack the other team. This reverse hit is just another example of that. It would have been just as easy for Pettersson to have made the pass and then bailed to avoid the contact but he stood up for himself. Of course, if this had been someone other than Dubinsky attempting a dirty hit, then it might have been played differently, but it's nice to see him being this well-rounded so soon. I don't think Pettersson will bring a physical game like Forsberg did (and I kind of hope he doesn't as that took a huge toll on Forsberg's body), but it's good enough to see that he's willing and able to protect himself when needed. As Pettersson gets stronger, he should also be better able to defend himself against bone headed plays like Matheson's earlier this year.
  5. As the original post mentioned, when healthy, this team has proven to be reasonably competitive. To me though, that's not an argument for team being in a position to trade picks to acquire players now and is in fact an argument for the opposite. I think it shows that the team still has relatively shallow depth (pending the development and debuts of guys like Hughes, Juolevi, Dahlen, etc.) that, in my opinion, needs to be addressed by continued drafting. As much as there is a lot of in the prospect cupboard, a lot of it is still unproven at the NHL level and until those guys can come in and meet or exceed their potential, it seems premature to trade from the future. Of course, if a young superstar was available for a 1st round pick without cratering the team's existing pool of prospects and picks, then that might make sense, but that pretty much never happens. If Benning can acquire more picks for the 2019 draft, then I could see this year's draft being a truly critical one (if not only for the possibility that the Canucks may have a shot at a lottery pick). If the 2019 draft allows the Canucks to select more than 7 players, then that just increases the cohort of prospects who may be able to play on ELC deals with the Canucks at around the time that the current core will probably be in its prime. Of course, not all of the picks will pan out but this should give the Canucks salary cap friendly depth and, perhaps, assets to draw from if they end up in a position to acquire a player for a Cup run. I also do like the drafting of college players as it gives the Canucks more time to watch those players develop and delays the need to give them a contract (while preserving the possibility that they could end school earlier and join the Canucks if it made sense). The only position that I could see the Canucks being willing to move assets for right now would be a young, big shot RHD for the powerplay as the Canucks don't really have a threat from the point. Edler has been the LHD version of that but he's in the twilight of his career. Besides Karlsson (who isn't that young), there really aren't too many who would fit the bill reasonably. Maybe Colton Parayko but I wouldn't necessarily consider him a top D and he would cost way too much to acquire and the Canucks would probably have to compete with teams like the Leafs to acquire him. The Canucks were rumored to have interest in Damon Severson before but I don't really know him well enough to judge if he would fit the bill and I can't see why the Devils would trade him.
  6. EternalCanuckFan

    A Couple Trade Proposals involving Tanev and Edler

    As much as I can see value in adding pieces to the Canucks by trading Tanev and Edler, I highly doubt that they will trade both of those players this year. We all saw how terrible the team was with them both out of the line-up. While the Canucks aren't a contender, they still want to remain competitive so the only way I see them possible dealing one or both players is if the return includes a serviceable D or a good D prospect. I doubt any contending team is going to want to part with the former since adding either player would presumably be to increase depth rather than make a lateral move (even if there's some improvement). The latter might be possible but the Canucks might want to add picks in that case which might be too right for most teams. Regarding the proposed trades, I don't see a deal between Philly and Van for Simmonds. No offense but I don't see the appeal for the Canucks. Simmonds is a good player, no doubt, but he's already 30-years old and might not fit into the team's projected window for the cup. If the Canucks did have interest in Simmonds, wouldn't it be better to see if they can take a shot at him in free agency rather than give up Tanev for him? If Philly were to give up one of their young D for Tanev, then that might be of some interest but I don't see them doing that for Tanev, especially not in a year when they're doing terribly. Panarin is more interesting of the two players but I would be shocked if Tanev and Lind were enough to entice CBJ. I suspect Panarin is worth more to them this season (even if he ultimately hits UFA this summer) than adding Tanev and Lind. The Avs deal may have more legs to it than the deals involving Tanev mainly because the Avs have some depth at D with Makar coming up and with the way Mackinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog are playing, they might be entering their window to take a run or two for the cup. Edler would be a good veteran top-6 D for them. I don't think the Canucks should be giving up Edler, Brisebois and a 3rd in this case though...
  7. EternalCanuckFan

    [GDT] Canucks @ Blue Jackets 4pm PST Tuesday Dec 11 2018

    Had a few solid seasons with Eric Lindros and John Leclair in the mid-90s from what I remember. Those Philly teams were stacked.
  8. EternalCanuckFan

    [Report] Wild shopping F Coyle

    The Canucks should kick the tires on Coyle but I think the price will be too high for the Canucks. It will presumably cost at least one of our young prospects. Coyle is only a couple of seasons removed from a 50+ point year so I'm surprised if the Wild are giving up on him though I can see why they might be willing to move him if they can get a good return. If Coyle is available then I would have to think that Niederreiter is available too. They're both big guys with skill but who still haven't seemed to put it together even though they're in their mid-20s.
  9. EternalCanuckFan

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    I think Canucks management is likely doing whatever they can to find a good situation for him. They already have by cutting a deal to have him play with the Marlies. It's true though that if no other teams come seeking Gagner's services, then there's nothing the Canucks can do. One can't gripe about not being on the team if the judgment of management and coaching is that other players would help the team more. I suspect that there will be a deal in place for him before the TDL though. Gagner is skilled enough to play in the league and to give him some credit, his game has evolved over his career so that he could probably still be a PP specialist type player in the league while playing bottom 6 minutes 5-on-5. The issue is going to be his salary but the Canucks might be willing to retain.
  10. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] Nashville Predators at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 06, 2018

    I'm not advocating that the Canucks trade Goldobin but I can see them considering it this season if he doesn't show enough. It would be great to see Goldobin given more time to develop since, as you have said, there's no question that he is highly skilled. But we have all seen high skilled players bounce around the league because they couldn't put it all together in time. I do hope that doesn't happen to Goldobin. It is interesting to see Goldobin get time with Horvat and Virtanen though. Both of Horvat and Virtanen are much more physical than Goldobin, so perhaps they're good compliments for him. The problem is you have to think that Baertschi will slot into that LW position when he's back. That leaves Goldobin to outplay Leivo or Boeser (not happening) on Petterson's wing, or for Jake to get pushed back into a bottom 6 role (which I think would be unfair to him as he has played quite well this season). Goldobin could outplay Leivo but I have to say that Leivo adds an element to Pettersson's line that was missing (both in terms of playing style and size - even though he's not "big") so unless Goldobin can step up his compete, Leivo might be a better fit in the immediate term.
  11. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] Nashville Predators at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 06, 2018

    Fair enough. It will be interesting to see what happens when Baertschi gets back. I could definitely see Goldobin finding himself out of a top-6 role if he can't secure that spot before those guys get back, and I'm not sure he'll be able to play his way back up. If the Canucks need to make a move, then I'd imagine that Goldobin has played well enough to warrant a look from another team that is willing to test out his potential.
  12. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] Nashville Predators at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 06, 2018

    I did not say Goldobin's a top-6 player right now. He has a skillset for a top-6 role and is being developed for it but he still has a lot of rough edges with primary ones being consistency and compete level. If Goldobin can't put that together, then I agree, he's not a top-6 player and would deservedly be handled accordingly by management.
  13. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] Nashville Predators at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 06, 2018

    Exactly. Goldobin is a top-6 player in the making and he's getting opportunities to showcase that he can play at that level on a consistent basis. With most high skilled offensive players, I think it's inevitable that there will be a few plays that lead to turnovers. If I'm not mistaken, Pettersson has a whole lot of turnovers himself. The reason why Pettersson's not called out on it so much however is he does what Goldobin is still learning to do on a consistent basis - he seems to choose to make the risky plays at better times, he busts his butt to play D and he is usually in a good position to help his linemates when he doesn't have the puck. I don't think Green is unreasonable in trying to show Goldobin how to play a better 200 foot game so that he's a player who, even if he's not producing, is still not hurting the team. Goldobin has made big steps this season which is encouraging and it'll be good to see where he can get to by the end of the year.
  14. EternalCanuckFan

    [Speculation] Blackhawks interested in Sam Gagner

    My guess is Gagner will net a mid to late round pick or a B-level prospect if he is in fact traded. My guess is the Canucks would retain some salary if they made a deal with the Blackhawks. Would be surprised and ecstatic if the Canucks could pry Sikura or Raddysh from the Blackhawks for Gagner. Can't see it happening but I suppose one can dream.
  15. EternalCanuckFan

    Josh Leivo | #17 | LW

    Now that it's been mentioned, Leivo's play does have a bit of Higgins to it. Bodes well for him if he can stay healthy. He looked good last night and, IMO, was a better skater than I expected.