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  1. Jake didn't break any laws but still, with the team preparing to get back to play, everyone on the team is going to have to be able to trust one another to minimize risk of exposure to COVID. It's totally fair for teammates to be concerned.
  2. Canucks prospects in Utica probably won't be as sheltered next season with Boucher gone and if the Canucks deal Baertschi (I can't see him agreeing to play another year in the AHL). It will be interesting to see since MacEwen seems like he will get a shot full-time with the Canucks next year which leaves Lind, Gadjovich, Michaelis, Jasek, Lockwood and Hoglander as the main guys under contract right now. I could see the Canucks bringing back Bailey, Perron and/or Graovac (though Graovac is a UFA), but it looks like next year could be a year that prospects will be expected to step into larger roles. Since Michaelis, Lockwood and Hoglander will all be rookies, I assume they will try to shelter them a bit, so it will really be up to Lind, Gadjovich, and Jasek to step up big.
  3. Per what Deb said, I don't think we can fault Anson for feeling like race was a factor. Maybe there were certain things said or insinuated which Anson isn't disclosing. I'm a person of color myself and I think it's fair to say that it's hard not to extract race as a feeling like a factor from various types of experiences. I didn't listen to the interview but I suppose there may also be a difference between him saying that race "100% was a factor" and with it being "100% was the factor" in contract negotiations. The latter is a much stronger statement and the former is much harder to prove or disprove. Race could very well have been a factor, even subconsciously, but one of many. If the main evidence of race being a factor is that the Canucks decided to focus on the Sedins and were only willing to give Anson a modest salary increase, then it certainly is hard to say that it was a material factor in the decision even if it was one factor. Throughout the Sedins' career, it was hard to find a partner for them largely because one they had found their game, they seemed to make just about anyone a better player. Anson was one of the first to have sustained success over a season but he had also come off two pretty bad ones. It's not like the Canucks' decision not to offer Anson more didn't hurt them to some degree. They had a revolving door of wingers for the Sedins for another 2-3 seasons before the Burrows experiment happened and exploded. I think fans have always wonder whether if they had kept Anson, then the Sedins and the team could have enjoyed more success, and earlier.
  4. I'm not sure about 70- to 80-points for Madden but he's shown that he is a smart, skilled and productive player at the College level so there's certainly a lot of promise for him. I can see Madden being a good, versatile top-6 player. If Madden ends up playing wing, then who knows, he may get a chance to play with Vilardi who is a big center and had been playing well before the suspension of play. He could also play with Kopitar who is also a big center. The Kings have a lot of promise in their pipeline and should be a bit better in the next couple seasons. Kopitar and Doughty are still very good players who can help shelter their young talent. It's mostly Jonathan Quick, Jeff Carter and Dustin Brown who are really fading.
  5. It makes sense to me that there will only be 1 unless there is a huge drop in the cap. Eriksson makes the most sense. If there are two CBs available, then I agree that Sutter makes sense as the second one. My reasoning would be the emergence of Gaudette and MacEwen as NHL regulars. I'm not picking Sutter for any reason other than the cap space savings that buying him out would have. When healthy, Sutter's still a good NHL player and is very versatile. He's a good backup option if Beagle gets injured and looks like a respected veteran in the locker room. Still, if it's between keeping Sutter or being able to re-sign Toffoli, then I think it makes sense to free up space to sign Toffoli and let the younger players start filling in roles previously taken by players like Sutter.
  6. I wouldn't be against this but he would be in touch to find a spot on this roster, at least not before one or more of Eriksson, Roussel, Sutter and Motte remain with the Canucks. Of those, Motte is the only FA this summer. On top of that, the Canucks would be willing to continue stashing Baertschi with the Comets. If Brome is OK with starting with the Comets, then I think there's a higher probability of this working out but I can see him preferring to go to Detroit where he will have a much higher chance of starting in the NHL. Still, if he starts in the NHL and transitions poorly on a not very good Detroit team, then that might hurt his stock. If I was the Canucks and really wanted to sign Brome, then I would approach the negotiation with emphasizing resources to facilitate the transition of his game to North American ice and rules.
  7. I think there might be some discussion with Utica about keeping them strong for their own playoff push. It sucks for Rafferty that he doesn't get called up but maybe they seem it more advantageous to keep him with Utica.
  8. I can see the Canucks signing a college defender and then burning a year of the ELC. The Comets D group could look quite different next year so they need to be replenished and there might be opportunities for some of these college guys.
  9. I guess Detroit is most likely only getting a 4th then... sucks for Green and for the Oilers. A reminder about not paying too much at the deadline. Didn't Zucarello get acquired by the Stars and go on a tear for a couple games before having a season ending injury? As a Canucks fan I'm obviously not upset but that's just a rough way for things to go.
  10. Assuming there's no long term concern with Markstrom's knee and management believes enough in Dipietro, then I can see Demko being dealt this summer particularly if the return would be strong. There are a few teams that could use a solid goalie. If there is longer term concern about Markstrom's knee and/or if there is doubt about Dipietro, then I can see the Canucks bringing back Markstrom and Demko again. There's no need to rush Dipietro. This off season will be intriguing.
  11. At this point it would just be nice for the Canucks to make it into the playoffs after making so many improvements this year. I think Demko will be able to provide good goaltending down the stretch. Domingue is also capable of stretches of strong play. IIRC, he had a couple good runs with the Coyotes when he first made the jump.
  12. I think more credit is due to Pierre Dorion for salvaging something despite having a lot of chips stacked against him. They're still a terrible team but Dorion has been able to acquire a respectable pool of assets. 3 first round picks and 4 second round picks make me think that the Senators could look at making a big trade or two instead of drafting all those players. That could accelerate their return to being a decent hockey team. The Senators are actually not that terrible if you look at some of the core pieces that they have. Tkachuk and Chabot are great skaters to start with and, in net, they can run with Nilsson for a little longer as a serviceable 1B while seeing if Hogberg can make the jump. Their goalies have been playing behind such a poor team that it's difficult to criticize them too much. Duclair may get shipped out for assets or he may get re-signed. Now I'm not saying Dorion should get GM of the year or anything but I do think he's made the most of a pretty terrible situation.
  13. I assume since Domingue passed waivers recently that he will automatically be assigned to the Comets.
  14. This is a great trade for Tampa assuming the cost wasn't super high. Goodrow is a tough player to play against and he can contribute offensively as well.