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  1. Compher plays C and both wings (maybe just RW, but I'm pretty sure both wings) and put up 32 points in 66 games. That's close to a 40-point pace if he played a full season and it was a good improvement on the previous year. $3.5M for 4-years seems a bit much but he's a decent, versatile player which, IMHO, makes the deal reasonable. It's probably not a steal unless Compher starts putting 45+ point seasons, but for the Av's, at least that seems like a possibility.
  2. Based on the cap situations for both teams, this makes no sense unless there's a third involved and the names being mentioned are just who is in play. It otherwise seems like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  3. I have generally found Biech to be reasonably balanced in his assessments and he usually outlines his reasons pretty well. Not sure if this is a Jim Benning move but if it is, then good on him. It can't hurt to add new blood and insights. As others have said, it's also good to have an environment where staff can express contrary perspectives as long as everyone believes they are working toward a common goal. It's been quite the year for Biech. I'll miss his prospect updates. Hopefully whoever fills his shoes at Canucks Army will be able to keep up the good work.
  4. I'm a bit surprised that MDZ found a contract before Hutton. Not saying that MDZ is better than Hutton. I suppose MDZ does have his early success to get the attention of teams, but he has moved quickly into depth D territory and aside from playing with the Blues, hasn't been particularly notable. Hutton is 3-years younger and one would think could still figure into a team's 5/6 role by now. Since Hutton's a UFA, it makes me think that teams just do not want to pay what his camp might be asking for. It doesn't help Hutton's case that many teams are tight against the cap this summer. Anyhow, good for MDZ. It was always an adventure seeing MDZ play D for the Canucks but he seemed like a good teammate and he was always in good spirits even when he wasn't getting PT.
  5. Thinking about Ferland's acquisition a bit more, it reminds me a bit of the acquisition of Raffi Torres in 2010. Now Ferland doesn't have nearly the same rep as Torres and, IMHO, is a much better player. The comparison though is that Ferland brings the Canucks a similar physical element that Torres brought when he joined the 2010-2011 team. Now I might be wrong, but I felt that Torres' addition changed the way the Canucks played and the way opposition teams played them. Ferland may have a similar effect particularly if he can keep his style of play, stay healthy and avoid suspensions. The Canucks will be even better served if Ferland's play inspires Virtanen. Overall I like the addition and it's helping to bring excitement to the upcoming season. The main wildcard right now is what the Canucks will do with the glut of forwards they have so that will be an interesting story line to follow over the summer.
  6. I agree with Winnipeg. They're looking shaky heading into next season. They'll still be a tough team but losing Trouba, Myers and Chiarot does a number to their D depth and there are real question marks about Laine's and Connor's contracts. Dallas is so inconsistent that it's hard to say. Bishop had a really good season so we'll have to see if he can have another solid campaign. They made a few good additions to balance the team and Heiskanen could be better next season. St. Louis obviously just won the cup so maybe they'll be good again next season but it's hard to say. Their success coincided with Binnington's crazy run. Now, Binnington kept that going for long enough that it probably wasn't a fluke, but can he do that for a whole season? They haven't really made many improvements this off season and while their players who had a down year should bounce back this season, that's not a guarantee. They snuck into the playoffs and then ran the table but I think there's a chance they might miss this year. Calgary is still a dangerous team but I'm not sold on Talbot and I'm not sold on Giordano having another Norris caliber season. If they actually lose Brodie then depending on the return, their D depth will be taking a big hit. Hanifin had a decent first year for them but is he going to improve enough to off set a possible decline from Giordano?
  7. While there's a strong possibility that the Canucks roster will still see some changes over the summer, if the Canucks add Ferland, then I have to say that I'm quite intrigued about the 2019-2020 season. Chemistry is obviously still to be determined but next year's roster should be better equipped to play a fast and physical style which should be exciting. Combine that with getting the first full season of Quinn Hughes, hopeful growth of Petterson, Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen and Gaudette, and the likely NHL debut of Juolevi, there are a good number of story lines to watch unfold next season.
  8. While I agree that NYR is in probable cap trouble, Hayes is with the Flyers now so his $7M+ contract is Philly's problem. NYR should be able to weather the storm soon but they have to make some moves to clear cap. Their prospects played pretty well last year so assuming they take a step forward, the depth may not be that bad. They are certainly banking a lot on their stars and their prospects though. My guess is NYR will buyout Shattenkirk to clear some cap space and then trade Kreider at some point this season. There will probably be other moves.
  9. While I would love to see MacEwen get a shot in the NHL, I would rather see the Canucks have Ferland in the line-up. Ferland has two 40-point seasons under his belt and worked his way up the line-up with the Flames. Given the injury history of the Canucks, MacEwen has the opportunity to do that as well. If the rumors are true that Ferland's contract may be for less than $4M, then provided there's no ridiculous trade or movement protection, that could be great value in a trade. If MacEwen ultimately pushes his way into the line-up, then that could work out well for the Canucks.
  10. While it's possible that the Canucks will deal Sutter this summer, I have a feeling he'll start the season with the team so I would exchange Gaudette with Sutter. Not as complimentary a skill set as Gaudette would be with Baertschi and Virtanen, but still not a bad line-up. I'm also now expecting Ferland to possible ride shotgun with Pettersson and Boeser with Miller moving to RW with Horvat and Pearson. Miller and Ferland may rotate between the two lines. Leivo can move up and down the line-up on either wing. While it sucks for Leivo to be pushed down the depth chart, I don't think this will be like the Leafs where he couldn't even get PT.
  11. My guess is Ferland will come in slightly less than Johansson money. Ferland has been proven to be a decent complimentary player but he has been a bit less productive than Johansson. If I understand correctly, even if the Canucks are over the cap before the start of the season, since Roussel is expected to be in LTIR until December, they should have no trouble fitting Ferland under the cap to start the season. They'll probably have to paper down Pettersson and Boeser to clear cap space to start the season in addition to sending down Eriksson and Schaller to gain even the little bit of cap relief that would provide. CapFriendly has Gaudette, Sautner and Brisebois on the Canucks roster and they presumably will also be demoted. That alone would save the Canucks a lot of cap space to allow them to rejig their roster after the season has started. The addition of Ferland presumably spells the end of Goldobin. He was already hard pressed to find a role with the team but with the addition of Ferland, I really can't see how Goldobin will have a roster spot. He's skilled but he doesn't seem to have the type of game that the Canucks want to have on their roster. The Canucks could obviously still find a way to clear cap space before the end of the summer. Perhaps the Canucks may have a trade to announce in the next few weeks simply based on the glut of forwards that we have. They could wait until Roussel is closer to being healthy but if the rumors are true that the Canucks are looking to acquire Lucic for Roussel (another forward swap...), then maybe there are other contracts being exchanged as well. I would think there would have to be a 3rd team involved to provide the Oilers and the Canucks with cap relief though. Pure speculation on my part...
  12. Yeah, that's exactly the first thought that came to my mind. Jokiharju had promise so dealing him now definitely suggests the Blackhawks feel that Boqvist will be ready soon. Also surprised the Sabres have given up on Nylander already but I guess they're pretty set up front. Will be interesting to see what they do with their glut of RHD. While Jokiharju is presumably NHL ready, he is still waiver exempt so I suppose it's possible the Sabres might not feel much pressure to make a trade for awhile.
  13. It sounds like the Sharks wanted Perron partly because he played with Meier in '15-'16 with the Huskies. As for the Sharks moving on from Perron, perhaps moving him may have involved factoring in his waiver eligibility this season, contract management and making space for younger players in their system. Tom Pyatt is still a decent AHL player and may be a good veteran for the Sharks to have around. Maybe those things plus moving up a bit in the draft made Perron expendable. There was an article (might be the PITB article) mentioning that Perron has known for awhile that he needs to add weight and strength to compete in the pro's but that has been a struggle. Couple that with less than ideal usage in Perron's first couple years of pro and you can see why he's still a longshot for the NHL. Still, Perron had a decent AHL season last year and should help the Comets while also being a reasonable depth player for the Canucks (if he makes it past waivers).
  14. If I remember correctly, Nichushkin was a legitimately exciting prospect when he was drafted with the main problem being inconsistency in engagement in games. When Nichushkin was really engaged, then he was a force. When he wasn't, then he wasn't really as much of a factor. It was a knock on Nichushkin then and, unfortunately, he wasn't able to shake it. From what I can tell, the scouting for Podkolzin pretty consistently describes him as never turning off his motor who, as a result, makes a difference in many facets of the game. I think the main question for Podkolzin is how high his ceiling is - will he be a big offensive contributor or will he be a great two-way energy winger with some offensive upside. It doesn't seem like there's much doubt that Podkolzin will be a player when he decides to make the jump based on his current trajectory. It's a reminder of how quickly things can change after draft day. To get on the radar of teams, all these guys have had to show that they possess the physical skills and at least some of the mental attributes needed to succeed, but not everyone can continue that. Podkolzin could obviously take steps backward in the next few years but that's the mystery of the draft. Any number of things can impact a player - family responsibilities, injuries, mental health, etc. It's too bad for Nichushkin that his career has floundered to the point that he's not really a viable NHL player. We can all hope that Podkolzin is better able to transition into pro-life and eventually to the NHL.
  15. Agreed. They're both solid complimentary players who can contribute in the top-6 but that's about as far as I would say they are alike. I don't dislike Johansson but Miller has shown that he can play the body as well as contribute on the score sheet. If the rumors are true that GMJB accepted the initial ask for Miller then that's a bit concerning but, at the same time, maybe that happened because the asking price for like players has been even higher and that seemed like a fair price. Even then, doesn't mean that the Canucks should have waited for Johansson to hit UFA before trading for Miller.