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  1. I don't see why the Leafs would deal Barrie without something significant in return. Rielly is probably out for the remainder of the season and they have been hit hard with injuries all through their line-up. I like Stecher but I can't imagine they would expect him to replace Barrie. Their D is thin enough even if everyone was healthy. I'm not saying I would do this but Gaudette's name has been in the wind on Twitter and if that's the case, then maybe it's in relation to a Barrie deal. It's one of the few things I could see getting the attention of the Leafs. If I'm the Canucks though, then that's not something I would be interested in.
  2. ha ha, fair enough. I'm not trying to slag Horvat. My point though is that playing with Pettersson is a unique opportunity. Horvat's a really good player and yes, the captain. Pettersson is the superstar however. It's probably just reading too much into things but at the same time, some players might respond to things like that.
  3. With all due respect to Stecher, I can't see him bringing much value on his own. A mid-round pick perhaps. As others have noted, seems odd for the Canucks to trade a D right now unless they know they have other D coming in. I have difficulty believing they will be deal Stecher and expect Rafferty to replace him. Notwithstanding how well Rafferty has played in the AHL and in the preseason, that's a lot of faith to put in someone who hasn't got into any NHL action since preseason. I would have thought that Stecher would be more of a trade candidate in the summer since he'll still be a RFA. If there is a good deal on the table, then sure, but it seems like odd timing. If the Canucks and NJD are in fact having discussions about Simmonds, then maybe a D might be part of the return with Simmonds. Seems unlikely that Severson could be acquired unless the Canucks pay a big price so maybe a depth D like Carrick? I really hope they're not considering bringing in Subban as part of dealing Eriksson.
  4. Even though it makes sense to play Toffoli with Pearson and Horvat, I wonder if part of the idea of playing Toffoli with Pettersson is to also show Toffoli that he is someone that could be a significant part of the Canucks moving forward, so much so that he gets to play with Pettersson. Pettersson is clearly someone that has garnered a lot of interest around the league and if Toffoli can find a fit with Pettersson and Miller, then it bodes well for Toffoli's future just as much as it does for the Canucks. The great thing about Toffoli is that if he can stay in the fold with the Canucks beyond this season, he's a player that is versatile like Miller and in the same age range. It gives the Canucks three top-6/9 forwards who the drafted young stars can grow alongside with. It's a good situation for Toffoli. If the Canucks can roll out a forward group of Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli/Boeser, Pearson-Horvat-Boeser/Toffoli and Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen next year, then that will be a huge improvement in depth.
  5. At the start of the year, there was all the mystery about what the Canucks would do with the glut of wingers they had under contract. Now they had to acquire a winger and with that cap space, might still be active for another player. Interesting year.
  6. Is Motte close to returning? The Canucks are currently only carrying 12-forwards. Makes sense if Motte is close.
  7. Rough year for Boeser. I was already of the mind that this summer would be intriguing but adding Toffoli makes it even more intriguing. I don't see the Canucks being keen on letting him walk but there are a lot of moving parts. Assuming Roussel and Beagle are the main veterans who will stay and Gaudette is seen as a regular moving forward (hard to argue against it), then one or more of Sutter, Ferland, Eriksson or Baertschi (obviously hasn't been a major factor this year) may be dealt and who knows what happens with Tanev, Stecher and Virtanen.
  8. Good for both clubs. Gives the Jets more depth and at a far lesser $ value than Bogosian. Senators need to continue selling and building around Tkachuk and Chabot. I wonder if the Senators will trade Hainsey, Boroweicki or even Zaitsev. I think they'll hold on to Zaitsev and possibly Hainsey, mostly to still keep some veterans around as they work in Brannstrom to the line-up again and maybe give Jaros and Lajoie another taste of the NHL.
  9. This season? If memory serves, then he usually rolled out with Kempe and/or Carter. I don't recall Toffoli spending much time with Kopitar but I am probably wrong.
  10. Tough to see Madden dealt but no telling if he'll be able to continue his college success in the NHL. If Madden makes it though, then he's going to be a thorn in the Canucks side. Still, Toffoli should make this team much better. He's young-ish veteran player like Pearson and can slot in at basically every forward position, if I'm not mistaken. Looking at this from a different angle, a line of Pearson-Miller-Toffoli would be a solid line and all three are recent acquisitions by the Canucks. All three can also play with the Canucks young top drafted players which, in Miller's and Horvat's cases, we have already seen positives from. It'll be interesting if the Canucks can re-sign Toffoli but I think the odds are pretty good actually. Unfortunately for Ferland, there's a high chance that he may not be able to play in the NHL for a long time and possibly ever. If Ferland is placed on LTIR or if he retires, then the Canucks will have $3.5M in cap space. It's not what anyone would have wanted for Ferland, but it does mean the Canucks have options.
  11. Considering Bogosian is a UFA this summer, this would make total sense. As others have mentioned, the Jets could also pick him up for depth. Their team has played amazingly well despite all the changes in the summer and Byfuglien's unexpected situation but they could definitely use more depth. With Bogosian being a UFA next summer, I can't see any risk for a team outside of $ that could afford his salary and cap hit.
  12. Anything intentional involving the skate being used against someone else is reasonably a serious issue that warrants significant punishment. It's sad to see Kass in the news again for something like this. Sigh.
  13. That's terrible for Weber. He was having a great season.
  14. It doesn't hurt that both Bailey and MacEwen are big guys as well. MacEwen would be more physical but both of them bring good qualities to the roster. I don't see the Canucks clearing roster space for them this season given injury problems but this summer will be very interesting. If the Canucks can make some deals of roster players, then the team might look quite different in October.
  15. Severson should be an upgrade on Stecher but the proposed deal seems rather costly for that upgrade. Severson has a decent cap hit and is other team control for another couple seasons after this one so he would probably be quite expensive, but I don't think Severson alone warrants giving up Virtanen, Stecher and a 2nd. I don't know what could be reasonably added from NJD to make this palatable for the Canucks. I guess you could try to structure a deal with NJD with targeted return of Severson and Simmonds but in that case, Virtanen and Stecher wouldn't work cap wise, there would need to be more parts involved in the deal.