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  1. Hopefully a good change of scenery for Galchenyuk. Good young crop of players in Arizona.
  2. My guess is conversation starts and ends at McAvoy. Why would the Bruins deal us McAvoy? I suppose with Krug, they might feel like they can wait for a top young D to develop but Chara's not getting any younger. Can't see the Canucks wanting anyone else for the 7th though the Bruins do have some good young players.
  3. Can or should Jake be our Tom Wilson?

    I'm not a fan of Wilson but there's no denying that he is effective at what he does for the Caps. Jake could play a similar role effectively for the Canucks but I think all Canucks fans would hope that he would provide a more well rounded and smart game than Wilson. I still think Jake could have a play style like Dustin Brown when he's at his peak though Brown became an effective player at an earlier age (and had a fantastic season in the AHL during the lockout). Jake's still got a long way to go but in the last 20 games of the season or so, he was starting to show signs that he could raise his game significantly which is promising for next year.
  4. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Ryan O Reilly

    Can't see the Canucks having the pieces to acquire ROR without gutting the future. They have a nice stable of prospects now and while ROR's contract may not be too bad now, they're eventually going to have sign the new core so having $7.5M committed to an aging centre may be problematic (not to mention Eriksson's contract). Don't get me wrong, I like ROR. I think he's a great player and could certainly help the Canucks. I just don't see a deal here that doesn't set the Canucks rebuild back unless Buffalo both undervalues ROR and finds one of our vets more valuable than what we expect. Buffalo has $19M in cap space this summer and have Eichel and Ristolainen under contract until at least 2022 (with Dahlin most likely entering the mix next season) so I don't see any cap pressure for them. They also have Mittelstadt, A. Nylander and a bunch of prospects who could likely make an impact soon. They could use upgrades at D and G but unless they love Tanev or another one of the Canucks experienced D, I don't see a fit. Not to mention that they presumably want to surround their own young guys with solid vets just as much as the Canucks do. Maybe Buffalo will want to deal ROR when Mittelstadt has also solidified his status in the NHL, but not before. One guy I could see being available for less from the Sabres is Girgensons. Former 1st rounder (14th overall) in 2012. Not saying the Canucks should go after him though as I don't see him as an upgrade anywhere.
  5. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    While it doesn't seem like it would happen, it would be amazing if the Canucks could acquire Hanifin with the 7th, obtain the 8th from Chicago for a package including Seabrook, and then draft Hughes, Wahlstrom or Dobson. That could allow them to still look at dealing Tanev. Not saying it will happen but that would be a nice haul though we would have Seabrook's anchor contract on the books.
  6. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    Could be Hughes on RD.
  7. [Discussion] UFA targets for July 1

    Hansen may be available for less but I think that would be fair compensation. Hansen could still be a good bottom six winger with Sutter. I would add Riley Nash to the mix as well. My guess is that Boston will be keen on re-signing that Nash (rather than a Nash of the the Rick variety) but he seems like he would be a good veteran pivot for the Canucks who could play up and down the lineup as needed.
  8. I'm not entirely against Roussel but I don't see him as a true deterrent. The guy has some skill and is a major pest. Sure he might jump a guy on the other team if liberties are taken on our skilled players, but his agitating style of play is not necessarily a deterrent and may even instigate liberties to be taken against our skilled guys. To be honest, I would prefer to have physical forwards who can skate but who aren't quite as agitating. It's good to have a bit of an edge throughout the line up (perhaps something Leipsic can do more of next season), but I think the team needs less distraction and more straight ahead physicality. Not that any of these guys are going to change the team's fortunes around single handedly, but I could see management trying to sign players like Jordan Nolan, Jared Boll, Matt Hendricks, etc. to provide some veteran depth and physicality to the lineup. Archibald played well during his stint last season but I think he has to be more of a physical deterrent to stick.
  9. Sutter is a solid player. I think part of the problem with his perception is that he was played in an offensive role earlier in his time with the Canucks and that's a role that he's not well suited for. It's not to say that Sutter is not an offensive threat - he clearly has a good shot and his speed creates chances. The problem is that Sutter's a great teammate on defense but a sub par playmaker for his linemates. Others have pointed out this and the fact that his salary seems a bit high. I have no problem with Sutter though. I like Sutter's game when he's played in the right role (which Green did last season). If Sutter is a decent trade chip later on in this tenure, then that will be good for the Canucks. For now, it's not unreasonable that he is a foundational piece who can help shelter younger players from some of the harder minutes.
  10. Perhaps Persson makes it as a PP specialist. Not sure how the SHL and its feeder leagues work but it's interesting that this was Persson's first season in the SHL and he is already 24-years old.
  11. I think there are a fair number of players (besides Aho) that, if available, would be worth acquiring. After Victor Rask's step back last season, I wonder if the Canes would be willing to part with him for less. If the Canucks were interested in Backlund from Calgary, then maybe they might have interest in Rask. Elias Lindholm would also be a good pick up but the price would likely be higher. Hanifin or Slavvin would be amazing pick ups, though I would be inclined to go with Slavvin between the two. On a stronger team, I think Slavvin could be a very reliable top-3 or 4 D. The price for either would likely be very, very high though.
  12. That would be phenomenal, depending on who else is on the board at that point (e.g. Hughes). It would still also be possible to convert Tanev for another 1st.
  13. Trading Hamilton makes no sense for the Flames (IMO). Giordano is not getting any younger and while Kylington is a solid prospect, I think Hamilton helps to stabilize their D as they bring in their younger guys. Although I like Hamonic, he plays a completely different game from Hamilton. I'm curious why the Flames would be so willing to deal Hamilton and/or Bennett. Hamilton was already dealt by the Bruins after a solid season as a young RHD and he's had productive seasons in Calgary. Kind of strange that he'd be on the outs when one might expect him to otherwise be part of their incoming leadership group. Dealing Bennett makes some sense for the Flames but I'm not a team would deal an early 1st rounder for him.
  14. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 3 games

    Not sure I agree with the suspension though it makes sense with the league's mandate to crackdown on hits to the head. The problem for me here is two fold: Tom Wilson could have maybe changed his angle for a less dangerous hit. At the same time, it looks to me that Aston-Reese saw the hit coming and braced for it but, at the same time, kept his body in a low position which didn't really give Wilson much chance to avoid hitting his head. Sigh.
  15. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    I can see Archibald getting term with a reasonable raise but with the understanding that he still has to fight for a roster spot and could be waived to Utica. Unless Archibald gets a great alternative offer (which is possible), that would be fair for both the Canucks and for Archibald since he would get a chance with the Canucks or with another NHL team before being sent to Utica. Archibald played well down the stretch and fills a 4th line roll reasonably well except for being a deterrent against other teams taking liberties on the Canucks' skilled players (which the Canucks are lacking).