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  1. EternalCanuckFan

    [Trade] MDZ to Ducks for Schenn & 7th round pick

    I'm not suggesting it as being true. The suggestion is based on them both being defensive RHD. Guddy is a better skater even if he's slow by today's standards. Neither are great with the puck but Guddy is probably still better at that as well. If there was a trade market for Guddy, then there could be a vacancy for his style of play for the remainder of the season. Is this highly unlikely? Probably, but just spitballing.
  2. EternalCanuckFan

    [Report] Canucks recall Tanner Kero

    Right, my mistake. He's exempt for 10-games or 30-days.
  3. EternalCanuckFan

    [Report] Canucks recall Tanner Kero

    If I'm not mistaken and if Horvat is healthy for Friday, all the Canucks need to do to meet the 23-man limit is to designate Kero for waivers and assignment to the Comets the next day. This is a good precautionary measure if Horvat is banged up, gives the Canucks options since Utica to Vancouver is a long way to go, and perhaps shows Kero that his good play is valued and appreciated. Hoping that Horvat is not hurt.
  4. EternalCanuckFan

    [Trade] MDZ to Ducks for Schenn & 7th round pick

    This is a decent enough trade considering that MDZ hasn't been playing all that well. MDZ's still relatively young but he's at the point where he's unlikely to play better than how he has in the past. He had a really hot start to his career so it's possible that he can find some of that magic again but unlikely based on the past few seasons. 2020 7th rd pick isn't great but it's also not nothing. Schenn is not a bad depth D to have and given all of the reports about Guddy's poor analytics, I'm curious about whether the Canucks see him as a possible Guddy replacement if there is in fact a trade market for Guddy. Hope MDZ can find his way back into the line-up in Anaheim.
  5. EternalCanuckFan

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Wouldn't be opposed to adding Ferland but, as usual, the issue is the cost. Ferland has had a pretty good season and is showing that he is an effective compliment to skilled players. He could be well suited to play LW with Petey and Boeser. My guess is the cost will be high though, and I'm not sure the Canucks would be much better off if they have to pay a high price to acquire him.
  6. EternalCanuckFan

    Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Aside from the comments from Palmu, this is one of the reasons I think the Canucks prospects are in good hands in Utica. The Canucks seem to be willing to address players as they are and to give them time to work on their weaknesses. It's of course distressing when players aren't dressed or aren't getting much playing time, but it doesn't seem unfair to give young guys time to work on weak parts of their game while gaining some (if limited) exposure to the pro game. It does sound better than throwing guys to the wolves and hoping that they figure it out themselves.
  7. EternalCanuckFan

    [RUMOUR] Canucks calling on Burakovsky [WSH]

    Wild card with Edler is always the likeliness of him waiving his NTC. Feels like there's a good chance he doesn't (which he's perfectly entitled to). Sutter idea is interesting and based on how keen management and coaching seem to be about keeping Gaudette in the NHL, there might be legs to that. Sutter's a relatively big contract for them to absorb though, primarily since it runs for a few more season. They don't really have any large contracts expiring except for Burakovsky and they will need to re-sign Vrana this summer and then Backstrom at the end of next season. Could be hard for them to fit Sutter, though he could also be exposed to Seattle if they determine he's not a core part of the team by the time the expansion draft rolls around. If they win another cup with him in the next 2-years, then they might feel it's worth it.
  8. EternalCanuckFan

    [Discussion] Winnipeg as a Trading Partner

    Just to revive this thread, I had another thought that the Canucks could pursue this summer. Depending on how things go for the Jets in this year's playoffs (I think they have a real shot at a long run and possibly a cup), with all of the contracts that they have to deal with next summer (Laine, Connor and Trouba are all RFAs - that's easily $20M+ in salary right there), I'm wondering if they might be willing to deal Byfuglien and his $7.5M salary for 2 more seasons after this one. That would allow the Jets to re-sign Trouba and make him one of their top #2 D (I'm assuming Morrissey will get there by the end of the season). The obvious benefit to the Jets is that they clear $7.5M in cap space to help re-sign the above players. For the Canucks, they'll get a big, nasty, veteran RHD who is still productive. Byfuglien could, of course, stop being productive pretty quickly but I think the downside is fairly low since it's a commitment of two (2) seasons rather than something longer term. He would also be under contract for the Seattle expansion which could allow the Canucks to expose him for the expansion draft. The biggest questions are what the Canucks would have to give up to acquire him and whether Byfuglien would waive his NTC for the Canucks (if needed). I don't think the Jets would just give Byfuglien away but the cost could be considerably lower especially if it means that they can keep Trouba (unless anyone has intel that Trouba definitely wants out). I have no idea if Byfuglien would be a good teammate but he seems to be well liked in Winnipeg and has been a good player for them. I'm wondering if, at this later stage in Byfuglien's career and with the cap benefit of trading him, they could be interested in exchanging Byfuglien for someone like Hutton or Gudbranson. Chiarot (a LHD) is a UFA next summer so adding Hutton might help to shore up their left side. Hutton is showing that he can play with physicality and, with his skating ability, would fit into their D core. Although Hutton's a RFA next year, his cap hit next season should also still be considerably lower than Byfuglien's. Alternatively, adding Gudbranson would keep the Jets D big and nasty and they know for sure that they would have $3.5M in savings in cap space. The more I think about this, the more I can see this being a win-win for the Jets and Canucks. IMO, Byfuglien would be an excellent D partner for Hughes and provide much needed deterrence. If the Canucks could acquire Byfuglien for a package including Hutton, that would make the Canucks a much bigger and nastier team on the blue line, especially if they also re-sign Edler for a lesser contract (though his production this year may cause him to see a commensurate salary this summer). If this were to work out, then the Canucks might roll out a D core like: Hughes-Byfuglien Edler-Tanev Juolevi-Gudbranson Pouliot, Stecher (not saying Stecher deserves to not be in the line-up, but if the Canucks don't move Tanev, based on history, coaching would presumably prefer this group in the top-6) I know most of us want the Canucks to get value for Edler and Tanev but I do appreciate that management and coaching are also trying to build a winning and responsible culture for the young players. I still think one of them could well be dealt in the next year. The Canucks are still very shallow in the pipeline for D and with Juolevi's health in question, having Byfuglien might be a good short term solution where the team can ice a competitive line up, develop the best D prospect that they have, and let others mature (e.g. Woo, Eliot, Chatfield, possibly Brassard). Of course, one might argue that dealing a young D like Hutton for an older player is counter intuitive, but IMHO, it makes sense if Hutton doesn't figure into the long term plans for the Canucks' future. I like Hutton but it doesn't seem like he'll be a game breaking player for the team even if he should be a good depth D in his career. Cap wise, adding Byfuglien might not actually be that painful even if the Canucks keep Edler at a cap close to what he's making now. The main RFAs they have to sign while Byfuglien would still be under contract are Boeser, Virtanen, likelyGaudette and possibly Goldobin (I'm assuming Goldobin continues to be seen as an important part of the future of this team). Sutter's and Baertschi's contracts should be quite tradeable, if need be and if the Canucks have the luxury of acquiring assets for them. To some extent, Granlund and Leivo are important too but I don't think they'll command much in salary unless both of them play lights out to close out this season. Stecher could be important but it remains to be seen where his production gets to. Byfuglien's contract should expire by the time the cap will be a more of a concern (it's Eriksson's that goes a season longer together with Beagle and Roussel).
  9. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 20, 2018

    Roster decisions will definitely be intriguing with Sutter and Baertschi possibly returning soon. I agree with previous posters that, to me, Schaller is the odd man out based on play and could/should find himself on waivers for assignment to Utica. Schaller hasn't been bad but he hasn't been good either and it's hard to say that he has either outplayed a guy like Motte or brings more to the team (even from a potential sense) than Goldobin. If I were the Canucks, I would have a hard time waiving Goldobin even if he may need to work his way back up in the line-up as the team gets healthy. To me, the Canucks' choices are in the following order: waive and assign Schaller, demote Gaudette, waive and assign Biega (if Stecher is still out, the team could recall a guy like McEneny even if he's not a righty or Chatfield if he's healthy), make a trade. If the Canucks make some trades, that could render the waiving of people moot. Gagner is still collecting his NHL salary while playing with the Marlies so I assume something will be done there (though it obviously wouldn't help for the roster size situation). Edler and/or Tanev may be moved too though I personally think only one of the two would be moved during the season as it would decimate the D too much and, even if they don't end up making the playoffs, management has shown that they prefer to keep a competitive team on the ice (which I'm not necessarily against if the team isn't already a total dumpster fire). Whatever the case is, it's really nice to see some of the Canucks' young players start to find their groove. Virtanen is starting to show why he was a highly touted pick even if he may not be a big time scorer in the NHL. Bo just continues to grow and exceed expectations. Pettersson is good even when he's less noticeable. Brock is showing that his rookie season was no fluke and that his injury to close out last year is unlikely to be an issue. Hutton is showing that he belongs in the NHL. Markstrom's not a "young player" but it's also nice to see that coaching and Markstrom may have finally found a good rhythm for his success as a starting NHL goalie. It's been an encouraging year to be a Canucks fan and here's to the team continuing to put the pieces together for a cup winning team!
  10. EternalCanuckFan

    Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    Great to hear that Baer's doing well and on the road to return.
  11. EternalCanuckFan

    Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    I think one of the things that makes Goldy frustrating to watch is he is clearly a very skilled player but it looks like he might get to be a low-to-average middle 6 winger who has limited ability to contribute as a defense first player. I'm not saying that's his ceiling, just where he seems to be headed based on his use with this team. Goldy's production this year is decent and could help him keep a job in the league, but I guess he's one of those guys that keeps you wanting more since you can see him being capable of it. My own feeling is that the Canucks shouldn't give up on Goldy. Another Sharks' pick, Tomas Hertl (born 1993), is only now starting to hit his stride after several years of promise and displays of skill. Goldy could still get there and he's 2-years younger. Having said that, I could see Goldy as a piece that the Canucks may dangle to acquire assets and/or clear contracts. I'm not entirely against that, depending on the return of course, but I would rather see how Goldy develops over the next year or two with the Canucks.
  12. EternalCanuckFan

    [Unconditional Waivers] Patrik Berglund, Radel Fazleev

    Berglund has generally seemed to be a good team guy so it's surprising to see things sour so much for him. I could see teams still having interest in signing Berglund but there's probably going to be a lot of discussion about what happened and my guess is that he'll have to come at a discount. Not convinced the Canucks should inquire unless they're already intending to move out a few existing pieces in the bottom-6 and want to add size.
  13. Hopefully Juolevi doesn't turn into the next Sami Salo (from a health perspective). Hope he has a speedy and complete recovery! Even with Hughes in tow, I suspect the Canucks are going to be extra hungry to acquire another blue chip defensive prospect or an establish young D.
  14. I'm pretty sure that was the expectation when the Canucks signed Schaller, with his higher price tag of $1.9M being attributable to him having been a pretty productive 4th line player with the Bruins. It's disappointing that Schaller hasn't been able to find that same kind of success here but it's a bit more disappointing that he generally doesn't seem to be providing much of a physical presence either. Still, Schaller's not really a "problem" for the Canucks and provides good depth (as per your comment). What I would like to see is the Canucks give Gaunce another shot. That's probably the one area I can agree that Schaller's presence on the roster is a bit odd even if Schaller may be a better skater than Gaunce. I would have preferred to see Gaunce provided with the chance to contribute where Schaller has been but I'm also inclined to assume that management and coaching knows what they're doing.
  15. EternalCanuckFan

    [RUMOUR] Canucks calling on Burakovsky [WSH]

    I don't think Burakovsky will come cheap so if the Canucks have significant interest, then this could be a major deal for the Canucks which might take a bit of time to complete. Burakovsky is still quite young and even if he hasn't produced at a great clip, I think last year's playoffs show that he can be relied on to step up and could still develop into a reliable scoring forward. His contract is still relatively reasonable except for him being on a cap strapped team. I wonder if the Caps might be interested in Edler? The Penguins have been expressly rumored to have strong interest in Edler, but perhaps the Caps are motivated to acquire him also to avoid having him strengthen the Penguins? This, of course, assumes that Edler has any interest in waiving his NTC. The Penguins are sitting outside of a playoff spot right now but, IMHO, they could easily go on a run and rocket up the standings. The Penguins have been the Caps' nemesis so acquiring someone that the Penguins have a lot of interest in would have a double effect for the Caps. They're in win now mode with Ovechkin still playing well in his early-mid 30s. If Edler were part of the deal, then I could see this being a fairly large trade as a 1-for-1 wouldn't quite be fair (IMO) and due to cap reasons. Perhaps something along the lines of: WSH: Edler (possibly some salary retained), Roster Forward VAN: Burakovsky, Prospect, 2019 1st For the Roster Forward, perhaps Goldobin might make his way to the Caps. Granlund might be of more interest to the Caps though. For the Prospect, it's kind of wide open. Bowey doesn't count as a prospect and I could see the Canucks having interest but I don't think the Caps would be too keen to trade him as he's a serviceable RHD for them even if he's still behind Carlson and Niskanen. Someone else suggested Siegenthaler which could be an interesting acquisition.