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  1. Boeser is showing well this preseason and had a good debut last season but I'm holding back my excitement for now. It's hard not to be excited to see his talent on display so far though. I think my main concern with Boeser is his health and durability over the long term. He's not a small player by any means but things will pick up physically in the regular season and when he begins to be targeted by other teams. Boeser's and Virtanen's performances this preseason have provided some hope for what will hopefully at least be entertaining hockey for the Canucks organization this year. I still think that for waiver and asset reasons, management might send down at least one of them to start the season unless one of the fringe veterans has a terrible preseason (though I'm not including Boucher as a fringe veteran). The expectation would be that they would be called back up for good once space is made for them however.
  2. Aside from the obvious players to follow, it will be good to see MacEwen in action against higher level competition.
  3. I agree that if Boeser significantly outplays Vanek, Gagner or Burmistrov, then it makes sense to keep him. Even if he does, assuming that none of those guys played poorly, it still makes sense to demote him for a time and then find a way to move a guy to make roster space for Boeser.
  4. Makes total sense to be interested in Duchene. Makes little sense to overpay for him. If the price for Duchene is PK+, that's insane. Duchene is good but I would not classify him as a much better player than Taylor Hall. Duchene for Hamonic would have made sense if that deal was on the table. Duchene for Tanev makes little sense for the Avs as I'm sure they want a younger D (unless his name is PK Subban). I don't see a fit but who knows.
  5. Not expecting much from the Calgary pre-season game with that line-up. Will still be good to see how guys like Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi, Goldobin and Rodin perform however. Curious how Cassels is seen by management as he has not seemed to make much progress at all over the past few years. I think Chaput and Megna will be good depth in Utica this year. Utica should be a lot stronger this year.
  6. I'm pretty sure Archibald was Comets property only last season. No call-ups. It was Torts' year that he was called up.
  7. Score is terrible but judging from coach's comments, some encouraging things. For those who have brought up the importance of structure before, I think that's probably a strong reason why the score was so ugly. Not excusing what sounds like poor performances from some people that we were looking forward to watching, but it does put some of the mistakes in context. It's early in the preseason so I'm sure a lot of guys are still figuring out systems. Didn't watch so I can't comment on Juolevi but I for one was not expecting him to make the team this year. No need to rush him in. A little disappointed in Holm but again, was fully expecting him to go to Utica and to learn the NA game plus smaller ice surface there. Good to hear the Boeser and Virtanen showed well though! Both gunning for positions on the team.
  8. Interesting. I have to say, it has been awhile since there was this much actual competition and uncertainty at training camp. Prior to this, it was about getting the young guys in. This year, even signed veterans (e.g. Vanek, Eriksson, Gagner, Del Zotto, etc.) are a bit of a mystery. I'm curious if they want to surround Bo with veterans with a track record for scoring (i.e. Vanek and Eriksson). Very much looking forward to pre-season!
  9. Haven't had the opportunity to watch the games too much but from what I have seen (not in order of priority): Gadjovich has shown that he can play in front of the net in this tournament. I believe he was wreaking havoc in front of the Flames' net on Laplante's first goal yesterday as well. Will be interesting to see how he does in camp. As others have noted since the draft, he's a bit slow, but if he can improve that a bit as well as develop a strong net front game, it will be nice to have that kind of presence to the Canucks in the future. Lind has been impressive. Has good speed, sense and skill. Nice to see him in the fold. In my opinion, Chatfield has done the most to raise his stock both at the Canucks' own development cap and at this tournament. The guy looks like he might have good potential as a depth defenseman. I didn't get to see today's game so I'm not sure how he played but he seems to be a very calm and steady d-man with good mobility. Molino has received a lot of praise but I will wait until main camp to see what he can do as he is a lot older than many of the guys who attended this tournament. I think Irving played well as an invite. I'm thinking he gets a pro contract from the Comets. I felt Boeser and Juolevi were holding back a bit. I can understand not wanting to get hurt in this tournament but it was a little bit disappointing not to see more out of them. Boeser had some good moments but I am hoping to see more out of Juolevi at the main camp. Would have loved to see more of this year's draftees (e.g. Pettersson, Rathbone and Palmu), Dahlen, as well as Gaudette and Lockwood.
  10. If they move Gaunce to center the 4th line, I could see Upshall being a good LW option on the 4th line if he plays well in the pre-season. He has some offensive ability, has good speed, and is responsible defensively. I think it would make the line a better typical 4th line as compared with having Burmistrov with Gaunce. At minimum, it should make the line harder to play against, especially if Dorsett is healthy. There would be an interesting battle between Burmistrov, Rodin or Boucher though I think Burmistrov would stay since he's a center. Combined with the Vanek signing, there would be no room for Virtanen, Boeser or Goldobin either.
  11. Exactly, this could be a good thing. If the NHL club stays healthy, the Comets could have something like: Molino-Megna-Boeser Virtanen-Chaput-Goldobin as their top 6. Not sure about Dahlen as I understand he might go back to Sweden, but that still leaves a decent crop of prospect forwards like MacEwen, Carcone, D'aoust (Comets property, I know) etc. If Boucher and Rodin don't make the club, the Comets could even add them to the mix if they pass through waivers (though I think Rodin would go back to Sweden).
  12. Will likely push down Boeser and other young guys which might not be a bad thing in the long run. I think the reasoning is still the same as it was on July 1: if we can stock Utica with fantastic talent and let them enjoy success in the AHL, it could be amazing for their development. Provided this doesn't cost the Canucks strong prospects due to waviers, I would rather have them do this then have young guys forced into the NHL. This signing should put some of the older "prospects" like Rodin and Boucher on high alert though. The way I see things shaping up, the forward lines will be: Baertschi-Horvat-Vanek (good for them to have a veteran and will stress the line's role in providing offense) Sedin-Sedin-Granlund (it worked decently last season. Granlund fills a similar kind of forechecking role that Burr did, and he can finish) Eriksson-Sutter-Gagner (who knows how this will turn out) The fourth line and extra forward would be filled with 4-5 of: Burmistrov, Gaunce, Dorsett, Rodin, Boucher, Chaput, Megna, possible Boeser or Goldobin if they really force their way onto the team (in which case they would not be kept as an extra forward).
  13. Malone had a good run in the 2000s. I agree that Malone's speed may hold him back in the current pace of the game. Would be surprised to see him get an NHL contract but he could get signed for depth.
  14. Good to see McEneny retained for depth. I didn't watch Comets games so not sure whether he is a legit option for a 7th or 8th D. Could see him being selected over Holm, Pedan and Subban but not sure about Biega or Wiercioch. Unless there are injuries or trades, would expect him to start in Utica.
  15. I'm sure the Canucks would prefer to have him on a two-way contract but I can't imagine that they will fight tooth and nail for a two-way contract. Megna got a one-way deal and produced the same number of points (though in 10 less games). As others have pointed out however, Chaput was good on faceoffs. He's a good depth player. Not sure I would say he's ready for regular duty on the 4th line, but he could certainly fill in.