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  1. Perhaps Persson makes it as a PP specialist. Not sure how the SHL and its feeder leagues work but it's interesting that this was Persson's first season in the SHL and he is already 24-years old.
  2. I think there are a fair number of players (besides Aho) that, if available, would be worth acquiring. After Victor Rask's step back last season, I wonder if the Canes would be willing to part with him for less. If the Canucks were interested in Backlund from Calgary, then maybe they might have interest in Rask. Elias Lindholm would also be a good pick up but the price would likely be higher. Hanifin or Slavvin would be amazing pick ups, though I would be inclined to go with Slavvin between the two. On a stronger team, I think Slavvin could be a very reliable top-3 or 4 D. The price for either would likely be very, very high though.
  3. That would be phenomenal, depending on who else is on the board at that point (e.g. Hughes). It would still also be possible to convert Tanev for another 1st.
  4. Trading Hamilton makes no sense for the Flames (IMO). Giordano is not getting any younger and while Kylington is a solid prospect, I think Hamilton helps to stabilize their D as they bring in their younger guys. Although I like Hamonic, he plays a completely different game from Hamilton. I'm curious why the Flames would be so willing to deal Hamilton and/or Bennett. Hamilton was already dealt by the Bruins after a solid season as a young RHD and he's had productive seasons in Calgary. Kind of strange that he'd be on the outs when one might expect him to otherwise be part of their incoming leadership group. Dealing Bennett makes some sense for the Flames but I'm not a team would deal an early 1st rounder for him.
  5. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 3 games

    Not sure I agree with the suspension though it makes sense with the league's mandate to crackdown on hits to the head. The problem for me here is two fold: Tom Wilson could have maybe changed his angle for a less dangerous hit. At the same time, it looks to me that Aston-Reese saw the hit coming and braced for it but, at the same time, kept his body in a low position which didn't really give Wilson much chance to avoid hitting his head. Sigh.
  6. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    I can see Archibald getting term with a reasonable raise but with the understanding that he still has to fight for a roster spot and could be waived to Utica. Unless Archibald gets a great alternative offer (which is possible), that would be fair for both the Canucks and for Archibald since he would get a chance with the Canucks or with another NHL team before being sent to Utica. Archibald played well down the stretch and fills a 4th line roll reasonably well except for being a deterrent against other teams taking liberties on the Canucks' skilled players (which the Canucks are lacking).
  7. [Signing] Leafs to sign C Par Lindholm

    Is Lindholm 5'11" or 6'2" HockeyDB has him listed at 6'2" and Rick Dhaliwal has a quote from Lars Lindgren stating that Lindholm is a big centre. I presume that Lindholm is actually 6'2" then...? Whether Lindholm plays bigger than his size or is in fact a big, physical and skilled center, can't hurt to sign the guy. It's just odd that there is such conflicting information about his size, ha ha.
  8. [Signing] Leafs to sign C Par Lindholm

    I can't see the harm with signing the guy. At best, he provides the Canucks some depth at the NHL level and he may exceed the play of Gagner. At worst, he presumably can be sent waiver free to Utica. The Comets may be losing a bunch of Canucks players (e.g. Chaput, Megna, etc.) next season, even as they may be gaining prospects (e.g. Pettersson, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich, etc.), which means they'll still need depth and veterans in the AHL. The Comets had too many veterans this year so I'm not sure how adding Lindholm might affect their roster decisions but if he's treated the same way that Holm was, then it might be fine since many of this year's veterans may not be returning.
  9. Brett McKenzie | C

    Thanks for the correction! For some reason I thought strong faceoff ability was in McKenzie's repertoire. As you said, it's not the thing that's going to get him signed but I always thought he was known more for defensive ability (including faceoffs, i.e. possession, which appears to be mistaken) with this year's offensive performance showing that he has a more well-rounded game than he might be getting credit for. I'm assuming he has higher upside than Kellan Lain did in any case...
  10. Brett McKenzie | C

    I think they'll sign McKenzie. If I'm not mistaken, he's fantastic at faceoffs (at the OHL level at least) and he showed that he can step up his game. The ECHL or AHL is the logical next proving ground for him and, as mentioned by others, we just don't have that many centers.
  11. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    Maybe we'll get to see this again, but in a good way.
  12. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Interesting. Leipsic seemed fine in games where there was more flow but it's not surprising that in a tight checking game, he would be far less noticeable. Question is whether Leipsic can still do the things he needs to without the puck to help the team. Never heard Hirsch's comments but it would seem that he doesn't think so.
  13. [Report] Ken Hitchcock to retire

    AV makes sense for where that organization is at. They need to win now.
  14. As unlikely as it is to happen, I would be happy if the Canucks acquired Spezza. By now, Spezza's a shadow of his former self but he should still be able to help shelter the younger guys and would be a good stop gap before the younger guys are ready to take on more responsibility. Even if the Stars bought him out, the Canucks could try to sign Spezza. I'm not sure he would be willing to come to Vancouver though unless he's not picky about going to a non-contending team.
  15. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    If Gaudette makes the team next season, I see ice time breaking down as follows (based on centers): Horvat (16-18 minutes most nights) Sutter (16-18 minutes most nights in a shutdown role) Gagner or Granlund (14-16 minutes most nights in a secondary scoring role, provided that Granlund is re-signed) Gaudette (12-14 minutes most nights in a tertiary scoring role) I'm pretty sure that it's a foregone conclusion that Horvat's line will be the primary offensive threat on the roster next season. Presumably this means that Boeser will play with him. If Baertschi is re-signed and not traded, then he'll probably round out the top offensive line. I see Green rolling Sutter out to shut down other teams' top lines which means that he's going to get top minutes most nights. Although Archibald (if he's re-signed) played admirably with Sutter down the stretch, it's premature to expect him to handle those minutes in an 82 game season. My guess is that everyone's favorite whipping boy Eriksson will ride shotgun with Sutter for most of the season (if everyone stays healthy) and that this will help to shelter the young guys. Unless the Canucks sign a FA center or trade for another one, I presume either Gagner or Granlund will center a secondary scoring line (maybe with Goldobin, Virtanen or whoever is not playing center). For Granlund, this would mean that he's both re-signed and taken away from a shutdown role with Sutter (which he might end up back in next season on the wing). I'm not convinced that Gagner can carry a line at center but the Canucks don't have too many options. Unless Pettersson blows away the competition in training camp, I can't see them putting both Pettersson and Gaudette in the line-up next season. I think this is why there's likely smoke to the rumors about Tyler Bozak being a target this summer as he is a way better faceoff man than either Gagner or Granlund (which frankly makes him a better center IMHO). Problem is with dollars and term for Bozak. A less notable option may be a guy like Derek Ryan who is a UFA from Carolina but he's maybe a 35-40 point guy at best but he's a solid faceoff man and is a veteran pro (kind of like Richardson was). Riley Nash may also be an OK fit but he's less able on the dot. That leaves Gaudette and his line (maybe a combination of Leipsic, Virtanen and/or Gaunce) to play against lesser competition in an offensive role and to build confidence. That would give the Canucks four lines that won't necessarily get steamrolled when everyone's healthy. The challenge for management is going to be bringing in enough depth to deal with the inevitable slew of injuries that the Canucks get every season. They got burned this year with Burmistrov (who I think would have received a lot of opportunity to get the playing time he was looking for with all of the injuries the Canucks suffered had he toughed it out) Gaunce could be the depth forward or be a call up option as I'm not expecting him to get claimed if waived. The fact that Gaunce is a natural center also makes him more valuable as a depth forward. He hasn't lit the world on fire during his tenure with the Canucks but there have been flashes of skill, especially later on in the season, that make it seem like Gaunce might have a bit more to show. Hopefully he has a good summer of training! All in all, I think it's feasible for Gaudette to be on the team next season but I'm not against him spending the year in Utica either (even if it burns another year of his ELC), particularly if it means that Utica really becomes a development team with Pettersson, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich and Gaudette. That would be amazing and would make seeing anyone of them on a call up all the more exciting.