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  1. Good to see McEneny retained for depth. I didn't watch Comets games so not sure whether he is a legit option for a 7th or 8th D. Could see him being selected over Holm, Pedan and Subban but not sure about Biega or Wiercioch. Unless there are injuries or trades, would expect him to start in Utica.
  2. I'm sure the Canucks would prefer to have him on a two-way contract but I can't imagine that they will fight tooth and nail for a two-way contract. Megna got a one-way deal and produced the same number of points (though in 10 less games). As others have pointed out however, Chaput was good on faceoffs. He's a good depth player. Not sure I would say he's ready for regular duty on the 4th line, but he could certainly fill in.
  3. Good that they lock him up for awhile but yikes. McDavid, Draisaitl and Lucic will easily cost them $25M+ for the next 5 years. That's more than 25% of their cap space for those two. It's not terrible as most of their D core (except for Nurse, not sure if I would include Benning) is locked up for at least the next 3 years. The Oilers will probably have to move out RNH this season however. They have quite a few RFAs next year including Nurse and Caggiula. Maroon is a UFA next year too, though perhaps they'll let him go. Don't think there will be too many teams willing to pony up for RNH's contract so he might be affordable. Not saying the Canucks should acquire him though.
  4. Meh. The Canucks are, indeed, a not-very-good team right now. As much as I don't mind the signings, I'm also prepared to describe them as underwhelming (as they should be). The whole point, as I see it, is to buy the Canucks cupboard of prospects time to develop. As much as I would love to see guys like Boeser, Goldobin, Dahlen and Jake in the NHL right now, if getting seasoned in the AHL makes them better NHLers in the future, then I'm totally on board with watching their progress with the Comets and watching a bad but hopefully more entertaining Canucks team for the next couple of seasons. Pettersson needs time and it will probably be best to allow Lind and Gadjovich time to develop also. Ultimately, it's not like there were generational talents available on the FA market who would have made a huge difference (I'm not including RFAs) to the Canucks. The Canucks also didn't need to sign any veterans since the Sedins themselves already provide a strong veteran presence. The last thing I would note is that moving from 29th to 23rd does indeed make no difference in any way except to slightly reduce your chances in the draft lottery. This year's draft lottery outcome may have been an aberration but if NJ, PHI and DAL can end up with the top 3 picks, then there's really not much reason to tank. The Canucks' hope is not in FA signings, it's in their prospect cupboard. Sure, maybe the signings alone can be judged as a "C+" but it's not like any signing was going to change the Canucks into contenders overnight. I'm not sweating TSN's analysis... Now, if the Canucks keep signing misfits to 3 year contracts with NTCs over the next few years and end up losing young players in the process, then I'll be pissed.
  5. Marleau's signing in an of itself isn't bad. He should provide a good veteran presence. That term and dollars value is brutal though. Perhaps they intend to ship out one of their young guys once the ELCs start to run out.
  6. I was a bit leery about the addition of so many guys who will presumably be on the Canucks roster after training camp, particularly when there are some young players competing to get in. A few things make the additions very reasonable, however: 1. The most important to me is that unless CapFriendly is wrong, all of Virtanen, Boeser, Goldobin and Subban are waiver exempt this year. Yes, guys like Biega and Pedan are subject to waivers, but they all need to compete for spots. The fact that Virtanen, Boeser, Goldobin and Subban are waiver exempt is huge. This will allow the Canucks to develop them in the minors where they can hopefully gel and enjoy success. At the same time, they can be called up at any time once injuries inevitably hit the team. I for one think this is a reasonable development plan, and one the Canucks have not been able to employ due to a prior lack of depth. We are all eager to see young guys get into the lineup but I think that was in large part because the depth of the Canucks was terrible and there weren't any exciting kids to call up when needed. 2. As has been pointed out, if these signings work out, some could be converted into picks or prospects later on. 3. The team should be more entertaining next season (at least) and it will be more exciting to hear about the Canucks calling up Boeser than it would be to hear about the Canucks calling up Mike Zalewski (with all due respect...). 4. If the young guys make the Canucks and force the waiver of a FA vet, then there is still not much loss to the Canucks.
  7. That's not bad for Gagner.
  8. This is going to be interesting. The fact that a deal hasn't been hammered out by the Oilers and Draisaitl does seem to imply that Draisaitl's camp might be considering other possibilities.
  9. Since we're starting to take shots at lineups, if it's true that the Canucks will sign Gagner, Del Zotto and Nilsson tomorrow: Baertschi-Horvat-Goldobin/Rodin Sedin-Sedin-Granlund Eriksson-Gagner-Rodin/Goldobin Gaunce-Sutter-Dorsett (one of Chaput, Boucher or Molino unless the Canucks sign another 4th liner) Boeser could still make the team and pushing someone to waivers. Edler-Stecher Hutton-Tanev Del Zotto-Gudbranson (two of Holm, Biega, Subban, Pedan, McEneny) Markstrom Nilsson
  10. With all of these wingers piling up and rumored interest in other FA forwards, I agree that something's either going on in the trade market OR the Canucks are perfectly happy about the possibility of losing some folks on waivers. Right now, I would not be surprised if a guy like Boucher might get exposed (assuming he accepts his QO or otherwise concludes a contract with the Canucks). Curious what Dorsett's status is. If his health is still not great, that could be a reason why the Canucks are talking to more forwards right now. Still, neither Rodin or Boucher would be replacements for Dorsett.
  11. As long as term and $ make sense, Del Zotto would be a great addition.
  12. Nilsson works. His career numbers aren't great but he played well on a Sabres team that wasn't very good. If Nilsson can be signed, that will help to allow Demko to stay in the AHL and develop. Steve Mason to Winnipeg is very interesting. Hellebuyck and Hutchinson weren't a great tandem last season and goaltending has been their Achilles heel for a few seasons now. Hellebuyck is presumably still their goalie of the future but Mason's presence might help to strengthen their goaltending quite a bit. He's a better option than Pavelec at least.
  13. Is Stecher waiver exempt for the 2017/2018 season? The Canucks seem to be linked to some RHD options in the FA and trade markets which doesn't make too much sense unless: 1. they intend to send those guys to Utica if they can't make the Canucks; 2. they intend to send someone that we currently expect to make the team to be cut; or 3. if someone is getting traded (e.g. Tanev). I know RH vs LH D gets overly debated but it is curious. If the Canucks do acquire a guy like Demers or Stone, my guess is that both Stecher and Subban might be expected to start the season in the Utica but this could also be related to a possible separate Tanev trade. If they sign Postma then I think it's likely at least one of Stecher or Subban would be expected to go the AHL (though I'm pretty sure Subban is waiver eligible next season).
  14. Doesn't fix any holes and I can't see Edmonton doing this but what about a Horvat for Draisaitl swap? Would any of you do it? I'm actually not sure if I would since the Canucks might still need to add. Anyway, just a curious thought exercise.
  15. Signing Rodin makes sense, though since he's a UFA now, he doesn't have to stay with the Canucks. Worst case scenario, the Canucks sign him and waive him after training camp so that he gets a shot with another NHL team. Or perhaps he'll have an out clause for the SEL. He's not the physical winger that we generally want to see but he's a good player.