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  1. I hope Jake can enjoy a high level of play of ball hockey this summer. The thread about Travis Green's interview with Rick Dhaliwal noted that some of the other prospects are training in the city right now so hopefully Jake can join that group for some workouts. While I agree that the city needs to be patient with Jake, this year's training camp is critical for him (I think). Even if Jake plays well in camp but eventually ends up with the Comets to start the year, I think that will be a great sign for his career.
  2. I'm pulling for Subban, for sure. At this stage, I think the Canucks need to see what they have. Of course, Subban has to earn it in the sense that he still needs to come ready to compete for a spot in training camp. He can't phone it in. The Canucks have to give him a reasonable shot as well, however, something I don't think they have given him the last couple of seasons (he was an early cut this past pre-season if I'm not mistaken). I get that you need players who can play the game well and not lose games for you. There's always some risk with high skilled guys who try to push the offense though, and I think they have to at least give him a shot. You can't have a D full of Willie Mitchells (as much as I liked his play and acknowledge his value) and expect to be successful. I think this is where Travis Green could make a big difference. Maybe Green still won't like Subban's game at the NHL level, but I think this is Subban's best shot at making the club.
  3. I think Johansen is a better match up against Getzlaf and should also match up well against Kesler if Carlyle hard matches that way. Fisher's no slouch on the defensive end either, though he gives up size to Getzlaf. Will be interesting to see whether the Preds' mobile D will be able to overcome the Ducks' power. I think they will do a better job than the Oilers' D. The Preds are a deep team but I think this is going to come down to Rinne. If Rinne keeps up his play, I think the Preds' depth will overcome the Ducks.
  4. I find Tanev's value difficult to determine. Larsson, whose game is "similar" in that he doesn't produce much offense and is more of a defensive stalwart, was traded for Hall, a former 1st overall pick and a legitimate 1st line scoring forward (who was also 1 year older than Larsson). Larsson is a bit bigger than Tanev and is 3 years younger. I'm not sure if I would say that Larsson is more durable than Tanev, but he has essentially played 2 full seasons over the past couple of years whereas Tanev has not played more 69 games in a season since he made the Canucks. Larsson arguably also has more offensive potential - I don't think anyone is worried about Tanev shooting from the point. At the same time, Tanev is a legitimate top 4 defenseman, which are costly. I think a combination of Tanev being a RHS together with his age, injury history and somewhat one dimensional play (not entirely true, but results on the offensive end of the ice have been limited) would put his value anywhere between a mid-to-late 1st+. Teams looking for D are going to be looking at the free agent crop as well. Shattenkirk is not renowned for his D but he is a highly prized FA. Alzner is more a defensive defenseman but has a good track record and I presume would also be a prized FA. Tanev's main advantage against these guys is that his salary is already determined and is very reasonable. If Tanev is in fact traded, I'm expecting a mid-1st+ unless a team with a top 10 pick REALLY values him. Would be shocked if a team with a top 5 pick flips their pick for Tanev alone, but I guess that's possible. Again, it depends if a team happens to REALLY like Tanev.
  5. The idea of picking a defenseman at #5 has grown on me as well but my preference is still for a center. Admittedly, I haven't watched video about this year's crop of a defensemen but there seem to be some decent centers available in the Canucks' wheelhouse. If management ultimately decides that a defenseman is the Best Player Available, then so be it. The other consideration is whether the Canucks are likely to be in the draft lottery again next season. If so, are there defensemen who might be even better in that draft year? Rasmus Dahlin is the obvious prize in 2018, at least right now. If the Canucks are in a position to pick 3 top D for 3 consecutive years and each guy pans out, who knows? Perhaps some of them can be traded into help at forward. Whatever the case might be, the Canucks have holes to fill at C and at D. My preference is to fill the holes at C but the benefits of a strong D have definitely been made evident these playoffs. I'm just not convinced that it will be sufficient to turn around the fortunes of the Canucks since outside of Bo, they really only have Guadette coming up. Cassels has a couple of pro seasons under his belt but unless he has a ridiculously amazing camp, I don't think he's banging on the door of the NHL. Gaunce could play C but the team has focused on playing him on LW. Nashville's play is the only reason why I think that there's an outside chance of success if the Canucks draft a strong D core. They got by for years with guys like Mike Fisher (who is great, but he's not a top 6 center) and Mike Ribeiro and were a tough team. It was really only after the addition of Johansen for Jones that the complexion of their team changed significantly however so no matter how strong a team's D is, you still need to be deep in talent up front. I know Dave Pratt doesn't get much love but I did agree with him that if you're going to trade for a core player, you should trade for a forward since defensemen are much more expensive. If there really is a strong potential #1 or #2 defenseman in this year's draft, then I'm fine with it.
  6. ha ha, yes, it was a mis/overstatement. My bad!
  7. If the Canucks don't sign Neill, that leaves Subban and Chatfield as the only RHD prospects in the organization. Not the end of the world obviously, but RHD who can play always seem to be sought after. Not saying that Neill could play - his numbers improved (I edited this - previously read his stat line wrong) but who knows. I'm not familiar with Neill's game but I'm curious how he compares to a guy like Ashton Sautner. They're obviously 2 years apart in age and Sautner has logged close to 100 AHL games but IIRC, Sautner was signed as an overager. I wonder if this is one of those WHL vs QMJHL things. For his sake, hopefully he'll get a camp invite. Otherwise, as has been suggested already, perhaps he'll get an AHL contract with the Comets. I presume he would need some seasoning in the ECHL at that stage.
  8. I could see Lack going to Vegas. They need to meet the cap floor anyway and for all the doubters about Lack's game, he should still be a solid backup and Vegas would only be committing to him for 1-year. There was talk of MA Fleury going to Vegas. That would not be a bad tandem to start with. Both Gs would be very laid back, might be good for an expansion team.
  9. Hope Salo stays healthy this summer so he can teach Juolevi how to blast the puck from the point :P. Good choice by Juolevi. Salo always seemed like he would be a great mentor.
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to imply that Sutter isn't tradeable. I suppose if the Canucks wanted to deal him, they could. His contract is bad in the sense that his production doesn't necessarily justify his pay, but he does seem to have a reputation as a solid defensive center. I just wasn't thinking of a Sutter for Spooner deal. Still not sure how the Canucks would line-up in that case, though Gaunce could possibly shift back to center.
  11. Could see the Canucks showing interest but I can't see how it would be good for them to give up any significant assets to get him. Saw suggestions that he could replace Sutter at 3C. As far as I know, he's not a strong faceoff man so not sure how that helps the Canucks. I guess I could still see that happening if the Canucks plan on exposing (and losing) Sutter in the Expansion Draft, but in that case it seems like it would be less costly to just lose Sutter and retain assets (without trading for Spooner).
  12. Unless the Canucks bring a NHL D via FA or trade, the 7th/8th D spots are a fight between Biega, Subban, McEneny and Pedan, and in that order IMHO. Good for Pedan to get another contract. Hopefully he has a good summer of training and a strong camp.
  13. I liked Clouts. Hated his mask, but at the same time, it was strangely endearing. Was sad reading how things went down for him in LA but nice to see that he's found a solid role with the Canucks again. Clouts was a decent goalie on a one line team that was never able to get over the hump. Like others, I appreciated his fire and determination. I'll remember him most as the first goalie to stick around and have decent success after a string of misfits (e.g. Snow, Weekes, Potvin, etc.).
  14. The only way I see Edler leaving is if he's selected in the Expansion Draft. Edler only has 2 years left on his deal. For all of his warts, I don't mind keeping Edler. There is, of course, the NTC issue and the fact that Edler doesn't seem to want to waive (which is totally his right). Aside from that however, Edler's a decent skater, big body and can still contribute offensively. Realistically, Edler's no longer a significant offensive threat but he's not completely ineffective offensively. The guy really needs to find a new stick supplier though. Contrary to other opinions I have heard, I think Edler can actually still eat up hard minutes on defense, but not alone with his D partner. Edler thrived in the era when our D was much deeper and he did not have to be "the" guy. As others have mentioned, I think the key to Edler is limiting his minutes but that requires trusting the rest of the D with more ice time. When Edler's minutes are down to around 20 minutes on a consistent basis, I find that he's still generally effective at both ends of the rink. Edler gets unfocused when he plays too much. It's too bad Tryamkin left for the KHL but hopefully the Canucks D next year can share minutes more equally. Allowing some of our younger D to share harder assignments should also help to relieve Edler and his D partner of some of those minutes. It would be good for their development too. The only question I have about Edler is whether he will bring it every night even if the team is far from contending. If Edler wants to stay here, he at least owes the team (and, quite frankly, his career after this contract ends) that much. In 2 years, Hutton and Stecher will be further along, as will Juolevi and Brisebois. I'm fine with Edler occupying a roster spot so long as is still ready to bring it every night.
  15. I agree. I understand the emotion from Penguins fans but when you watch that play at speed, I find it really difficult to blame Niskanen. When I first heard about it, I was thinking it was like Duncan Keith on Daniel Sedin but it was far from that.