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  1. EternalCanuckFan

    [Proposal] Summer UFA Signing: Anders Lee

    :p, yes, there's hope that he hits free agency.
  2. EternalCanuckFan

    [Proposal] Summer UFA Signing: Anders Lee

    I agree that Anders Lee is a strong target for the Canucks. He's a very good skater, is big and as you mentioned, has been able to play (and produce!) alongside highly skilled players. His production was expected to take a big step back this year without Tavares (though Barzal is no slouch) While Lee's points have taken a step back, he's still producing at a respectable clip. The biggest question is whether he makes it to free agency as I believe he's NYI's captain so there are strong ties to that team.
  3. Let's see how Demko and Dipietro do over the next year or so. I wouldn't mind Markstrom being kept longer term but I think it's premature to assess him as an elite goalie. He had a stretch of play that was elite but he's got to be able to keep that up. If Demko and Dipietro can't make the jump then a good but not elite Markstrom may be still be in the Canucks' future.
  4. EternalCanuckFan

    Kreider fined

    I suspect it's seen as a reckless hockey play with an emphasis on it being reckless but still a hockey play. Initiators of hits often do turn like Kreider did but he did it very recklessly. It's hard to establish intent to injure so recklessness is probably the most that can for sure be concluded. I'm not saying I agree with this line of reasoning but it's what I assume the DOPS considered. There might have been a case for a suspension considering what Voracek got for standing up Boychuk (which Voracek also received a major for but was allowed to continue playing). I'm guessing the league factored in Kreider being tossed however, and also possibly the fact that the Rangers lost the game. I'm not usually a fan of DOPS decisions but this is one decision where I didn't think there even be any supplemental discipline after Kreider's ejection. Not saying they got it right or wrong - consistency is still a major problem - but it's good that they at least did something a bit more.
  5. EternalCanuckFan

    [Signing] Canucks sign Josh Teves

    I'm not sure about all the intricacies of signing NCAA players, but burning a year this year is also an incentive for players to sign as my understanding is that it gets them closer to free agency. If a team insisted on having the contract start the next year, then that might make that team's offer less attractive. Assuming Teves actually gets some time in with the Canucks to close out this season, it's also a good experience for him. Expectations are pretty much nil, especially with all the attention being placed on Hughes, and it'll give him a better idea of what to work on over the summer. Not sure where Teves will end up on the depth chart in the future, but he may already be a better option than some of the depth D the Canucks currently have. My guess is that Pouliot and Biega will sit once Tanev, Hughes and Teves are available.
  6. EternalCanuckFan

    Tanner Pearson | #70 | LW

    I think that's the main thing going for Pearson right now. Not surprising that Pearson hasn't shown that well since coming over. There certainly is a lot of "loose change" in the line-up. My sense is that Baertschi (health) and Goldobin (possible trade chip) are a bit on the bubble in terms of their long term presence with the Canucks. Pearson, Eriksson, Spooner, Granlund and Spooner are definitely on the bubble so I'm very curious what management will do with them. It's a glut of under performing or middling forwards with varying amounts of value in a trade market.
  7. EternalCanuckFan

    [Signing] Canucks sign Josh Teves

    Can't hurt to add Teves if he's interested in joining the Canucks. By my count, the Canucks D depth under contract (or likely under contract) right now heading into next season is: LHD: Edler (UFA - so probably, but not guaranteed), Hughes, Hutton, Juolevi, Pouliot (RFA - I think there's a strong chance they let him go to UFA), Sautner, Brisebois RHD: Tanev, Stecher, Biega, Chatfield, Eliot, Brassard (IF he is signed), Woo (again, IF he is signed) While RHD is clearly shorthanded, the Canucks could still use LHD depth. Sautner and Brisebois look like they'll be decent depth players and, so far, unlikely to be claimed even after they are waiver eligible. Teves gives the Canucks a LHD prospect that is already further along in development and has some promise of being able to grow his game in the NHL level (even if it may be unlikely). I think they'll walk away from McEneny this summer so there will be at least one spot with Utica next season.
  8. EternalCanuckFan

    [Proposal] Loui Eriksson for Zack Smith

    Interesting idea and the type of idea I hope management explores. I don't mind Eriksson but I'm also not exactly sure what his contribution to the team is. Eriksson is decent enough defensively but his offensive prowess has disappeared since coming to Vancouver. The team needs depth to be sure but Eriksson doesn't seem to be a great depth option anymore. I don't know what it is but he just seems unmotivated a lot of the time. Zack Smith is a player that would play well in the bottom-6 and provides some versatility with his ability to play C and W. He also seems like a great teammate. Would not mind adding Smith one bit, even if he's getting older.
  9. EternalCanuckFan

    [Discussion] ALEX BIEGA 3RD D PAIR

    Biega is the perfect extra D at this stage in his career. While Biega fills in admirably most of the time and seems to be a well liked teammate, he has his limitations and I would be shocked if management sees him as a full-time NHLer. With all due respect to Biega, if the Canucks waltz into 2019-2020 with Tanev, Stecher and Biega as their top-3 RHD, then I think they're in for another rough year. It will be inexcusable in an offseason where Myers is available and where there may even be options in the trade market. For example, I fully expect the Jets to move Byfuglien as he takes up a lot of cap space and they need to re-sign a large number of their young core. Even though Byfuglien has had trouble staying healthy this season and missed a fair number of games last season, he's still an effective two-way D and a physical deterrent. With the addition of Spooner and Pearson, I have no idea what the Canucks intend to do this summer. That's $6.85M in cap space tied up in two players that have struggled this season. Add in Baertschi ($3.36M) who may or may not come back from his concussion symptoms and Sutter ($4.375M) who looks to be on the trade block this summer, it's a mystery to me how the team plans to round out the forward corps this summer. Having said that, I would not mind if they take a run at picking up Byfuglien and a high pick if the Jets need to clear cap space. I have written before that I think Byfuglien may be a good D partner for Hughes and he comes with a great deal of winning experience that might be invaluable for the Canucks.
  10. EternalCanuckFan

    Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Brock is still collecting points but does look a bit slow on the ice. Brock still seems to be seeing the ice well though, so I don't imagine he'll take a big hit to his negotiating power. I don't think it'll be a huge $ ask but, of course, I could be very wrong. My guess is that Brock has shown enough since making the jump to the NHL to at least get Bo like money. I would be surprised if Brock got much more than Bo. No idea about term though.
  11. EternalCanuckFan

    [PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2019

    Nice to see Gaudette get rewarded with a couple points last night. If the Canucks can solidly rely on Pettersson, Horvat, Gaudette and Beagle as their centres, then that should give the Canucks more offensive punch than in years past. It will be interesting to see what management does with the plethora of middle 6 wingers that they have, especially those who are new and/or who are on the fringe such as Pearson, Leivo, Spooner as well as, to some extent, Goldobin and Granlund. My guess is the Canucks will keep Pearson, Goldobin and Leivo but may try and trade Granlund and bury Spooner in Utica next season (which would require exposing him on waivers which would probably work just fine anyway). As others have pointed out, the biggest need is on D. Last night was another demonstration of that, even if they ultimately pulled out the W. Stecher looks like he should be part of the Canucks future D but I have my doubts about whether management will want to keep him and Hughes since they're both smaller D. I think it could be a mistake but what do I know... For the rest of the D, I'm assuming the Canucks will re-sign Edler and won't move Tanev during the summer so that covers four of the top-6. That leaves some mystery as to what the Canucks will do with Hutton as well as Juolevi (whom I suspect there is a chance they will send to Utica at least to start the season). I'm also expecting Biega back as the 7th D which really means that next season, the D core will likely have Gudbranson and Pouliot out with a possibility of Hutton being moved as well. It'll be an interesting summer.
  12. Crisis may be a bit of a bombastic description for what's going on. To the extent that there is a concern, I would say the main thing that piques my interest is that a couple of prospects have expressed poor communication in the organization. Communication issues are obviously not a new thing and are to be especially expected in large organizations. I do hope that the comments by Palmu and Dahlen get considered seriously by management however, since there must be something that can be learned other than assuming that it's just the players.
  13. EternalCanuckFan

    [Report] Canucks recall Guillaume Brisebois

    That's what I was thinking unless somehow this did not burn a recall because they called him up previously? Don't think it works that way but one might hope... I guess they aren't too concerned because they're expecting Hughes to make the jump in a week or two?
  14. EternalCanuckFan

    [Rumour] Guance at deadline

    I would like to see Gaunce get an opportunity with the Canucks in the bottom-6 next season but I have a feeling he's either on his way out or will be a depth guy again.
  15. EternalCanuckFan

    Josh Leivo | #17 | LW

    It's been evident since Leivo joined the Canucks that he's exactly the type of player that the Canucks need. Leivo's continually impressed with his skills in puck retrieval and control, and his shot is very good as well. This summer will be interesting as I'm curious how much Leivo will command as a RFA. Keeping a guy like Leivo seems like it would be part of the solution for the Canucks in the long term rather than a chip to acquire another asset. If Baertschi is out long term and if Pearson can regain his form, then a line of Pearson-Horvat-Leivo seems like it could be a solid line for the Canucks for quite some time.