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  1. Is their still a wait list on tickets?
  2. He fits in the press box.
  3. Not into anything this organization sells.
  4. By keeping fans "interested" they are harming the franchise more than helping. They are delaying an inevitable rebuild and treading water in the meantime. The owners would make back any lost money if or when this team are cup contenders.
  5. Making the playoffs and getting beat in round one isn't an accomplishment. This ownership is strictly focused on playoff revenue and ensuring fans keep interested. Unfortunately the Canucks are losing fans and they will be in the 10-12 no man's land if this "plan" continues. Bottom line is this franchise is in big trouble. Meddling owners, no great prospects, older vets. Fans are already speaking with their wallets. Why not bottom out a few years and re stock?
  6. I predict J.B will be fired by 2018 at the latest. This guy is a puppet to the owners. This team is in trouble.
  7. Zero chance the Canucks are contenders in two years.
  8. I would say 4-5 years possibly if the Canucks were doing a Leafs like purge. The problem is l still believe the organization is aiming for a playoff birth in 2017. They are in between. This is the worst place to be in sports. I also think they wont finish in the top two (Draft) as long as the Sedins are here. They are too good. ( Which in a weird way hurts the Nucks). All in all, I'll say by 2023-2024 they will be cup contenders.
  9. I opened a can of worms. Guess l overvalued the big Nuge.
  10. RNH is an elite two way center. Virtanen will max out as a second liner if lucky.
  11. To Van:RNH, possible add. To EDM: Horvat, Virtanen Thoughts?
  12. Looking back, I'm not so sure they 11 run was all that " Special". After all, the Canucks bearly avoided a monumental collapse vs Chicago. As for the Preds series? No way that should've taken six games against an inferior opponent. Making the cup finals were great. I'm just saying signs were present that the team had holes and could be beaten. It seemed whenever they were pushed physically they faltered. The sequence of Marchand using Sedin as a punching bag, with no retaliation, will always stick with me. I don't look back with fondness at that team ( Where l do for 94 club). It was a team who had a dominant regular season, yet never truly could replicate that act in the playoffs.
  13. I don't know enough about Brodeur to comment. I forgot MacLean. My bad. ROH: Bertuzzi ( Big part of West coast express), MacLean, Luongo ( Greatest Canucks Goalie). These players were very good , yet a tier below the truly greats like Bure, Naslund. ( Bure and Naslund had number retired).
  14. This franchise should reward greatness. Don't put players in a ring of honor because they played awhile. Put them in for being a great hockey player. Nothing about Ohlund was great. Not one thing. Maybe put Bertuzzi or Luongo in ROH. That's it!!!