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  1. No they shouldn't sign him for 8 years. Boeser is a nice compliment player. He isn't a franchise altering player (IE McDavid, Barkov, Matthews).
  2. Were any posters alive during this time? Was there an expectation that the Canucks could possibly pull off the upset? Or was this a mismatch from the start? I've seen highlights of Bossy's OT winner in game 1. Don't remember seeing many highlights for the rest of the series.
  3. Pretty sure Kirk Maclean's wife has come out and said she never spoke to Brown, let alone slept with him. Roberto Luongo is up there for me. Absolutely sunk the Canucks in the finals. Nearly collapsed in the 2010 Gold Medal Game too. Clutch wasn't in his genes. Todd Bertuzzi is up there too. One of the worst postseason players in NHL history.