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  1. Linden? Are you serious?

  2. Your about me is highly offensive, although I am quite sure you'd be doing both groups a favour.

    Grow up.

  3. Kid,Stay off the drugs.

  4. hay tharr too

    imma change mah sig soon lol

  5. oh hay tharr. thats a nice sig you have sir.

  6. you didnt miss anything, thats basically where it ended.
  7. had to be gus. no clue how he would know that they were a minute away though.
  8. You're one of the better posters on CDC, no one even compares.

  9. walt's family has always been an important part of the show. its the whole reason he started cooking meth in the first place. without his family, this show wouldnt exist. the premise of this show goes deeper than just a chem teacher selling meth. its about a the decisions walt makes and how they affect the people around him. the writers have done a great job of showing how walts decision to start cooking has had a negative impact on so many people. i really dont know how you can call this show a soap opera. you dont seem to be very good at understanding good television.
  10. Hey...don't update there much. Kind of lost interest and moved on. Plus, the new job is a time sucking machine and most of my leisure/internet time is spent here now. :)

  11. Lol why u spam the forum man!?

  12. when r u gonna update the box deb. your fans are anxiously awaiting more blog entries.