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  1. He has been okay, he needs some more set up shots that he can blast from the point. But its almost like every game I've watched the other team has read our offensive zone play and we have been forced to just continuously pass due to lack of a good shooting angle or try the shot anyways only to cough up the puck.
  2. 42 pts in 26 games played last year? Impressed.
  3. Thank you=) Love your picture of Kes and Bieksa! Go Canucks Go!=)

  4. Just gotta say, the picture in your sig is amazing !

  5. i gotta say, i LOVE your sig ! (:

  6. it feels like a lifetime from now :(

    and good, its always good to keep yourself busy with work!

  7. really fun! just wish the season would start already :(

    hows your summer been?

  8. sorry for being so late i dont check my profile a lot!:P

    but good ! yourself?