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  1. These always made me laugh!
  2. I guess Torts didn't like the fact his team got beat by the Canucks and just lost it!
  3. Bishop to St Louis for Shattenkirk? I'm guessing the only way this trade will work is if both players sign extensions for their new clubs since both are going to be UFA's.
  4. Jordan Schroeder = Cliff Ronning! I remember starting a thread on this a couple of years ago after Jordan Schroeder had his first 2 goal game in the NHL as a Canuck. Now I regret starting that thread.
  5. Battle of the F-Bombs!!
  6. Get rid of some teams!
  7. Vegas Golden Knights trademark denied by U.S. government
  8. Ask Cody Hodgson how door #2 went.
  9. Report: Jays, Fowler $3M off on salary Jays better not screw this up!
  10. They should also change the best of 7 format to the 2, 2, 1, 1,1 instead of the current 2, 3, 2 format. Sure the current 2, 3, 2 moves the games faster since they play everyday except when they travel, but the 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 is more fair for the home team because if they win in 5, they win at home.
  11. Or when the LA Kings managed to weasel their way out of paying a buy-out to Mike Richards by finding some sort of BS reason to terminate his contract?
  12. I hope Luongo doesn't end up retiring early because of this otherwise the Canucks will get screwed with the cap-recapture penalty.
  13. Looking at Craig Buttons projection that Vegas would take Sbisa in the expansion draft, I wonder if the Canucks should consider exposing Edler instead of Sbisa? The Canucks should use this as leverage to try to convince Edler to waive his NTC because more than likely Vegas could end up taking him if exposed.