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  1. I heard the Sedin's are gonna unretire and play in this game!
  2. If the Canucks end up re-signing Tofolli and with Boeser looking like he's becoming injury prone, would the Canucks entertain trading Boeser in the off season?
  3. Anyone going to the Smackdown show tonight? I heard that Hulk Hogan is going to appear on Smackdown tonight but don't know if he is actually going to appear live at Rogers Arena or appear via satellite?
  4. Montreal could make a claim since Weber is out for the season.
  5. Linden gives credit to Brackett. No credit to Benning.
  6. TheRick

    NFL thread

    I'm watching the Super Bowl on Fox but I'm still seeing the CTV feed. I thought we're suppose to have US feed for the Super Bowl commercials?