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  1. Red Sox beat the Orioles 8-1 in 7 inning rain shorten game.You kinda think that the Orioles got ripped off here, especially seeing what the Blue Jays did to the Yankees coming back from 6-0 after a rain delay and the Orioles themselves came back from a 7-1 deficit against the Giants. Boston and Baltimore play each other again in Sept, so you would think that MLB should make-up and finish the rest of that game given how tight the standings are.
  2. Despite the win, I am personally concerned with Estrada as he struggled again in his last 2 starts.
  3. It's a new KHL team in China to be more specific.
  4. With Tulo back in the line-up today, I think Travis should get the day off.
  5. Report: Blue Jays to acquire right-hander Feldman from Astros
  6. One thing that bugged me about the Leafs treatment of Corrado last season was that the Leafs were allowed to send him down to the Marlies on a conditioning stint when Corrado was not injured, he just was not playing for 20 straight games or so for the Leafs. I still don't get how they got away with that because had the Leafs put him on waivers, the Canucks would have been able to reclaim him and be able to send him down to Utica without having to clear waivers!
  7. OKC is done! Move them back to Seattle!
  8. Meanwhile, Auston Matthews still not signed by the Leafs. What's taking so long, is he holding out?
  9. I remember when the Canucks acquired Marc Bergevin at the trade deadline years ago that Bergevin was a Funny guy in the locker room. Is this trade suppose to be funny?
  10. All that's left is to wait for Willie Mitchell to tweet WTF!
  11. Yandle also got a NMC out of that deal for the first 6 years of the contract. That could bite Florida in the ass!
  12. Is that as much as what the Canucks could expect to get for Dan Hamhuis's negotiation rights?