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  1. If the Canucks want to go after a RHD, I would go after David Savard from CBJ if he's available. He has less than 2 years left on his contract at 4.25 mil per before he becomes a UFA!
  2. I always thought Shanahan should've hired Mark Hunter as the Leafs GM instead of Dumbas!
  3. I hope this isn't a bad omen? -2005-2006 season we missed the playoffs after the lockout season! -2003-2004 season was the Todd Bertuzzi / Steve Moore incident! -2014-2015 was the first Willie D season where we made the playoffs but lost in the 1st Rd to Calgary and didn't make it back to the playoffs since!
  4. I think someone forgot to tell Audi that Goldobin is in Utica.