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  1. Look at it this way, if the Hurricanes end up moving to Houston you would expect Quebec to be next in line for a NHL expansion team since the Hurricanes would be in the Western Conference.
  2. Can't wait to see how much the Leafs will have to pay Auston Matthews, as well as their young players!
  3. Blue Jays acquire Montero from Cubs
  4. If this is true, bye bye Markov!
  5. Sign him to a PTO to see what he can do in the pre-season.
  6. Is Pettersson going to wear number 14 for the Canucks?
  7. Everyone that loved you is definitely going to come to your funeral Adam West. RIP:(
  8. Flames should focus on getting a starting goalie.
  9. Does RNH still have any value of potentially becoming a first line centreman or is he more of a second line centreman at this point of his career?
  10. Welcome to your new Holm Philip!
  11. PK Subban goes to the Cup finals by playing his way instead of the white way! Suck it Habs!
  12. Wish the NHL could fold some bad market teams like that but unfortunately the NHLPA won't let them.
  13. I just saw on that the KHL is mulling over folding 5 teams from their league. If the team that Tryamkin signed for ends up folding, does that mean he will come back to the Canucks?