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  1. Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award finalists unveiled

    I vote to change the name of the leadership award!
  2. Wild let go of GM Chuck Fletcher

    Could see Seattle hiring him.
  3. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Looks like Miz was right about John and Nikki's relationship!
  4. That was a Brutal call on Perry.
  5. Leafs Probably miss Phaneuf and Kessel right now. Atleast when they were on the team they got the Leafs to a game 7.
  6. Wonder if the Canucks can get the Leafs to overpay for Tanev or maybe Gudbranson?
  7. I just saw on that there might be a shakeup in Edmonton? There is going to be a press conference with Bob Nicholson at 11:30 am.
  8. NYR fire Alain Vigneault

    With the same expansion draft rules as Vegas, definitely!
  9. Looking at that intersection makes wonder after this tragedy if this should be made into a 4 way stop or find a way to install traffic lights?
  10. After the Sedins, Henrik Zetterberg was the 3rd best player in that 1999 draft and he was picked late 7th round! Thomas Gradin did his homework on the Sedins to convince Burkie to take them but wished he also did his homework on Zetterberg as well. Imagine had the Canucks drafted Zetterberg!
  11. I heard from someone that lives in that area saying that as much as 5 people, mostly players, died and maybe more? Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in that accident.
  12. I am sure Gretzky should have something planned for the Sedin's when they play their last game in Edmonton. After all he went through the same retirement ceremony.
  13. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I know they are not the guys to do this but I hope the Sedins snubbed Gallant on a handshake!
  14. Chris Levesque wishes he had that type of success instead showing a shot of him chewing his gum really fast and looking like he was about to crap is pants after Hedberg went down.