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  1. We got totally dominated today. Out hit and out shot. Edler just always seems to make at least three - four bonehead plays a game. Also hope Virtanen gets sent down in the near future when players come back from injury - he shied away from being physical when he had the chance. The power play really needs to be worked on, we literally do not have anyone that has a threatening shot - makes it easy for the PK to defend. Positives: Scorevat with a sick short-handed goal and the Sedins and Eriksson had a couple great shifts together even strength. Overall, proud of the team's start to season. They seemed tired after playing last night, especially vs. a big fast, skilled and physical team. On to the Sens, going the game Tuesday woo!
  2. Jake Virtanen is better served being sent down to play in the AHL to play prime minutes. Power forwards take longer to develop and he needs playtime to develop. The coach does not seem to fully trust Jake Virtanen - he apparently only had two shifts for the last twenty minutes today. #Canucks Virtanen had 2 shifts in final 16 minutes (:52 & :16) of 3rd & none in O/T. So 2 shifts in final 21 minutes - Jeff Paterson tweet Furthermore, he isn't doing himself any favours with his play. I went to the Hurricanes game and he was floating for a large part of the game. He's probably better served being sent down to the AHL to play big minutes to regain his confidence and offensive game - while at the same time developing his defensive game with Travis Green. Potential reasons why management is keeping him up: Jake Virtanen is part of a Canucks marketing campaign trying to sell the idea of youth to Canuck fans to sell seats; Rogers Arena looking pretty bare. Also, if Virtanen is sent down, your only young players to sell is Horvat and Hutton - Gaunce isn't exactly a very sexy player to sell to fans They really want him to succeed and keeping him with the team Draft spot is important but for the NHL first rounders that aren't ready to make the jump right off the bat, the development route is just as important and right now, Virtanen's development is seriously being hurt by sticking with the big club.
  3. Jim Benning gambled on Vey with a second rounder - Vey didn't pan out as Benning expected and moves on. Benning's been doing this quite often. Trading prospects and picks for players that are further along their development. Ex. Baertschi, Granlund, arguably Etem) It's a gamble and not all gambles pay off. The good thing is when Benning realizes his gambles aren't paying off, he gets rid of the player. Ex, Linden Vey and Adam Clendening. Best of luck to Linden Vey - the family situation must have been tough on him and hopefully he's able to carve out a career elsewhere.
  4. Meanwhile Bo Horvat making 40 points in sophomore season and looking to be the next face of the Canuck franchise
  5. Locking up a player long term when Baertschi isn't a proven top 6 player yet. I don't think so!
  6. Doubt it'd be a 1st, the forward market fetched minimal return this year.
  7. I wonder if the Oiler fans even get excited about the idea of a first overall pick anymore..
  8. like a bau$
  9. was so pumped when i saw this :D
  10. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2h2 hours ago Looks like Jared McCann, Jake Virtanen, Ben Hutton will open season on VAN roster. Does that mean Vey and Corrado on waivers? See at noon.
  11. The future looking on point
  12. We won the Hodgson trade #confirmed
  13. Good for Stan upsetting Novak! Stan played well in the 2014 AO, however, Nadal's back acted up during the finals match; so it may have been fluke. Not to take any credit away from Stan though, he's a great player in his own right.
  15. Watched Kesler from his first season till now. During his time here, he became an integral part of the team - especially during the cup run. He's a competitor and wants to win, I don't blame him for leaving. Yeah, maybe he could have given the Canucks more teams to work with, but look at Luongo. I really appreciate what he did with his time here as a Canuck and hope him the best when he's not playing against the blue and green.