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  1. Just tweeted Patrick O'Sullivan about him sounding super salty and how such an unprofessional individual on air got a media job..didn't use any curse words, just politely stating my thing you know? Guy is so sensitive like a little kid we know why he's so salty!!! xD
  2. He ain't a bitch on the ice - all I care about - their personal life? Doesn't matter too much to me..
  3. Feel bad for Richardson, was at the game and was scary to see him down for awhile - hoping for a speedy recovery! Ben freakin Hutton, who would have thought he would score on a penalty shot? So LITTT And damn, some classic sedin passes to get the 1st/2nd goal - was hesitant to go the game last night cause it was a long day but glad I DID. even though i'm only going to have 5 hours of sleep for work today haha. Tank Nation can take a day off (last night)
  4. Really didn't know GRANLUND HAD THAT IN HIM. WHAT A SNIPE! Great games by Horvat and Stecher. Some faith restored! Seems like the only way we're going to win this year is coming back in the third
  5. University of Michigan forward has quickly been developing into a leader for the NCAA power. Will Lockwood had a decision to make. With the Vancouver Canucks — the team that selected him in the third round, 64th overall, of last June’s NHL draft — in Detroit on Thursday, the University of Michigan freshman could have made the hour-long trek from his Ann Arbor campus to Joe Louis Arena. It would have been a chance for Lockwood to watch the Canucks in person, and envision the day down the road that he’ll have the chance to play for them. Lockwood opted not to go. He had classes early Friday morning and, more importantly, he had a game of his own on Friday night, and wanted to make sure he was rested and ready to lead his Wolverines into action against NCAA fourth-ranked Boston University. That’s what Lockwood does these days. He leads. As a freshman, and the youngest forward on the team, the 18-year-old right-winger sits atop the Wolverines’ scoring parade with five goals and three assists in his first eight games of NCAA hockey (before Friday’s game). It’s been a quick start to his collegiate career after three seasons with the U.S. National Development program. “It’s been a little bit smoother than I expected,” Lockwood said of his seamless transition to college hockey, in a phone interview after a midweek practice. “It’s all about consistency. It’s important to have a chip on your shoulder, but I take pride in being humble off the ice. I think a lot of hockey guys would agree that you have a totally different personality on and off the ice. “I play with the mindset that I’m not friends with anyone on the ice (on the other team), and I’m just working with my teammates to do whatever needs to be done to get a win.” Lockwood admits he’s had some growing pains adjusting to campus life and striking the balance needed between his studies and his puck pursuits. But he says he’s having the time of his life — and he may be the only one in the Canucks’ organization able to make that claim these days. University of Michigan’s Will Lockwood hopes to be one of the next players to graduate from his school’s program to the NHL, as eight have made the jump in the past five seasons. Daryl Marshke/University of Michigan Athletics / PNG A speedster, the Bloomfield Hills, Mich., native has already worked his way on to Michigan’s top line under legendary head coach Red Berenson, who’s clearly seen enough from his rookie recruit to trust him in all situations. “Fortunately enough, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities and I think I’ve done a good job of taking advantage of that,” Lockwood said. “But you can’t take anything for granted. So I just have to keep working and playing hard to stay on the power play and the penalty kill. “I think my speed is one of my best attributes, and I use that to the best of my ability. I try to be smart about the way I use it, and that gives me a really big advantage.” While the Canucks have to be pleased about Lockwood’s development, they have to be ecstatic about his surroundings. He’s playing for a program at Michigan that has been a factory in recent years for producing NHLers — and good ones, at that. In the past five seasons, Detroit’s Dylan Larkin, Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba, Kyle Connor and Andrew Copp, Columbus’s Zach Werenski, Chicago’s Tyler Motte, Toronto’s Zack Hyman, New Jersey’s Jon Merrill and Carolina’s Phil Di Giuseppe have all used the U of M as a springboard to the NHL. Lockwood wants to add his name to that impressive list. “It just shows the development that goes through this program,” he said. “And to be a part of it is a special thing. And it’s not just the development of pushing players through to the NHL, but it’s a really tight family here. So I think it’s the right spot for me.” The question is, for how long? While he’s just getting started on campus, Lockwood insists he hasn’t given much thought to an exit strategy, or when he’ll turn pro. “The opportunity will present itself, but I’m not exactly sure when,” he said. “For me, I just take it day by day and put in the effort needed to get better, and eventually I’ll get to the next level.” It’s early still, but Lockwood appears to be an intriguing prospect. And if all goes right, the day will come when he doesn’t have a decision to make about attending Canucks’ games. Seems like a very good pick right now - excited to see how he develops!
  6. i'm all aboard on tank nation but that STECHER GOAL WAS SICKKKKKKKKKKK! HYPE YOO
  7. Looks like he's coming back. Imagine he'll sit out tomorrow because it'd be his third game in a row. Let's see if he comes back to the big club ready to play.
  8. Went to my first Lions game last week and holy...the fan experience in there compared to Rogers Arena is better by two fold easily. Go Lions Go and let's go Canuck tank train!
  9. The quality of AHL stream is really bad work no where near as good as NHL - consider this before paying. Let's see how Virtanen does...please just do something Virtanen
  10. About time for Virtanen to be sent down - I hope he stays until he's ready for the big leagues. The last thing you want to do is bounce him around between the AHL / NHL / NHL press box. Salvage whatever confidence Virtanen has left and let him play to regain it.
  12. I edited my post after to address Virtanen's poor development and poor play time, you can see above. As for kids, Granlund, Baertschi, Stecher and Bo Horvat last game all played 15 minutes; Hutton & Tryamkin played 20 minutes + so what is your point? Sedins are playing around 18 minutes the last two games..What is your point? Sure there has been some retools in the past that have worked out for some teams (although no team that has done a retooling that won a stanley cup comes to my mind, the closest thing to a top team retooling on the fly that comes to mind is San Jose Sharks.), but do you think it's honestly working for the Vancouver Canucks currently? EDIT: Oh and fyi, i did address your point about it being hard to trade the players with NTC...maybe re-read my post
  13. Trading aging vets to contending teams for draft picks and prospects. Simple - at the end of the day if management approaches a player and says that we'd like to trade you because we want to get younger and you can go to a team that can contend, there's a good chance the player leaves. (although not for sure, some players with NTC might really want to stay) And then play really poorly for a couple of seasons and draft early in the next couple of drafts. Examples: Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs (stock piled picks and prospects & played poorly to get high picks), Buffalo Sabres (stocked piled picks) The point is...retooling on the fly right now is simply not working. Trying to speed up the process of rebuilding by trading 2nd round picks for prospects that were further along their development has not worked out at all.. Ex. Vey, Clendening & although Baertschi and Granlund have been decent so far, they haven't done much so far this season (granted the whole team is sucking). There simply isn't many bright spots right now to the team - the Sedins don't seem to be as effective, Loui Eriksson has been a disappointment so far, and we're not able to score any goals. Our golden boy 6th overall draft pick Virtanen is being developed poorly by management. I can list some more...When the Sedins hang them up in a couple years, who will carry this team? (On the Virtanen note) It's awfully clear to me that Virtanen's development has not been handled well so far. If this management was not so wrapped up about competing, maybe Virtanen would be developed properly and not rushed into the NHL. Draft position is important but the development after is just as important. Virtanen is a big power forward playing very little right now. Power forwards and young players need to play lots, play through mistakes, get exposed to different scenarios and situations to develop. Management has really dropped the ball on Virtanen's development so far.. The good thing is that the team is not playing well and seems like they're heading for another bottom 10 or 15 finish. Which is great, but just proves that this team that Benning built to "compete" is simply not good enough. Which then makes me think, if we're going to do poorly regardless, why not try and trade aging veterans for assets that will help the team for the future - while at the same time keeping a couple of veterans to transition the kids? So may I ask you, do you think the Canucks current path and plans and what Benning has done so far in the past three years been effective for our future? I'm dying to hear your response.
  14. I would assume so. We'll find out in a bit.
  15. Jason Botchford ‏@botchford 19s19 seconds ago Hearing jannik Hansen Could be on IR now. If so, add it to the list of reasons Canucks front office should have wanted to be fined today. Im furious now... The only pro I can see from all this is that one of our best forwards Hansen is out and this will help us lose games for a better draft pick. I hope management and ownership snaps out of it and realizes that we need to rebuild the traditional way..ala collecting draft picks and prospects from trading off veterans. and mark the date, December 3rd, 2016 - let's go pummel those leafs