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  1. [PGT] Flames vs Canucks 3-2 OT Loss

    like a bau$
  2. Jared McCann Talk

    was so pumped when i saw this :D
  3. Cuts tomorrow

    Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2h2 hours ago Looks like Jared McCann, Jake Virtanen, Ben Hutton will open season on VAN roster. Does that mean Vey and Corrado on waivers? See at noon.
  4. The future looking on point
  5. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    We won the Hodgson trade #confirmed
  6. Tennis

    Good for Stan upsetting Novak! Stan played well in the 2014 AO, however, Nadal's back acted up during the finals match; so it may have been fluke. Not to take any credit away from Stan though, he's a great player in his own right.
  7. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

  8. WCF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Watched Kesler from his first season till now. During his time here, he became an integral part of the team - especially during the cup run. He's a competitor and wants to win, I don't blame him for leaving. Yeah, maybe he could have given the Canucks more teams to work with, but look at Luongo. I really appreciate what he did with his time here as a Canuck and hope him the best when he's not playing against the blue and green.
  9. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    oh nooooooooooooo , LOL these commentators score is 3-2 with like 30 seconds left for utica ^
  10. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Jensen with another great chance on a 2 on 1 PM me if you need a stream
  11. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    couldn't find a stream for game 7.. radio stream:
  12. WCF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Am I watching MLS? Whitecaps could use Shaw :D
  13. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Really bad penalty by Jensen to take, concealing the puck with his hand. Virtanen with two or more big hits, a nice feed that almost led to a goal, and one noticeable giveaway along the Comets boards that led to a scoring chance for OKC.
  14. MDF: (1) New York Rangers vs (2) Washington Capitals

    Illuminati confirmed
  15. PDF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Calgary Flames

    Ryan Kesler has been phenomenal for the Ducks this playoffs, hope he snags a cup