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  1. Nikolay Goldobin | LW/RW

    He was just on Instagram Live and someone commented "don't go to KHL". Goldobin chuckled and said anything can happen, that's life. Someone asked if he keeps in contact with Tryamkin, Goldy said yes. Someone tells him to tell Tryamkin to come back, Goldy said "hahaha don't think so, not for 2-3 years" (or something like that) Cool to see him interacting with fans
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I remember that night clearly and the tears rolling down my eyes as we finally beat the hawks after 3 long years against them. Definitely my most favourite goal in Canucks history. What a tribute, had a couple of tears, I know the guy will be back with the Canucks one day (coaching/management)
  3. [Signing] Canucks Sign NCAA FA Griffen Molino

    Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 23 Jan 2012 I'm glad datsyuk made me get a stiffy at the wings game with that goal. Now all these people can't stop staring #bonercity Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 22 Jan 2012 Think cut fries from Burger King look sexy right about now. Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 17 Jan 2012 Glad my parents made me a hockey player, according to all these bitties my kind are #sexyashell #betterbelieveit Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 13 Oct 2011 I've been tryin to not give so much of a &^@# lately, and lemme tell ya... It's awesome Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 6 Oct 2011 Idk what I'll do with myself if yoga pants get banned from schools. They're half the reason I go in the first place #truth #sorryimnotsorry Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 4 Oct 2011 I was just asked if I wanted "rite rice" at the Japanese restaurant. No, but i would enjoy some "white rice" if you have any sir. Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 25 Aug 2011 All couples out there... Don't fight over twitter. No one gives a flying &^@# about your problems. Griffen Molino‏ @griff_ball 22 Aug 2011 Even though my sister is a little wench... She does make some bomb ass cupcakes. This guy is golden HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (He was 17 or 18 when he posted these)
  4. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    You know I think we have a gem, you know, in Brock Boeser, you know, he scored in his NHL debut, you know and he played 18ish minutes in his 2nd game, you know, WD doesn't give that kind of minutes to rookies, you know, you know you know you know what i'm sayin yo you know.
  5. [GDT], Volume 48, Issue 70 - Canucks Vs. Stars, SNP

    Going to the game right now with my brand new Horvat jersey YEEEEHAW rdy to watch the Vancoucer Comets ..bummed that Goldobin isn't in but go canucks go!!!!!!!
  6. That was such a great read..tearing up at work. If i wasn't at work the tears would be outta control. You can really tell how genuine Alex is in the article and it definitely hit me hard in terms of my emotions. Love Burrows and so grateful we were lucky enough to have such an inspiring and genuine player play for us for 12 years.
  7. [GDT] Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks | Mar 13 | 7PM | SN |

    Backes grabs Tryamkin from behind Tryamkin grabs his head Bruins: let go of his &^@#ing head EDIT: didn't know it was the linesman ^ haha Don't mess with treeman..
  8. 2016-17 Utica Comets Thread

    If anyone wants to watch the game, PM me!!
  9. [GDT] Pittsburgh Penguins @ Vancouver Canucks | March Saturday @ 7pm on CBC

    Vancouver Canucks‏Verified account @Canucks 20s21 seconds ago More LINE-UP UPDATE: Tanev and Granlund will not play tonight due to food poisoning. This is just getting ridiculous o_O #Edit: the tank from within hehehe
  10. [GDT] Canucks @ Ducks, March 5th @ 4:30 pm, Sportsnet

    Agree that Megna is a good bottom 6 player - disagree that he should be given more opportunities over young forwards who may benefit the future of this team more than Megna.
  11. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Burrows impact on Horvat evident in the following from Botchford's provies from last night: "Consider that Bo Horvat said the best thing Willie has done for him in three years, was put Alex Burrows on his line. “He’s always talking to you, always trying to help you get better,” Horvat said.” “He always had a game plan for what he wanted to do, and what the line wanted to do.” “We knew we were going to play against one of the top lines and he had so much information. He’d say ‘We have to close on this guy or we have to be good a this to beat this particular line.’ “He would make adjustments during the game if we needed it. It wasn’t just with my line. He’d do it with the whole team. “It was nice to have.” “I think I’m better for having played on a line with him. I do.”“It was one of the greatest things Willie has done for me in these three years, is to put me on a line with him.” Read the full article here:
  12. [GDT] Canucks @ Ducks, March 5th @ 4:30 pm, Sportsnet

    I hope Boucher is in today.. Saw this on Botchford's provies article from last night.. "So Reid Boucher went from the fourth line to the press box after a great game in which he was first star, in a loss. Reid Boucher is 23 years old. Megna is 27. Both were in the AHL last season. Boucher had 32 points in 34 games. Megna had 44 in 68. Boucher has played 95 NHL games. Megna has played 99. In those 95 NHL games, Boucher has 31 points. In those 99 NHL games, Megna has 19. Each has played roughly 1,000 even strength minutes in the past four years. Boucher has a 48.9 shot attempt differential. Megna is at 46 per cent. Maybe someone can. but I can find no way to make a case that Megna is a better players than Boucher. You can’t even argue Megna is more experienced. Boucher is younger, has more potential and, by any measure I can uncork, is a better player. Right now. But what really makes this scratch maddening is that Goldobin and Boucher are former teammates. They were on the same line with the Sarnia Sting in the OHL. They were Sarnia’s top line and for the season combined for 92 goals." Edit: Boucher and Goldobin were also linemates in juniors and their line combined for 18 points one game - link: Read the full article here:
  13. [PGT] Canucks @ Kings

    WD...Boucher has an amazing game two games ago, gets like 7 minutes of ice last game and benched today Goldy scores a goal, gets demoted off the Sutter line and then benched... FXXX OFF
  14. Vancouver Canucks‏Verified account @Canucks 9h9 hours ago More "I'm happy to be here. Great guys. No words to describe my game, I'll show you on the ice." - Goldobin HOLY DID HE EVER SHOW US..GOLDYYYYYYYYYY GOBLIN BOYYYYYYYYYYY
  15. Jannik Hansen Appreciation/Memories Thread

    Tough to see another long term, fan favourite Canuck get traded last night. I was so hyped to see a Hansen trade get done and was extremely happy with Nikolay Goldobin coming back our way. However, a huge part of me was sad as well. Hansen was a huge fan favourite and warrior for the Canucks. He was funny during interviews, a versatile player who could play anywhere on the line up, speedy Gonzalez, a relentless forechecker, penalty killer, and someone who stood up for teammates. Things I will remember about Hansen: Took a late hate by Morgan Riley, which resulted in fractured ribs, got up right after with no hesitation and chased down Nazem Kadri to stick up for Daniel Sedin who took a high and dangerous hit from Kadri. What a team player. Hansen probably having the most breakaway attempts ever and probably missing on 99% of them LOL His pass to Raffi Torres in Game of the SCF, which resulted in the 1-0 game winning goal with 18ish seconds left The line of Torres-Malhotra-Hansen during the 2011 NHL season – the best third line I’ve seen on the Canucks in my time Hansen mocking Phaneuf and making a turtling motion Cory Schneider impersonating Hansen on After Hours on CBC Last night, Hansen said that his favourite Canucks memory was the following: "Our run in '11 is my #Canucks highlight. It's the most fun I've ever had playing hockey. It was a tremendous year." Pretty bittersweet to see that the Canuck core that I loved cheering for being shipped off one by one – but I think it’s time to turn the page on the 2011 core and focus on rebuilding. Will always cherish those 2011 Cup Run memories and the memories that that core brought. Here’s to Horvat and the rest of the young prospects being successful – time for new Canuck heroes and memories to be made.