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  1. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    The Virtanen thread was also moved from the prospect section so it has all of the draft and development talk. Bo got a new thread in the roster section.
  2. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    It makes me happy that they were high on Woo. Whenever someone drops to this management group, it always seems to turn out well.
  3. Jack Rathbone | D

    Rathbone looked good tonight. His skating is superb. His edgework by the boards in the offensive zone made a few players look silly.
  4. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    I'd be interested in seeing a "2nd line" of Eriksson - Pettersson - Virtanen and a "3rd line" of Leipsic - Sutter - Gagner/Grandlund. Obviously, it would depend on if Pettersson will start as a C, but Eriksson could provide a defensive presence and Virtanen could provide speed and physicality. The Sutter line looks like a decent checking line with he ability to score. There's so many options right now though. I'm excited to see how it pans out.
  5. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    Thank you for the response. I thought, with the amount of players you listed, you were predicting an entire "offensive B line". That's my mistake. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    I was just asking you're opinion on where Goldobin stands, as he was omitted. Wasn't meant as a slight, I genuinely wanted to know where he stands.
  7. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    I noticed you left Goldobin out of the offensive B line. Just curious if you think his time is up or see him as a 13th forward this year.
  8. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    My understanding was they played most of the season separately and Tavares got most of the tough shut down pairings. I'm sure Barzal will be excellent again this season, but it will definitely be interesting to see how he produces as the primary offensive threat this year.
  9. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    I think it was mentioned earlier in this thread, but he could be a player development coach. The guy is the perfect example of hard work and dedication, and that experience could be beneficial to any young player coming into the system. Who knows what else he's good at as well. Down the line, he could be a scout, a media member, a coach, or maybe something else. It's hard to tell what he's capable of at this stage.
  10. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Let's create a job called "Locker Room Guy" and bring him back. He'll be the gel without being on the roster. Canucks are set to hire me as "Idea Man" as well.
  11. Sedins Win King Clancy

    He looked pretty gutted when he lost the Norris. I'm guessing it's more about that than anything.
  12. Jack Rathbone | D

    Gotcha. I have a very hard time telling sarcasm on the internet. I appreciate the clarification.
  13. Jack Rathbone | D

    I'm not trying to say anything bad about him. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to gauge his status by asking others on this board.
  14. Jack Rathbone | D

    Not at all. I'm pretty high on Rathbone. I'm just curious as to how people will judge his abilities based on his unique status. Why do you assume the worst when I made no negative statement? Edit: Apparently you were being sarcastic. I apologize if that was the case.
  15. Jack Rathbone | D

    I'm curious, how do we judge him next season. He will be in his D+2 year, but only his freshman year in collage. In contrast, We'll be looking at Tkachuck in his D+1 year as a sophomore. So do we judge based on his Draft year or his status in the NCAA? These situations always frustrate me.