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  1. I could be wrong, but I think he needs 2 years of professional experience in NA and a certain amount of games played in those two years to be eligible.
  2. Sounds like we're gonna trade Hutton to Dallas for the #3 OA. #Hottake #E5 #I'mdefinitelyright
  3. Good numbers in his most recent year. Hopefully it's not an aberration. It'll be interesting to see how he does in training camp.
  4. I don't think Ottawa would even let us talk to him if it was for the same job that he has there.
  5. He spoke highly of Baumer in a previous interview. I think it implied that he was considering him as an assistant with the Canucks, but maybe he's giving him his vote for head coach in Utica.
  6. Haha you're right. It was definitely a back pedal from his original comment.
  7. I was listening to that. He wasn't saying that Pillar was like Rosa Parks, but that the situation was similar because the outcome had people talking about the issues. It's still ridiculous though. I was shaking my head the whole time he was talking.
  8. Here it is. Dahlen at #2.
  9. Herein lies the problem though. I want to stress that I'm not calling you a liar, because for all I know, you could very well be telling the truth, but I cannot take you at your word on something like this without any actual proof. There has never been any evidence that he was calling the shots. While a lot of signs point to it and I believe he probably was, I think it's irresponsible to say so definitively based on "people who know people" statements from strangers on the internet.
  10. You think Nichushkin comes back if he gets traded from the Stars? If so, would a goalie cap dump deal with him as incentive be worth it?
  11. CANUCKS’ TOP 10 PROSPECTS: GUILLAUME BRISEBOIS 1Canucks’ Top 10 Prospects 2017 2Counting down Canucks' top prospects: No. 10 – Jake Virtanen 3Canucks' Top 10 Prospects: Will Lockwood 4 Canucks' Top 10 Prospects: Guillaume Brisebois Hitting in a third round of any National Hockey League Entry Draft is brutally tough. It’s among the reasons Nikita Tryamkin’s departure to the KHL hurt so much. The Canucks finally nailed the right pick in a middle round, and ended up losing the player for nothing in return. But Tryamkin’s parting isn’t all bad. A young man that size doesn’t exit without opening a door. And the gap could be wide enough for one of the Canucks’ developing defencemen to sway into focus. Enter rangy, mature and smart Guillaume Brisebois. The player taken with the third-round pick acquired in the Eddie Lack trade is no sure thing. But he’s shown enough top-four upside this past season to slot in here at eighth in a rundown of the Canucks’ top 10 prospects. Vancouver Canucks prospect Guillaume Brisebois. ‘More desperation’ Brisebois took some hits at the Young Stars tournament in September and they weren’t all on the ice. Vancouver GM Jim Benning basically called him out for being soft, pointing out Brisebois needed “more desperation” and “urgency” in the way he played defence. This is usually code for a player not being tough enough. It’s true that Brisebois, who measured at nearly 6-3 in the fall after being 6-1 heading into the 2015 draft, did get rolled, or easily outmanoeuvred, by forwards nearly half-a-foot shorter. That was troubling. Brisebois got into a preseason game last September. At the time, Travis Green suggested Brisebois watch a whole lot of Alex Edler video to figure out how to box players out, especially around the net. It seemed at the time to be some sound advice for a defenceman who was looking really raw. The good news: Brisebois apparently got the message; because he followed up his Young Stars and training camp experiences with his best season in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. He kind of broke out offensively and was among the final cuts for Team Canada’s World Junior Championship teams. Top 10 prospects countdown: Guillaume Brisebois 2:32 Point total jumped What several scouts like is his point total, which jumped from 26 to 47, but the Canucks seemed most thrilled about his improvement in, um, that urgency. If Brisebois happens to pan out this season in the pros, some credit will need to go to Vancouver development coach Scott Walker. Guillaume Brisebois was selected 66th overall by the Canucks at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. “He did good work with him and he got him playing with more conviction defensively,” Benning said. “We drafted him because we liked his ability to get back and transition the puck up the ice. His overall game, his ability to skate and move the puck up, that is his strength. But he needed to play with more conviction. “Scott would work with him on the ice in practices and as the year went on, we have seen the conviction in his play improve. You can see it in the way he’s boxing guys out. He’s been more physical. “The things that he has done well in the past, he’s still doing those things. But he’s playing harder. That will serve him well moving forward.” Brisebois is one of those prospects who scouts love to point out his character. At 17 years of age, he was named captain of his junior team, Acadie-Bathurst. He was traded last year and wasn’t even with Charlottetown for two months before his new teammates voted him the captain. So, the leadership qualities are there, but is he physically ready to play in the AHL this season? “He’ll come to training camp so we’ll see where he’s at, but I would think development-wise, he’ll be playing in Utica,” Benning said. “He needs to keep developing.” This will be a big season for him in Utica. GUILLAUME BRISEBOIS Age: 19 (turns 20 in July, which makes him AHL eligible next season) Canucks Prospects Ranking: 8 Last season: Final Team Canada cut on their World Junior Championship team. He put up 47 points in 61 games leading the defence on his Charlottetown Islanders. The skinny: Brisebois apparently grew an inch or two last summer and his game on the ice seemed to grow even more. Brisebois became a legitimate prospect and the Canucks have him earmarked for Utica this fall.
  12. Everything after this year is determined by standings.
  13. The thing about the past two years, and it will probably be true of next year, is that everyone was saying that it was impossible to trade up because teams wouldn't let go of those picks. We find ourselves in a position where it's either impossible or not worth it.
  14. He made another one in the same game. Has there been an awakening? Have you felt it?