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  1. Best wishes in your future, Lack. Always a Canuck!
  2. And he gets the win too. Hahaha! Good for him!
  3. That's 12 pounds of problematic in a 5 pound bag. But your gender issues aside, rules exist for a reason. The existence of some risk is not the acceptance of any and all risks. Your workplace has safety rules and they deserve no less.
  4. Some things aren't just about how much danger that specific situation created but how much could be created. Even with chest protection it was incredibly dangerous because if the other guy had moved or someone had hit Kass's leg at that exact moment he could have slit that guy's throat. The NHL simply can NOT allow players to use their skates as weapons. Ever. That is a line that must not be crossed and should be taken extremely seriously because it could get someone killed. These are grownups. Not kicking other people shouldn't be a major hardship for them.
  5. Must be nice to get those extra players in the striped shirts for your home games.
  6. Still disagree that contact is needed in this specific context to maintain possession but check around the 7 minute mark.... https://www.nhl.com/video/nhl-tonight-offside-demo/t-277350912/c-50651303
  7. Take note: Tap the puck then skate ahead and you don't have worry about offside.
  8. It's always harder than people want to believe, if not impossible, to imagine how a goalie would do with another team in front of him. It would change everything, from the team dynamics to how his goalie coach is telling him to play. It's just not comparable. A still imperfect, but better, comparison is goalies on the same team. To be fair, teams vary from night to night, and especially from season to season, but the fact is that Bobrovsky has yet to outplay any of the recent Cats goalies with more than a handful of starts. Right now his stats are 34GP 33GS 16W 12L 4OT 3.29 GAA .896 SV%. And sadly, he's deserved them. That's worse than either Luo or Reims did last season. Of course, he still has games to play so his stats could improve, but the fact remains that not only is he not earning his money, he's not even an improvement on what they already had. And the Cats went after him specifically because they believed he was the missing piece they needed to go deep into the playoffs. He was supposed to help them win but I don't know that he's stolen a single game this season. He's played well in a few, regardless of his stats, but he's played badly in just as many and mediocre in most. The only reason Bob's wins are as high as they are is that the team is outscoring his mistakes. This seasons the Cats have a 3.62 GF/GP whereas last season they had a 3.22 GF/GP. To be fair, the GA/GP is currently slightly lower at 3.31 GA/GP than last season's 3.33 GA/GP. And, the Cats are not the most defensively sound team and never have been. Sadly, that has not changed this season, which is part of why they wanted a goalie who could make a few more difficult saves. For whatever reason, thus far that just isn't happening with any level of consistency. So how would he do with the Canucks? I have no idea. But having watched the Cats games as well as the Canucks games, I can tell you that I'm very happy we have Marky in net.
  9. Dude, people don't get suspended because you're shorter. Jake's arm was down until the follow through. It wasn't even a particularly brutal hit. Maybe grab an energy bar. Someone sounds hangry.