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  1. League bias

    I do not understand this logic. The NHL is a company with internal standards that should remain relatively constant, though evolving, despite personnel changes. Though there can be some variation in interpretation between people, it's the NHL's job to ensure that they are hiring people with a relatively consistent vision of how to enforce rules to ensure that they are being enforced fairly and evenly. Any failure to do so is fair game for comment because it just that, a failure in their core reason for existing. In general, the NHL has been evolving discipline towards a harder line on things like head hits. There has not, however, been a step back on their judgement of lateness. As such, it is entirely fair to point out that the same organization using less strict rules decided that Rome deserved the longest SCF suspension because of the lateness (and only the lateness as they even admitted that if it hadn't been late the hit would have been legal under the rules at the time) while another hit this season that was as (or even more) late than the Rome hit doesn't deserve even a single game. Even if you take into account the upscaling of punishment for the outcome of the hit, if Rome's lateness deserved 4 games because of the injury, any late hits deserve at least 1 SCF game. Different employees or not, that is a gross inconsistency by the same organization. True, the Rome decision was hardly the only example and the Canucks are not always the victims of their bias but that doesn't mean that the NHL isn't biased and/or doesn't allow the biases of individual employees to unjustly influence their decisions in order to help or harm teams. In the 2011 SCF it was clear, from the officiating to the DoP decisions, that Daddy Jacobs' influence mattered far more than fairness or true sportsmanship. And there will never be a time when it's no longer fair game to point that out. After all, if they aren't providing an environment where all teams and players are treated fairly and equally, what's the point of a sports organization at all? If you can unjustly influence the outcome of a game is it even a sport anymore?
  2. [REPORT] Glen Gulutzan hired by the Oilers

    The rumor was he wanted to come back here. But Edmonton is the one who offered so that's where he's heading. Kind of feel bad for him.
  3. General Hockey Questions

    Here's an article that explains it. Fundamentals of the NHL’s Free Agent System Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/nhl-free-agents-explained-2778995
  4. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    So he's already been put on notice after he did it earlier and now he's being put on notice AGAIN? How many "notices" does he get before the league does something? It's disgusting and completely unacceptable. And it's beyond infuriating that someone putting their hand inside Burrow's mouth and then claiming to have gotten bit as a result got people all up in arms but Marchand's out there acting like other players are lollipops and people are only starting to say, "Hmmm..that's a bit classless. He should stop before he gets a bad reputation." Must be nice to get the Boston treatment.
  5. Critiquing NHL Logos

    Interesting that he didn't use the new Florida logo.
  6. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Only surprised we didn't fall further. And that Edmonton didn't move up to the top 3.
  7. Well that was disappointing. Wanted to see Boston lose.
  8. Glad Morrissey is getting a hearing. He deserves at least a couple of games for that. It was dangerous and deliberate. And the ref deserves a fine for failing to call that. No way he didn't see it. Ridiculous!
  9. Wasn't sure who was going to win this going in, but I'm still a little shocked the Kings went out like jesters. Oh well. Zero Fs given.
  10. NYR fire Alain Vigneault

    I think that's it. He's a good coach, but he's not great with change, especially if he can't just plug a new player into the exact slot vacated by an older player. He can build a team identity around the players he has, but then he doesn't seem to be able to easily adjust his team according to the players he has available to him. And to be fair to him, that may be one of the most difficult parts of being a coach. It's like trying to complete a puzzle where some of the pieces are constantly changing. Ironically though, he might then be better on a young team were there may be less player turn over and he can build a consistent identity the players can grow with. At least for a while.
  11. [GDT] Around the NHL | April (01-08) 2018

    Source: https://www.nhl.com/news/jamie-benn-roberto-luongo-claude-giroux-named-nhl-3-stars/c-297824708
  12. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Wow. :'( Thanks for the awesome memories, Hank and Danny!!
  13. And he got the first star too. Not too shabby!
  14. Luongo to play 1,000th NHL game

    And it's a win!