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  1. Bummed to see him go. He turned out to be a far better team guy than I thought he would be. But I'm glad he can be near his family and I wish him all the best. Unless he's playing against us.
  2. This series has been disgusting. Clearly Pitts is getting to play by a different set of rules, especially at home. I'm sure that makes it a hell of a lot easier to win when you get to take someone to box with you every time you fill your punch card and finally got called for your 6th penalty. All the talk about "parity" is a lie. There can never be true parity until the rules apply to all teams equally.
  3. Not sure it's worth watching the rest of the series. The NHL seems to have already decided the winners...
  4. Sad for Bieksa. Plus, I was really hoping to see some Burr on Kes battles in the SCF.
  5. So happy to see Bieska back! I so want a Ducks/Sens final so we can finally see at least one of our guys lift the Cup. Just with someone else.
  6. Really hope Burr will be good to go next game! And I really hope the Sens are able to end this series before anyone else gets hurt. I have a feeling the final is going to be brutal no matter which combination of teams end up in it. As for the Pens, if they do not return with Fluery in net then I'll go from cheering for Ottawa to actively cheering against the Pens. Murray may be their goalie going forward next year, but Fluery has more than earned that net for these playoffs!
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot that. LOL
  8. I LOL'ed at Johansen's interview. Yes, Kesler is playing hard and you're just letting him know that it's effective. I'm sure he appreciates the vote of confidence. You get to complain IF you answer back and you get called but they don't. (See Boston series.) Until then, save the whining. It's not the other team's responsibility to make it easy for you. It's playoff hockey, for god's sake!
  9. Luo and Burr for sure. And would be delighted for Bieska to win one. Wouldn't mind seeing Kes lift it, but don't feel as emotionally invested as I do for the others. But if any of them ever do win a cup it will be bitter sweet that it's not with the Canucks.
  10. As per TSN, Ovechkin is dealing with a knee injury caused by a hit from Kadri in the first round. Which is why he's not going.
  11. That's some BS. He got checked into the boards and ended up going to the dressing room but he gets fined for embellishing? When was the last time you saw that?
  12. Was so worried they were done. Am so glad I was wrong. Way to go, Sens!