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  1. In response to Luo's tweet above:
  2. Glad we didn't lose picks. I actually expected that we would. But, it still makes the organization look like a Mickey Mouse organization who can't be bothered to find out the rules. That can't help Benning's reputation or ability to actually get a deal done.
  3. OP, are you an Edmonton fan? Because that's the only way that trade would make sense...
  4. Fraser responded to Couture's whining by saying that Crosby did not cheat in faceoffs (though he does say that Malkin might have gotten away with more than he should have.) http://www.tsn.ca/c-mon-ref-is-sidney-crosby-cheating-on-draws-1.500247 I won't post the whole article because there are pictures to illustrate points, but he concluded: So quit your whining, Couture. You lost. Take it like a hockey player!
  5. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/tsn-original-don-t-take-my-goal-away%7E871579 LOL (And I still say that Panthers no-goal against the NYI should have counted!)
  6. Just horrible! I feel so sorry for all of the (non-murderous) members of both families. That's the kind of thing that can really weigh you down mentally. Here's hoping the trial goes quickly so both families can finally start healing and moving on with their lives.
  7. That literally can't happen. The salary cap is part of the player pay agreement. Adding in the coach's salary would reduce the percentage of HRR that players receive, in violation of the CBA. Plus, players accepted the salary cap via their union. I doubt there is one that represents the coaches, so how would an agreement even be made that was legally binding if the people who would be directly affected aren't represented in the process? Coaches are completely separate and their pay should be separate. If people are concerned about pay equity then that should be dealt with separately from the salary cap. But really, what's the point? Companies can pay as much as they want for their executives and NHL teams are just that, companies.
  8. I didn't think it deserved more. Though that one angle did make it look like he left his feet before the hit, others showed that he didn't. And he did hit through the body and didn't target the head like Orpik did. Fraser was dead-on with this one, saying he thought it deserved 1 game before the suspension was announced. http://www.tsn.ca/c-mon-ref-letang-deserves-one-game-suspension-for-careless-hit-1.482836
  9. Letang suspended one game for late hit DoPS Video: https://www.nhl.com/video/kris-letang-suspended-1-game/t-277440360/c-43830303
  10. Trotz implies Pens received preferential treatment with Orpik ban
  11. Right?! He deserved at least a nomination.
  12. At least there is a DoPS hearing for the hit on Matta today. Hope Matta will be okay. Poor guys has had so many health issues lately.
  13. Bortz Media, actually. Not a law firm. Does actually make me feel a little better though, so thanks for the info (of sorts).
  14. She, actually. And I don't think Bettman gives a rat's arse one way or another about anything hockey related other than revenue. Didn't say it was or wasn't rigged in any year. Just saying I don't trust them and find it very suspicious that the only 3 Western Canadian teams were the only 3 to drop spots.
  15. They should televise it live. But even that wouldn't definitively prove anything. Lotteries are routinely drawn live on TV and have been tampered with by tinkering with the balls. Conspiracy theory? Sure, but I doubt their security is as high as other lotteries where cheating has happened and, frankly, I just don't trust the NHL to be completely above board.