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  1. Offside challenges. McJesus not happy

    Must be nice to be able to be taken so seriously when you complain about the rule being applied to you exactly the same as it is for everyone else. As a Vancouver fan, I wouldn't know. We complain about being treated differently, or about being penalized for taking our players' safety into account and people call us whiners. McSaviour complains about days ending in "Y" and people say we need to change the calendar. But I do think they need to change the rule so that if you have a skate over the line, even if it's lifted in the act of skating, it's still considered onside. It's just getting out of hand. And yes, they can drag their skate but we want speed and excitement, and telling players to slow down on O-zone entry is antithetical to that. Change the rule, but make sure it's applied evenly for everyone.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    Canucks D Tanev lost six and a half teeth Source: https://www.tsn.ca/canucks-d-tanev-lost-six-and-a-half-teeth-1.965407
  3. Wow! Elbow a guy into the net, knock the net onto the goalie and the goal still counts?! Wow.
  4. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Refs you suck! That is all.
  5. Dirty hit. He raised his arm even more to lead with the elbow. And even dirtier sucker punch. I don't think the guy he grabbed even saw the hit. He was too busy actually trying to play hockey. Rinaldo should try it sometime.
  6. [PGT] San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Whatever Green said it obviously worked because this game was night and day compared to the last one. Way to go, Canucks!! (And F U, refs!)
  7. [Report] Roberto Luongo out 6-8 weeks

    That really sucks! Hope he has a quick and complete recovery!
  8. Yeah. And it didn't look good. Apparently he's getting an MRI today and was "hobbling" after the game. (That being said, hobbling would have been an improvement after having to be helped off the ice and down the tunnel..) Here's hoping it's nothing too bad.
  9. Brock Boeser named Rookie of the Month for November

    Well deserved. Good for Boeser!
  10. Yep, succeeding behind a crap team is not small feat. But still irrelevant to the discussion of which teams he's shut out. I would think, though, that trading Luongo after only 20 starts (including that shutout!) is one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history.
  11. Yeah, but that's not the same as shutting out a team.
  12. [Report] Gabriel Landeskog suspended 4 games

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. But suspension definitely deserved.
  13. And with it Luo becomes only the second goalie in NHL history to get 200 wins with 2 different teams. (Roy was the other.)
  14. He's actually shutout Chicago multiple times. (Seriously, there for a few years he owned them.) But I really wanted to know which teams the commentators were talking about, so using his ESPN game logs I tried to figure it out by writing down the teams he had a shutout against and then eliminating them from a list of NHL teams. I may have made a mistake, but here's what I was left with: Detroit NY Islanders Ottawa Vancouver Vegas Winnipeg A couple of notes: Luo did shut out Atlanta once, so the commentators probably eliminated Winnipeg for that reason. Also, Luo has been a part of at least 2 team shutouts that I can remember. (I originally only removed teams if he played the full game.) So I googled it and found out that the team shutout with Vancouver was against Colorado and one with Florida was against Ottawa. Colorado was already off the list, but the commentators probably removed Ottawa from the list for that reason. So, by process of elimination I believe the 4 other teams the commentators were talking about were: Detroit NY Islanders Vancouver Vegas
  15. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (12-18) 2017

    Good. That was a dangerous, unnecessary play and he deserves a lengthy suspension.