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  1. TSN Grades the Canucks

    Unfortunately, I don't disagree with their rating of Miller. He's been pretty average after the first few games. Of course, his stats also partially the reflect the team in front of him too, not just his own performance. And he is still playing well enough for us to win if the team plays well for the entire game. I'd love to say it's growth that has resulted in how fans and the media here are viewing Miller's stats as being acceptable but thought Luongo's even better stats were completely unacceptable. I'd love to, but I'm not an idiot... Now, rating Burr a C is BS. He's 5th on the team for points and first on the team for takeaways (good for 55th in the league). His -2 rating is mostly the result of the fact that 5 of his 11 points came on the PP and he's been shuttled around and asked to play different roles on different lines repeatedly throughout the season. And how does Horvat get rated lower than Vrbata? Vrbata makes more money, people also had high expectations for him, and he's been given better chances, like first line time. I don't understand why people are hating on Horvat all ready. It's his sophomore year on a slumping team.
  2. Daniel Sedin named second star of the week

    Good for Danny! Nice to see him getting some recognition at the league level.
  3. [PGT] Nux 6-3 Hawks. Hat gate game

    Not sure if it was posted before or not, but for anyone who missed it: Apparently people were tweeting hats to Danny after the lackluster hat toss at the game last night. And made #TweetDannyAHat trend in Canada. Hopefully Danny felt the love! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/canucks-fans-react-online-after-daniel-sedin-s-hat-trick-reaps-only-1-hat-1.3330198
  4. Injury Tracker

  5. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Botchford said something that made sense and supported the Canucks?! Huh. Well, don't that just prove the old adage about even broken clocks being right twice a day. Good thing too, because I was seriously starting to wonder if he was digital.
  6. How To Increase Scoring???

    Don't know who's "swearing by" low-scoring games. I think we're just saying if it's a low-scoring game it doesn't make it bad and a high-scoring game isn't inherently more exciting. There's more to the game than the scoreboard. But I did watch a soccer game for the first time during the women's FIFA tournament recently. I'm not a soccer fan, but I gotta say it wasn't that bad. Some of them were actually good games. It's a very defensive game and some of the best moves made stop a goal rather than score one. Still not better than hockey, but I'll definitely watch another sometime. It is interesting to point out, however, that soccer has all of the features people swear will result in more scoring: small goalie equipment (do they wear more than gloves?), large nets, and an enormous playing surface. Yet somehow it's still an incredibly low scoring game. And the most popular sport in the world. Huh.
  7. Benning says Sedins will retire as Canucks

    I should hope so. They're franchise players. As long as they're willing to accept diminishing roles as their skills and athletic ability wane, there is no reason for them to ever wear another sweater.
  8. How To Increase Scoring???

    I think the whole panic over scoring is related more to people's lack of attention span these days rather than anything inherently related to the game. There's far more to hockey than just scoring goals. If you need a flashing red light every few minutes to make it exciting enough for you, maybe basketball is your game.
  9. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Here's what I find odd: A reputable NHL reporter already said that the NHL looked into the incident and didn't think Burr did anything that warranted discipline. I can't imagine that they've gotten new evidence since then, since audio recording of the penalty boxes and/or phone calls to the officials in the box would have been what "looking into it" entailed. Further, the NHL usually announces disciplinary hearings on their website and I haven't seen anything other than those citing John Shannon as the sole source saying Burr is meeting with them, meaning it doesn't appear to be a regular disciplinary hearing. The timing makes that especially true, as that sort of thing is usually scheduled relatively quickly and this didn't come up for a few days. So, I'm wondering if it's more of a "trip to the principal's office" kind of deal where they're going to talk to Burr, tell him not say mean things and that he really should apologize for being such a meanie beanie but not really anything overly official. If it does turn out to be an official hearing of some sort, that's going to smell because it's been treated so differently than any other disciplinary process I've ever seen. Also interesting that despite all the crap that surely gets said game in and game out, it seems the only people complaining to the NHL about trash talk in recent years have been Tootoo and Sean Avery, two guys known for their yearly Lady Byng nominations...
  10. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Wow. So it's pretty well already decided that he'll get at least a fine then. Should have know as soon as Tootoo accused Burrows, given how much the league loves him...
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Surely you can see the difference between alleging that a ref announced his intention (and followed through) to unfairly call a game in order to punish a player for "embarrassing" him in a previous game and two players talking trash to one another. One is about an abuse of power and professional standards. The other is just about hurt feelings. Absent any barred language (racist slurs, etc.), hurting someone's feeling isn't against the rules because CBA doesn't stand for the "Cry Baby Articles." And without specific details saying otherwise, Burr isn't even accused of violating NHL rules against barred language. He's just being accused of hurting someone's feelings. So yeah, this is one of those times it should have stayed on the ice and been dealt with by the people involved. And it's entirely different than a official abusing his power for personal reasons.
  12. No Hearing for Larrson on his hit on McCann

    Yep, makes sense. NHL to Canucks: Someone knowingly ran into you, causing significant head contact? Well, keep your head up. It's a dangerous sport, you know. NHL to everyone else: You knowingly ran into a Canuck with your head down? That animal! We'll suspend him right away!
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I don't know what Burr said, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't, "Hey, friend, after this game is over we should do coffee." I'm sure he was rude. Likewise, I don't know what Tootoo said to Burr, but I'd bet my rent money it wasn't even in the same postal code as, "You hurt my feelings with what you said. You're a meanie!'" So, yeah, they were both probably being deliberately hurtful. (That is, after all, the very simple idea behind trash talk. Otherwise, what's the point?) Still, it's not fair to jump to the conclusion that Burr said anything beyond the run of the mill "Dude, your wife's so ugly I wouldn't..." crap that usually gets said. Maybe he did, but we don't have anything beyond a vague accusation. And while it's entirely unfair to use his history as an alcoholic as proof that Tootoo isn't a trustworthy source, it is fair to use his own hockey related behavior. Remember, this is the guy about whom Getzlaf said (in 2011), "I’m tired of watching Jordin Tootoo out there, a guy who runs around and hits and does everything else but the first little slash, he’s laying on the ice and he’s out the next shift." And the guy that way back in 2009, The Hockey Writers said he was the 8th dirtiest player in the league. And the guy who, despite his claim that he thinks guys should fight their own battles, sucker punched Dorsett while he was already engage in a battle with another guy. After, Dorsett said, "Tootoo was just being himself, being the cheap player that he is and coming in swinging." (So I'm sure that played a big part in Dorsett's reactions last night.) And then, of course, there was the time he charged Miller right after he came back from the Lucic "legal" hit. (And likely, Lucic was heard laughing when Tootoo was suspended.) It's been well established that fighting is not obligatory in the NHL. I don't know why Tootoo got so upset with Burrows, but I do know that if Tootoo himself has no problem stepping in for other people, he should have no problem with another known fighter stepping in for a guy who rarely gets into more than a fight or 2 during a season. (Though to be fair, I'm not even sure when he claims to have challenged Burr. That fight with Dorsett didn't start with Tootoo doing anything other than crap disturbing right off the bench. He gave Burr a light tap from behind, but kept his eyes on Dorsett and willingly engaged in a fight with him. There was no challenge to Burr. Maybe he meant sometime later...) I do know, however, that when the refs have to keep you from hitting a guy already on the ice and you still pull the guy back up by his head, turning him around so you can attack from behind AND when one of your teammates starts a fight with a 19-year-old rookie and then skates around the rink pounding his chest like he just won a MMA fight, you might want to watch those "classless" accusations. Some of them might fall at your feet.
  14. Yes. McCabe @ 5:29. We can car pool!
  15. Targeted head shots allowed now?   Oh, right. It was Burrows...