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  1. Glad Morrissey is getting a hearing. He deserves at least a couple of games for that. It was dangerous and deliberate. And the ref deserves a fine for failing to call that. No way he didn't see it. Ridiculous!
  2. Wasn't sure who was going to win this going in, but I'm still a little shocked the Kings went out like jesters. Oh well. Zero Fs given.
  3. NYR fire Alain Vigneault

    I think that's it. He's a good coach, but he's not great with change, especially if he can't just plug a new player into the exact slot vacated by an older player. He can build a team identity around the players he has, but then he doesn't seem to be able to easily adjust his team according to the players he has available to him. And to be fair to him, that may be one of the most difficult parts of being a coach. It's like trying to complete a puzzle where some of the pieces are constantly changing. Ironically though, he might then be better on a young team were there may be less player turn over and he can build a consistent identity the players can grow with. At least for a while.
  4. [GDT] Around the NHL | April (01-08) 2018

    Source: https://www.nhl.com/news/jamie-benn-roberto-luongo-claude-giroux-named-nhl-3-stars/c-297824708
  5. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Wow. :'( Thanks for the awesome memories, Hank and Danny!!
  6. And he got the first star too. Not too shabby!
  7. Luongo to play 1,000th NHL game

    And it's a win!
  8. Yeah he played really well, especially given that he'd played the night before. He made the saves and his team did their part making sure he could see them and then clearing rebounds. Ironically, it was a better team effort than some other games where Luo faced fewer shots. (And it's why it's infuriating when they don't play well, because they clearly can.) They gave Luo a chance to be great and he took it and ran with it. Neither goal was Luo's fault and the second (non) goal came with like 0.5 second left. Luo made the save and had it under him. The play should have been blown at that point but I guess the ref was hoping to just run out the clock. Instead, a Pred put his stick in Luo's glove and turned Luo around, knocking the puck loose so another Pred could tap it in. I really thought they would let it stand even though it was goalie interference. I was pleasantly shocked that they got the call right. It was a nice birthday gift for Luo, who is celebrating his 39th today.
  9. And in exciting fashion! That was also his 999th game.
  10. Very true. Until the last season he was actually a valuable piece of their team in Florida. But the last year he was just not noticeable and there's nothing worse for a player of his caliber than that. It's sad that he didn't see the time to retire was then. Had he, I have no doubt the Panthers would have brought him back the following season to mark the occasion in a way fitting his career. As it stands, he just fizzled out and it does put a terrible ending to a great career that has earned him a spot in the HHoF for sure. And that's why I'm glad Hank and Danny are going out on their own terms like this. I'm glad we'll have the chance to give them the send off they deserve. Not just for them but for us as fans. Every relationship needs closure and I'm glad we're all getting it in this case.
  11. Very true. If he had just retired after not re-signing with Florida I think he would have gotten the fanfare he deserved.
  12. Not sure if it got posted, but in case not...
  13. It's hardly a shock, so why is it so hard to hear? :'( I wish them both a long, healthy, happy life. I look forward to their numbers being raised to the rafters by the Canucks and them being inducted to the HHoF.