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  1. Once again the Canucks get screwed by the NHL overseers. About time those running the show better start watching the Ref's since lopsided calls are all the rage this year, when it comes to the Canucks games, remember we're all watching this never ending farce. Three games for Burrows is a joke, after all the fellow he hit came back and finished the game. Looked more like the player took a dive, than a hit to the head.
  2. Best game ever...about time the CANUCK's sent a all the GOON FILLED TEAMS THROUGHOUT THE LEAGUE. After watching the BRUIN's GOON their way to the Cup and have free will over the CANUCK's as the Refs turned a blind eye... About time we showed some "BALLS"... TORT'S is the MAN!
  3. Hey, what does "CBS cares" mean?