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  1. Ya interesting how that worked. Fleury had essentially fallen out of favour in Pit and got a new lease on life in Vegas. Will be interesting how teams play the next expansion draft given the crazy success of Vegas.
  2. He'll be 31 so could see them trying to acquire a younger goalie - depends who else is available on the Canucks as well.
  3. Ya probably a good chance of that but I think his age does play a role and Marky seems like location might be more important than extra dollars (if over six million, there are some other veteran free agents available in 2020).
  4. Sign Marky to a four year $5MM to $5.5MM contract and protect Demko for the expansion draft. If Seattle takes Marky so be it but chances are they don't and the Canucks will have a solid goalie tandem for the next 2 to 3 years until one of Marky or Demko get moved.
  5. Management and the coaching staff clearly want some defensive help on the NHL team to allow the key young guys room to develop. If the bottom six eat heavy defensive minutes, EP40, etc. can focus on getting better. I think the current structure is as much about the long-term as it is about the short-term. As EP40, etc. mature and take on more of the heavy lifting, the third line will include more and more players with offensive upside.
  6. Lucic needs to be protected for expansion draft.......plus an extra year on the contract. Can't see any realistic scenario where it made sense to trade him for Loui. Neal is performing well for the Oil right now so will be interesting to see how long that lasts.
  7. Detroit has three wins this year - Preds, Stars and Habs so Canucks need to come to play on Tuesday.
  8. The top lines for Edmonton and Calgary have been better (PP & 5v5) and that has been the difference. Ferland hasn't found his groove with EP40 and Boeser yet. Lot's of new bodies, will take a while to get some chemistry going. Really liked Jake's jump with Gaudette. Still like the overall makeup of the team, just need more reps.
  9. Agreed, Sven is a risk given his injury history and Canucks need consistency this year.
  10. Agreed, I think Sven is just the odd man out. His injury history makes him a wild card and the Canucks desperately need some consistency this year. He filled the gap admirably but got pushed out of his role by a younger draft pick...not as horrible a move as it is being made out to be. Also, the extra room would allow them to better push a trade for Loui (retain salary, etc.)
  11. Ya, something else is likely in the works although I don't think Loui is going anywhere. Need him for the PK, etc. and the team clearly wants to build up his value for TD and 2020 summer.
  12. I agree. Salary sucks big time but Loui clearly fits a role that is still required in the NHL...PK and shut down defensive forward...wish his AAV was $2MM but it isn't so time to move on. I don't see anyone picking up Sven given his injury history. He'll be up soon enough when injuries in the top six strike.