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  1. I didn't take the comments as negative so I guess that is where we disagree. I simply felt WD was saying Tryamkin can be a difference maker and outlined what he needs to do to make that happen (it's really a compliment). Also, given how hard the team seems to play for WD, I don't think negativity is an issue. From all accounts WD is a strong communicator and teacher...part of being a good teacher is telling the truth...even if it hurts a little.
  2. It's a fair point but I think the point WD was trying to make is that Tryamkin can be a difference maker. No one is going to say that about Sbisa...he is a place holder. The Sedins are the Sedins...they are the vets who are going to guide the young guys forward...they already know when they screw up and what they need to do each and every night but the rookies don't. The Sedins are just old now, WD knows where they are at and outlining what they need to do to improve serves no purpose.
  3. He seemed to compliment Tryamkin and then offer constructive criticism regarding the rookie's game. They are professional athletes...they don't need to be treated with kid gloves. WD may lose his job but I think people are making way too much about these comments.
  4. This is what I took from the comment as well. Tryamkin should take it as a compliment not as a dig. WD was basically saying that Tryamkin has the ability to be a difference maker, he just needs to keep learning how to do that and that playing physical is a big part of that.
  5. OK, this is way too good
  6. I don't think it is necessarily that, Bo is still only 21 years old. I think they have a development plan for him and they are sticking to it. He is doing great and next year he will do even better and get even more playing time. No need to fix what isn't broken. Sure they want to get into the playoffs but development is #1 regardless of what they say to the media.
  7. Agreed, I think he deserves the opportunity to coach a team with a stronger forward group. The young guys have all taken steps forward and all the players put in a good effort most nights...that is pretty impressive considering the mentality of many pro athletes these days.
  8. I agree, given his salary and versatility is a 2nd even worth it? I feel it would need to be a 1st or no deal (unless he is part of a larger deal to get a true young offensive forward).
  9. Would definitely do that trade...unfortunately Buffalo won't...c'mon Buffalo
  10. In two years, when Benning's draft picks are killing it, a lot of people will be eating their words.
  11. Just a numbers game, nothing about Gaunce - he doesn't have to clear waivers.
  12. Would be tough to see them go but a Edler/Hansen package for a young high end offensive player would be ideal.
  13. Totally agree but they still need a top line centre. I definitely see Horvat as a 1B + captain but they need a high end offensive talent centre to compliment him.
  14. Need to win these next two games...can't waste games against the lower teams. Feb & March will be a grind.
  15. Thank you, finally a sensible response. A lot of shade being dropped with no facts to back it up. The plan has never changed from the perspective of management, just the outside world's ever changing perception.