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  1. Looking for answers on the 2018 draft (discussion/poll)

    Even though it would be nice to get more for Tanev (i.e. hit a home run) the idea of potentially getting Wahlstrom and one of the top 10 D prospects is pretty tempting.
  2. Definitely make some good points. I was leaning towards them playing for one more year to give the prospects one more year to develop but it might be time. There will be injuries again so might be good for guys like Gaudette to start in the AHL but...two more potential line-ups with and without the Sedins - the line-up without the Sedins might actually be better: Leipsic-Horvat-Boeser Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson(NTC) Baer-Sutter-Gagner Archibald-Gaudette-Virtanen Leipsic-Horvat-Boeser Baer-Gagner-Goldobin Granlund-Sutter-Eriksson Archibald-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte Gaunce Boucher I believe Motte does not have to clear waivers next year...anyone else other than Gaudette?
  3. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Totally agree, plus a big part of Benning's draft strategy is to draft gamers...pretty hard to ask a kid like Gaudette, etc to take his foot off the brakes. Would love them to get the 1st overall as well but like seeing multiple young guys play well.
  4. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Agreed, we are seeing the natural progression of allowing prospects to develop at their own pace. Would love them to get the 1st overall but there are no guarantees anymore (with the lottery) so, happy to see multiple young guys playing well. Also, much more important to draft well overall than to focus on getting 1st overall.
  5. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Media, anti-Benning crew are too fixated on the 3rd and 4th round draft picks Benning didn't acquire to notice anything positive (shakes head). Hopefully as the team gets younger and younger, the injuries won't be as big a factor (although it might always given travel, etc.)
  6. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Agreed, one more year and he should be primed to join a solid NHL squad as the back-up (and hopefully end the season as the starter)
  7. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    There we go, one at a time We'll never bring over the bloggers but regular fans will enjoy the type of players Benning brings in and develops. It has been mostly space fillers until this year, holding spots for his draft picks, etc.
  8. Eliotte Friedman Destroys Canucks Trolls + Media (650 interview Link)

    Someone needed to say it. People complain no matter what move is made (spin every move in a negative light)...I am all for healthy debate but the anti-Benning group has gone off the rails (project their opinion and view of how to rebuild as dogma - end of the day Benning's plan might work or it might not but no one knows for sure). I like Benning's deliberate approach to the rebuild and also like that he emphasizes the mental side of development (i.e. young guys need role models, etc.). I think it will pan out in the long-run.
  9. Jim Benning Press Conference - Post Deadline Edition 1:00pm PST

    Agreed, Benning continues to add hard working/fiery young players to act as role players to the high end players he believes he can draft. The Pettersson's of the group need to pan out offensively but I like the model. Draft picks are important but a large section of the fan base is really overvaluing them as well.
  10. Let's Give Gud Hockey Net-Deal.

    Definitely anything over 4mil a year is a risk. Hopefully his unique set of skills amplify as more and more young talent join the team.
  11. People are underestimating the group of prospects in the NHL and on the way. Looking at this thread, a lot of people could be eating their words. Even a young NHLer like Virtanen will be a huge player come playoff time (good possession numbers, decent defensively and physical)...the prospect pool is full of gamers which translates well in the playoffs. That is all I care about - The Playoffs. Keep the good vibes going.
  12. Agreed Virtanen will impact the game in a lot of different ways - people need to give him some time to fully develop (he has had to re-learn the game compared to other more offensive guys - Virtanen can't simply bowl guys over anymore and is still figuring out the nuances of the game). If Boeser, Pettersson, etc pan out offensively, Virtanen will be one hell of a unique/valuable asset.
  13. [PGT] Montreal Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Fair enough but he still won two cups in his first two years. MAF only won one cup in all the years he was there. I have no real love for Matt Murray but he still delivered on the biggest stage in his first two years.
  14. [PGT] Montreal Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks

    You clearly didn't read my earlier posts. Someone questioned when the Canucks would ever have a #1 and I replied Demko in two years. Matt Murray is simply an example of a guy who stepped into the league in a good situation and had a tonne of success. In two years, when more and more Benning draft picks have joined the team, Demko should be primed to make the jump. If he is ready he is ready, either one of the current goaltenders could act as a solid veteran mentor. I also made the argument that the two current goaltenders were in the top half of the league for save % and GAA until the injuries hit. Their current results a result of bad performance but also a reflection of the defensive make up of the current team. You literally just made all the points I was arguing so... Main point is people are overreacting as always but the team is fun to watch but it is a total wildcard year and the real games start in two years when guys like Boeser have a couple years under their belt and guys like Pettersson and Demko are joining the NHL squad.