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  1. They haven't even played 15 games, WD is doing the right thing and bringing the kids along slowly. He is already playing them more in the 3rd, by January the team should be rolling. They have been playing well (most important thing), they just need to clean up some brain cramp moments in each game.  
  2. Horvat or McCann

    Both are taking big steps this year and so far doing very well. It works out perfectly because McCann's skill set is best suited for a 1st line centre and Horvat's for a shut down 2nd line centre (that contributes offensively). In three years (when they are 22 and 23), they should be a great combo...not to mention the other prospects coming in from three more years of Benning drafts.
  3. Why not put Vrbata on the 1st and reunite the kids line?

    They have played really well so far, can't really complain about how WD has deployed his lines. The first nine games were always going to be a little hectic given the status of McCann and Jake.
  4. question: McCann assist?

    He isn't big but his positioning is great and he is very evasive. Hopefully he can keep building on game one.
  5. Why on team 1040 is everyone ripping into Canucks Management?

    The fact that the talking heads on Team 1040 don't like the moves bodes well for JB and TL.
  6. I don't think the team has to expose any players to waivers (even Cracknell, who has played well). Technically they can send down Horvat and then bring him back up when the team puts Higgins on the IR. Hutton is the wild card...not sure they will sacrifice a vet unless he kills it again. Even then, who do you expose to waivers?
  7. Preseason performances: reality vs business of what starting roster should be

    IMO the main thing is getting Jake and McCann their nine games. Pre-season is different and it makes sense to see what they can do in real games. It also makes no sense to lose guys like Vey on the waiver wire. JB will see where the team is at and go from there. It won't hurt the other guys to play in Utica for a month or two. There will be less pressure on guys like Gaunce and Hutton in December (compared to the start of the season).
  8. Mike Gillis Looks Better With Every Passing Day

    I love that JB drafted McCann and you are using it as ammunition for why Gillis is better. The irony is pretty sweet. JB will be fine and his drafts show that. I don't think JB's trades have been bad, he hasn't necessarily won the trades but I wouldn't say he has lost any by a great marging. It's not like he was trading high end talent. Only Kesler was high end and JB was forced to trade him. I prefer JB's proactive mentality to Gillis's wait it out and do nothing approach.
  9. Should Benning part with more Vets?

    I think Benning plays the year out and sells big at the deadline if their position in the standings calls for it. The prospects could all use another year playing together in the ahl. McCann and Jake are a different question given they would have to return to the WHL, etc. Not much more they can learn down there, I say keep both of them for at least 9 games.
  10. ^^For all the people who can't get over the Sbisa signing...bridge between old and new. Benning is extremely confident in his ability to assess talent and feels he can draft a winner. Only time will tell but hopefully people can stop complaining about Sbisa and understand his purpose (like Sutter, he is a stop gap).
  11. Stewart gets a rough ride from the canucksarmy, pith crowd but he doesn't look out of place
  12. Impressed so far. This is the first young stars tourney I have watched that I have noticed more than one Canucks' prospect. Really solid first period.
  13. Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?

    Works at Safeco and it has a low number of entrances as well