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  1. Laine is so huge, has such soft hands and has some real physicality to his game that I like. To be completely honest, in the few minutes of short highlight videos that I've watched his game looks quite a bit like Rick Nash in his early days. Big, skilled, and total sniper.
  2. I feel so depressed
  3. Backlund. Thats the -lund JB should've gotten for Shinkaruk!
  4. Looks like this one is officially down the tank
  5. I know everyone says the players never intentionally play to lose... but tonight I'm not so sure.
  6. I think that actually just woke me up
  7. At this rate, this might go down as one of the shortest GDT's in 8+ years. Sure the hockey's bad, but what about the implications on our future!
  8. I think that whenever this happens to a team that they should get a compensatory pick from the team that the player signs with. And the round should correspond to whatever round the player was drafted. That way they get fair value, plus it probably prevents other teams from wanting to sign one of these guys, kinda forcing them to sign with their original team. It just sucks to think that the more this happens, the more it gets college players thinking. I mean it seems like a pretty sweet deal to get to play wherever you want after you finish school. Especially if you have friends, family in a city. Or you get drafted by Edmonton
  9. Geeze, sucks for NSH. I find it increasingly hard to respect a player when they do this. "Hey guys thanks for drafting me and giving me a chance to live out my dream, however screw you, I'd rather play for someone else."
  10. True, I could actually see Shinkaruk sustaining Grabner type of numbers (when he was good) for a few seasons at the pro level. He has a less speed but more grit. I just think trading for Granlund as a potential stop-gap due to injuries when we were clearly falling was possibly short sighted. Again, Shinkaruk could fall off the map, and Granlund could go on to have a very successful two way career, I just wish we waited longer to see what he was capable of. I just think Shink has a great skill set which, if it does translate to the NHL, could be something we've been severely lacking for years. But unfortunately it's too late now to say sorry. And i wish him the best for his years of patiently waiting for his chance and working hard to achieve what success he did show.
  11. If Shinkaruk goes on to any have semblance of a successful goal scoring career in the NHL I will be so sad. This trade still doesn't make all that much sense to me. Trading the high potential/high risk players for safe two-way players has been biting the Canucks in the rear for too many years. Still hope he does well though, he's earned it.
  12. Will be interesting to see what kind of logjam this creates in our defense next year. Didn't think that's something I'd ever thought I'd say but with: Edler-Tanev Hutton-Tryamkin Hamhuis-Sbisa Pedan-Larsen Assuming Hamhuis resigns which I think he will. I think its safe to say all 8 guys will be needed just based on the injury troubles we've seen this year. Do you run with this going forward and see how the young guys develop? Or do you try and sign someone or made a trade to shore it up more? I'd definitely like to see Pedan get an extended chance because that'll add some more size and toughness but possibly at the sacrifice of skill and experience. Really interesting to see how it'll play out.
  13. Is bushdog secretly a Canucks prophet disguised in bad grammar and incomplete sentences? Eh probably not
  14. Questionable if he maintained forward momentum there. BS
  15. That was fricken heroic by Hamhuis and Tryamkin!!