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  1. Stars tonight, Union (Whitecaps) & Flames tomorrow, WM Sunday....weekend set!

  2. Hello there how's it going

  3. Hope you had a great holiday as well. Best wishes.

  4. we haven't talked for a long time but i still want to wish you and your family, the best holiday ever.....

  5. I may very well be wasting those 2 minutes, but I could be jerking off or something :/

    The guy went and PMed me some flaming garbage because he didn't get that I was being sarcasrtic.

    CDC has me seriously confused sometimes...

  6. Ah, nice. I saw your post in the thread and you seem to know much more than most people in general. I've been on and off since 05.

  7. Casual watcher since from 90-95, didn't miss it from 95-02, off and on from 02-present.

  8. Hey, How long have you been watching Wrestling? (WWE, WCW?)

  9. when you said on someone else's site that pratt was a big baby.....i hope you weren't meaning me.....joe pratte

  10. I'll probably always keep it in there to remind me of how big a baby Pratt was :)

  11. I dig the sig quote haha

    "I put more effort in folding my laundry"

  12. I just noticed you have Shawn Rocker and Stinkymetal as friends. Trying to impress someone, or are you a spawn of them?

  13. haha thank god :P

  14. hey dude, your favorite non-Canuck team just signed a new GM :P

  15. thanks coquitlam....i appreciate your words.....what's your handicap? i mean at golf. back when i use to play a lot, i had an 18 handi-cap....boogie golfer.....i did shoot 80 a couple of times. when i lived down in vancouver, i golfed fraserview alot, although i've golfed most of the courses down there....where do you golf the most at? what hockey league are you in? cheers lad.