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  1. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Nailed it...sad when I'm not watching as much as I used too.
  2. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Giving us all the answer to the trivia question "Where in the world is Brad Maddox?!"
  3. [Trade] Kevin Poulin to Flames

    I think Alberta in general has been a goalie graveyard ever since Kipper retired and Edmonton got that good run out of Roloson.  Just look at how bad Dubnyk was for the Oilers.
  4. And he can walk with the Canucks knowing they already got more out of him than Montreal will out of Kassian.
  5. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Unless they are going for the big troll, this is too painfully obviously set up for a Roman Reigns win.  If they don't I'm cringing that they will be using Reigns up to Wrestlemania for a payoff win for the title. Would have made things more interesting if they could have put some bigger name talent that is currently available in the brackets like Jericho, Undertaker or even Lesnar.  Of what's left and how the bracket is shaped I can only see maybe Ambrose, Owens or Reigns winning it.  Maybe ADR as a longshot. And of course when the Authority isn't happy with the winner they will send out Sheamus to cash his money in the bank.  
  6. Connor McDavid Injured

  7. Feedback and Bugs

    Don't know if it was posted (couldn't get through all 17 pages) but date joined and post count is off.  I guess posts made from a certain point in time got wiped away?   Edit: Of course all I had to do was look on this page Post count not a biggie, but the date joined was pretty neat from the old boards.
  8. NFL thread

    Wake me up when its Green Bay vs. New England in the Super Bowl.
  9. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    But you know, the crowd had to cool off after marking out so hard for Kane... I am surprised that ADR is back so soon after how he was let go.  Feel like there must have been some big heat backstage over how he was released.
  10. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Great, so I can watch Sting vs. Jeff Hardy again, all 10 seconds of it.
  11. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    According to Dave Meltzer Cena will be taking time off after HIAC until at least December for "personal reasons":
  12. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Don't believe that, but Punk's was the longest since Nash held the title for a year in the mid-90's. If anyone was going to hold the title for a long period again now it would've been Brock Lesnar.
  13. NFL thread

    Except I believe Pete when he says that the kick wasn't meant to be an onside kick. With the new OT rules there really is little to gain with a successful onside kick.
  14. NFL thread

    God the odds of doing that are next to impossible. Even if you know your stuff, things happen, bad games happen to good teams or bad teams overachieve. Good for him though.
  15. NFL thread

    The issue of being cut because of injury or poor performance and losing out on all but their guaranteed money is a unfortunate contract situation that if players are upset about needs to be fixed during the next CBA. Players and their agents know full well what they are getting themselves into if they sign longer term deals at a younger age. I hardly will weep for anyone that loses out on millions of dollars due to injury or being cut when they (and I know its not all of them) rode a full college scholarship to get to the NFL. I do think it's a slippery slope to have a player sit out of training camp, miss the entire pre-season and now miss the start of the season because he thinks he deserves more money. He's a great player but I hope he makes less money sitting at home this season with these antics. Or trade him to the Jaguars.