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  1. The flame oil game was great. Old school hockey. I remember when most games were played like that. So fun to watch to emotionally Engaged teams go at it And no real cheap stuff.
  2. Wouldn’t trade boeser. We finally have YOUNG scoring depth with boeser petey Miller JV Horvat gaudette build around that group. and we have good young dman coming in the very near future. Hughes Rafferty hopefully tram and fingers crossed OJ to name a few.
  3. Nice this was a few years before that - they played at beacon hill park in the middle of the day lol. They didn’t hold back then either.
  4. Saw green day play for free in Victoria in the 90s before they ever dreamed of being on the radio let alone intermission of an nhl all star game. Lol. Found it hilarious that bettman probably spit his milk and fell out of his chair.
  5. You need to get a life, look at the date that was posted are you so pathetically lonely that you search through threads to quote from the past. Ill use you favourite defense excuse of your hero “hindsight is 20/20” . and what I posted is true LE cap sinks. We can’t afford to add anything as it stands now. A you got me I fed the TROLL.. back to the blocked list you go
  6. Easy schaller and eriksson. do we even have the cap space to have those guys come of the IR. I’m not even sure we have roster space so who do we send down and are the waiver eligible? Levio and ferland when heathy are upgrades over LE and Schaller
  7. DOPS is once again clueless, the blindside hit of a player in a vulnerable position warrant more action than the retaliation. Oh well at least the DOPeS are consistent at being terrible. Sure funny watching a turtling MT get picked up with one arm so he can be punched more. Hope Kass crushes him or little Johnny hockey with a a clean hit and then refuses to fight.
  8. Yeah he’s never struck me as a player looking for accolades. Just gives 100% all the time and doesn’t expect to get a ribbon for it. We are lucky to have him. I think he’s a little under appreciated because we have some other special players that bring more flash.
  9. I’m a big fan of Bo strikes me as a playoff warrior. Seems like we have Goaltending and scoring nailed down the defense is the trouble not sure if it the personnel, system or a combination but something isn’t working.
  10. This teams exceeding my expectations. Hughes gaudette are fun to watch. Oh and reading all the benning love is mmmmmmmm.