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  1. Dobson is the player I hope we get. HAs size 6’3 and skill a good skater and the rare RHD.
  2. YES. Even if those guys aren’t. I’d trade tanev for a top ten pick.
  3. Then trade tanev and add draft picks so we can “build through the draft”. Besides I don’t think many if any “big fish” want to come and be part of the poorest run and worst teams in the league over the last three years a team with more hole in their line up than a teabag,but that won’t stop spender jim regardless of what the PR man says. prediction - July 1st benning throws yet another stupid contract offer to a ufa to land try and land a “big fish”. spender jim has proven he has little to no self control when the ufa time comes.
  4. Lol......look like mentorship will be next seasons word of the year from the Nucks brass.... so in other words more bottom six non phyical non scoring c grade ufas like the ones the roster has been PLUGGED full with. We’re all mentored up thx, how about adding players we actually need some guys that can hit and step up or maybe Heaven forbid some skill . ..mentors, hate that sales pitch BS. But yeah we need more mentors like the invisible man ericson or gagme. “See kids one good season and you can sign a fat contact and do nothing. “ mentorship.... Guys like Horvat are the new mentors,young and relatable to the new guys and showing what it takes to stay in the league not old floaters hoping for one more fat contract. Another catch phrase to sell garbage to the weak minded. I best run out and buy my tickets I really hope to see some old “character” and “mentorship” out there not youth speed skill and hitting....
  5. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    Hoping for Dobson a 6’3 RHD. BT scares me a bit, he’d be one guy in the top 10 I worry wouldn’t sign and would go as a ufa. The fact his cousin did it doesn’t help. But I think he’ll be gone by 7 anyway.
  6. Should Canada join the EU ?

    I think trumps done Canadians a huge favour by showing us just how much we need to globalize our trading and stop being so dependant on a nation that seems content to elect an insane bully that love to play the victim unfair.... my kids don’t say that as much as the president of the USA. Its just to bad we get stuck with spineless weazels as our choices for for PM. It it would be interesting to see what the EU would offer Canada and how quick president “so unfair” would come running back.
  7. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Oj was the wrong pick and in a re draft I doubt benning himself would pick OJ at fifth. but we’ve got time and development into him and he’s finally ready to start playing in the AHL. the 7th round pick is likely another 2-4 year away player. Judd Bracket has a good eye and has been responsible for drafting some gems since his appointment. I wouldn’t trade either OJ or the 7th , tanev is the guy that needs to move while he still has value and add more draft picks to build the prospect pool gain some young depth and be able to build and trade from positions of strength. Or keep old vets hold onto them till they have no value and get the same amount of drafts picks as the Stanley cup champions who aren’t rebuilding.
  8. ( discussion ) Granlund should be our 2nd line Centre!

    Sure why not.whats the worst thing that could happen...... a 25-31 place as a second line Center he’d be the answer to the draft ruining pointless April winning steaks. Im with you thou I don’t want to see spender jim go sign more gagmes or well aged vets to “plug” the gap. I have concerns with spender jim and all the cap space and what horrendous contracts he’s going to handcuff his replacement and the Canucks future with.
  9. [Discussion] Lucic vs Eriksson

    I don’t want either. Calling the often injured mostly invisible louie Ericsson a mentor lol..... Both contracts are as bad as the players have been. Signing a 30+ to a six year deal was incredibly short sighted and stupid. (And”hindsight” isn’t needed but foresight was) ML might step up and defend team mates but he’s so slow he ineffective and he only one player. I think there’s cheaper options for guys that will step up like reeves that can play and hit and fill a roll instead of putting all on one guys shoulders find a few guys that play that hard nosed hockey it seemed to work for the caps...... When our entry level deals end and those players need renewal the last thing we need is louie or Milan taking resources. Let alone roster spots. I’m sure spender jim has a long list of C/D grade players he hopes to sign July 1st and “plug”the roster up. Because this club needs more bottom six fringe nhl depth that doesn’t hit or score
  10. Wow that’s unbelievable. I bet nobody saw that coming what a total blind side for snow and company. Now cue the debate weather thats scarasim or
  11. [Proposal] Tanev to Boston

    Benning reiterated he won’t trade tanev, because slowly rebuilding teams need vets that’s value is depleting annually and moving one of the few vets thats have any value for youth and future assets doesn’t make sense.
  12. Woooowowowowowowwooooooo.. 3 more wins.. and the drought will be over.
  13. what a great game, fast big hits and scoring.