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  1. Thanks refs. Shutout and regulation win.
  2. if it goes to a shoot out.i believe so. I guess we'll have to wait till the next game to find out. Lol.
  3. If only we had a coach that knew how to use those players effectively. Or any players for that matter.
  4. Weber just out twitched Willie
  5. The cure for insomnia is a Canucks game.
  6. Yeah, better not give him a game here and there. Maybe he's out of shape like tryamkin was
  7. Ok, but remember pedan actually won fastest skater last seasons slills comp. a player cant grow or get better from the pressbox especially if the coach is not going to use him no matter what.
  8. Playing a sick player who is going to be more prone to injury over a heathy player who is here as depth. Strchers longterm health more important than one game. He didn't even get through a period man. i saw pedan in the preseason and late last season he plays physical so I get why Willie won't use him plus he can't prove himself from the pressbox and if the idiot is going to play sick or injured players over him then send him down or waive goodbye to another wasted pick for him.
  9. I think it says more about the coaches poor decision making.
  10. Yawn......extra intermission.
  11. Power plays soooooo bad yet they never try to change things. Tryamkin in from of the net for example try anything it couldnt do much worse. Just more reasons to look to a new bench boss, one that can make effective adjustments when needed and is willing to change things that clearly and have been proven to be totally ineffective.
  12. Wow. Pretty generous considering how bad the team is overall. Bo would be the only A+ for me the goaltenders both get A's since they are the only reason this team has more than 5 wins. The rest would be c's or lower.