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  1. Virt and Brock good holm and subban on the pp have looked good not so much 5/5 the rest have looked like Bachman not sharp or ready.
  2. Lol. So how long till the players just start dropping the stick and shaking the hands every time some one taps a leg or gets the stick.
  3. Nucks need to start practicing a short handed strategy to score. Kill all penalties 5 on 3 and leave boeser cherry picking at center. start scoring short handed and see how many penalties they call against.
  4. Did anyone really think that bettmans newest pet would be allowed to lose there first ever game to a Canadian team let alone the Canucks. nucks making it easy by continuing to tap the hands. No one to blame but themselves.
  5. Every time a canuck does it it's called. So either start carrying the play and stop chasing the other team around or don't slash it's really not complicated.nucks can't control what gets called against the knights they can however quit slashing so it's not called on them.
  6. Wow Nucks just don't get it you can't slash or tap the hands or it's called. Cry and whine all you want its getting called so adjust and figure it out. Teams chasing the play are going to have a hard time if they call this all season.
  7. classic preseason game, no structure and a lot of individuals trying to show what they can do usually equals a lot of mistakes.and everyone looks bad.
  8. just nice to watch some hockey again and see the young guys playing.
  9. Pedan standing up for a team mate. Good stuff
  10. Hope for his sake he has a great camp and can show what he can do when healthy, that guy has had pretty tough go just coming back to prove himself says a lot about his character.
  11. If he stops the puck he could have a turd on his mask for I care. The art work is well done and it's nice but ......meh.
  12. Empty threat. Every owner tries the same thing to get the city foot the bill. so ownership is ready to move a well supported good hockey market to an right. That Sounds like a smart business move that couldn't possibly end up a money loser. Theres a lot of NHL markets that would love to have e revenue and fan support the flames have especially now that there on the up swing. Funny the owners didn't threaten to move thier turkey of a team 5 years ago.
  13. I think it's a good thing. It'll prevent gms from putting guys not ready right into the show and potentially ruining them or they get injured because they are physically not ready.(k Lowe). regardless of how it impacts the Canucks it's what's best for these young players who are still developing physically and mentally .
  14. Just looking forward to watching some hockey. Hope some young guys make it ( wish it was more than 1 or 2 but...) and hope the team plays atleast a little but to entertain its fans. Also watching the sedins in what could be there last season here and appreciate all the things they do and have done. Oh and it'll be interesting to see who we select in the top four next summer.