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  1. Biega - Steady and ready he makes the ideal #8.
  2. I rather he not be on the team So I have no expectations of him. He has one good shift a game then it’s the disappearing act. Wasn’t a fan when he was signed and he really hasn’t done anything to change that. I like that he went to the net but I can see why he’s been kicked around the league. I guess 2 mill buys a player that shows up 2 minutes a game. Gagner has been totally ineffective. Virtanen sure looks good with sedins reminds me a bit of burrows with them. Hard on the puck and strong in the dirty areas.hope he can keep it up.
  3. Good game nice to see some of the snake bit players get a goal. Bear and virt Both looked effective at both ends. Hutton had a good game too as did markstrom. suck stetch got hurt it didn’t look good. Glad we still have steady and ready biega. Gagner is useless Vanek not far off that either. either could sit out when gaunce is back and it wouldn’t hurt the team.
  4. Lol. I blocked out the bruins game.
  5. 4-2 det we can’t win two in a row.....can we? (fixed)
  6. 5-2 det bearcheese scores first. (Hes due)
  7. He got him on the numbers, he was ejected early in the game almost a 1 game suspension. the player hit returned for the rest of the game. semi truck hits SUV, suv gets totalled. Best case a warning and a fine worst case two games. He's a Canucks so three games.
  8. Pk has been effective with those two out its a disaster the pk DOES miss those two. Did you see the pk tonight, special team lost the game. Pk was terrible pp was even worse. edler and eriksson might not be worth their contracts but they are smart hockey players and effective pkers.
  9. Not saying eriksson is a six mill player or edler is but the pk misses both those players and it really shows. pp is a flat out embarrassment.........still. ohwell onto the next one.
  10. 3-1 bos van won one. Back to losing for a few.
  11. Maybe don't ask two days before the deadline. It was reported and vrbata and hamhuis confirmed with one week till the deadline niether had been approached . Regardless of the what's happened in the past benning seemed to have learned last season have guys prepared to move prior to the last second. vrbata also said had he been approched earlier he would have waived his ntc but since his wife was due it added another wrinkle. I understand what your saying thou if you give a player a contract with a NTC or MNC you've handcuffed yourself and they can rightfully choose to stay and walk away for free. edler has made it very clear he will not waive.
  12. Draft picks in rounds 1-4. Stock the cupboards fill the shelves. or draftyear +1. any unsigned ufa at the TDL should also be moved just like in years past this club cannot afford to let anyone (of any value) walk for free. horvat,boss,virt. Sedins Untouchables. Everone else for the right price.
  13. Nucks were due. good win nice to see the boys smiling.