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  1. Should benefit big slow skill lacking teams, so it would be good for what benning is putting together. Sucks for the fast skill game that has the high entertainment value, next clutch and grab will be allowed again. If it happens it will slow the game down just like it did before. Too bad.
  2. Pretty slim picking from vancouver overall. Nucks are not going to lose a player that will difficult to replace. A depth player 3rd or 4th liner. Or a 6,7 d man. Finally having a skilless ( a side from the top line) roster pays off.
  3. Oh the poor benning I agree 100% with this. It's surprisingly accurate when describing what Jim has done here. The hockey news poll that is.
  4. November 2018
  5. No. Shut down vans top line and that's the game. La sjs Ana cgy edm all have far better forward skill and defensive depth that can score. Vancouvers No offense d and three top 6 forwards = a top pick next summer a new coach and most likely a new gm.
  6. Top line ahl winger. Where he should have been last season if it wasn't for the development stifling rules.
  7. Asset management and Jim benning are two things that are polar opposites and should never be mentioned together. Vrbata hamhuis Prust 5ths vey Mathias Richardson 2nds thirds frosting ect......He traded a Center as good or better in bones and it cost him three pieces in return. He traded three pieces for a second/ third pairing d man with no offence. now I know the cdc benning fanboys will tell you that it's the media that hates Vancouver and bias against all thing Vancouver but not one paid anayalist on any network or paper has published a story that read great job or even good job benning now again the benning fanboys would have you believe they are all wrong.
  8. Lol tough desision that's funny. etem grandlund Hansen Rodin. Not one piece is hard to replace.
  9. Good signing fair deal. You don't hear that here very often.
  10. No. I think benning could be a good gm but not when like gillis after 2011 ownership is "helping" with hockey operations. Benning has assembled probably the least skilled team in Vancouver in over two decades maybe even longer. His trades have been below average at best, his signings have been for top dollar, his handling of veterans and pending ufas has been atrocious, tdl and Cba blunders, tampering fines. Remember last summer this is a "100 point team "and "playoff contender "yeah not even close. I would rank him bottom three all time Keenan nonis benning. i don't believe anything he says he reminds me of a used car salesman willing to say just about anything to make the sale. I will be surprised if he's the gm when vancouvers picking in the top three next summer.
  11. So does Edmonton for the past ten years. Good teams usually start slow and finish strong. Vancouver did it many a time. This team can't score past the top line and the d isn't going to help there either. The skill level with this roster is pathetic, 30th isn't as unrealistic as a playoff spot.
  12. Still a one line team and no offence from the d. Top line is older and more susceptible to injuries. To many bottom six players that aren't physical. after the season start hype ends ( November) and the reality of this entrainment lacking product sets in, there will be lots of empty seats at Rogers putting benning and wd on the hot one.
  13. He will be head coach of the Canucks by Christmas. But the new gm at seasons end might not keep him.
  14. Jb/ ownership path We finished bottom 5 we weren't competative the kids looked worse as the season went on as did the team we lose the vets for free instead of trading them trading picks for projects signing band aids stay good enough to stay bad making the playoffs isn't a goal winning the cup is this path has been tried in 2-5 years this team will be I the exact same place.see Calgary 2007-2013 i know the self proclaimed experts on cdc say otherwise but every single paid hockey analyst agrees that Vancouver is a mess but I guess they are all wrong. Current path wd fired by Christmas Jb fired in march ownership hires new puppet to take the blame.