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  1. 69 Fargo van ?? Rambler 70's dart 72 celica 74 fiat spider 78 fiat spider **currently have it fully restored** 77 nova 78 pacer 79 Datsun 710 89 jeep comanche 81 corolla wagon 92 yota pick up 94 skoda 96 Domingo 82 gpz 750 99 sport trac 05 300 07 ram 1500 12 pathfinder
  2. Step back and look at this roster as if it were the sjs Ana minnny ect. roster. No star power is the current truth not many teams if any in the early stages of a full rebuild have star power.doesn't mean there bad players they just don't have theticket selling fan draw or standup excitement skill guys. it is what it is, in a few years there are some guys that could change that. This is a meat and potatoes line up with no appy or desert.
  3. On a team that lacks any physical presence and looks like it will be softer this year than ever before why didn't camarossa get resigned.
  4. Yeah total agree and its how the conversation gets started.
  5. I knew you'd understand if I kept it really simple. Your welcome.
  6. Sutter a career third liner for a guy that would be in the top 3 on this club. 24years old 265pts in 395gp on a terrible team for 28 years old 228pts in 595gp if RNH was a canuck and someone suggested he get traded for Sutter it would get ugly. Sutters a good player but hes not worth RNH not straight up van would have to add quite a bit.
  7. With that price tag hopefully he gets claimed off waivers. nucks don't need anymore guys in the bottom six that don't have an ounce of physicality to there game. easily replaced and I think he already has been.
  8. As soon as any team shows interest in either of them. I don't see either getting moved anytime soon.
  9. His Simpsons "comic book guy" wit forces him to come on here and TROLL for approval. He truely is oldnews and a solid member of the ignore list.
  10. Did not know that. Thanks 5 or 6 years and 5 to 5.5 per is a fair value for him.
  11. 5 @ 5 8 @ 6 perfomance bonuses NO ntc/nmc - hate them and they handcuff teams, use to be only the true elite got these now anyone gets them. However I'm sure he'll get a m ntc and performance bonuses
  12. Yep he has and I'm sure he thought it threw when he signed a 37 year to three year 6.2 mill contract im sure he didn't get caught up in the moment when its sign him then deal with the cap or miss out on him. Benning and the rest of the league should careless what his intentions were or his well conceived plan was. hes over the cap he has to get under it if tanev is the player they want and the cap relief Vancouver can offer then it should cost them otherwise move along. why would any gm "help" them out of the jam its a game kickem while there down take advantage of there mismanagement.they need d men and to get under the cap so the trading partner needs to have a dman worth trading for and the cap space to give them room so they don't end up like calgays well conceived plan when they couldn't dress a full line up due to the cap. Oh but I'm sure they had that planed out when they spent to the limit right. The same could be said for any gm that signs over the cap and his plan is to get fair value for his players when trying to back get under. If it's not a lopsided in the Canucks favour then there's no point in doing it from a Canucks standpoint. if lupul done for the season then it's a different story they aren't even close to the cap but if he coming back other gms would be better off to let TO stew till the last minute and yes it would be a fleecing regardless of your admiration for lammarellos "plan"
  13. I'm all for getting "the right call" but if it's so close that it takes 100 camera angles and 10 minutes then it's the wrong call regardless. New challenges Offsides calls take exactly 1 minute or less to decides if it's good or bad. Any longer and it must be one of those it could go either way call so let the goal stand. failed cost a time out the since it takes the same amount of time as a time out. a challenge is signaled the refs pick up the tablet the 60 second clock starts the horn goes. Drop the puck. hockey operations can suspend play if they want to check a goal for any reason. No review will be longer than 2 minutes. A succesful goaltender interference call results in a penalty for the interfering team. Goalies need to be protected better when in the crease.