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  1. just ordered a new Petey skate jersey. Had to do it.
  2. yea, I was watching live. They announced his name before his group walked out and he wasn't there.
  3. What, Marner got signed? Come on Jim, get this thing done!
  4. The agent works for Brock. Brock can tell him at any time to take a deal. The last offer, the last offer plus "something". He is the one who makes the final decision.
  5. Stech's comments today really did make it sound like Duke's health is really weighing heavy on Brock's mind. (as it should). That, combined with this contract mess has to be a heavy weight for the kid.
  6. Raspberries


    I am officially nervous and annoyed.
  7. Well, he obviously won't be driving to Minnesota since he is needed here with the team, but hopefully he can get on the phone and do some campaigning. It's pretty obvious that photo of Brock in the ND rink was sent out by his people. I am not feeling a whole lot of sympathy for poor lonely Brock right now (and I am a huge fan), but this is getting frustrating to say the least.
  8. We're days away from official freaking out time. Right ??!?
  9. sigh: Dan Murphy @sportsnetmurph Boeser camp and the #canucks had discussions as late as yesterday evening but a deal is certainly not imminent. Bridge deal seems more likely at this point.
  10. Anyone see the Athletic article posted this morning? Not sure I can post it here but in a nutshell, Brock's agent and Benning talked this week and they "are not close" with the contract talks. Brock does not want to miss training camp, but wants "a fair contract". It will obviously be excruciating for him to leave his family behind when he does leave. He plans on bringing his Minnesota buddies to Van alot throughout the season to keep him company. Hmmm... Good news is that Duke is getting better.
  11. so they've just signed Leivo. The rate they are going they will have nothing left to sign Boeser. This is getting ridiculous.
  12. Blues gonna try going from worst to first again?