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  1. Ducks scored as I was typing about how great the Oilers fans were during the anthems.
  2. Not an Oiler fan but that was awesome by the Oilers fans. and then that happened...
  3. Bettman does not believe that. That is the point. And that is also why he refuses to allow a team in Quebec. Bettman cares only about his southern US teams. And, of course, his NJD.
  4. Ummm, tonight's lesson is: it won't.
  5. Speak for yourself. They won't show the balls drop and the mathematical probability of 3 teams moving up that high is minuscule. This was rigged.
  6. what a vile thing to say. I thought I was angry at the draft but that statement is a thousand times worse.
  7. no it doesn't. Not when Bettman can fix the lottery, we have no chance. none.
  8. Bettman's home. No, thiss isn't fixed....christ.
  9. ummm, because this is fixed.
  10. this is so blatantly rigged but no one will care because they did not screw the bloody Leafs.
  11. This is so ing fixed. No fing way. None.
  12. Dallas and philly top 3?? WHAAAAAAAT??