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  1. Gillis silent while Canucks need him most (Bold moves my ass)

    Something has gotta give, I am so glad I was not down in Cali for that debacle of a weekend showing. We are like that little brother trying to play with the older bigger kids and just getting dirtied. The team needs more than over achievers you can only ride Santorelli so long before reality sets in.
  2. When did being a GM become only trying to make meaningful moves at the deadline. Canucks fans have been screaming for more goal scoring for three or more seasons and every year we get the same useless drivel spilling out of Mr. Gillis's mouth. The prices were too high, I don't like rentals, I feel we are a better team than our record indicates. Whatever you need to say to hold on to your high paying job for a little longer. I have been hearing about this window that the Canucks have for the last couple of years. Meaning, GMs only have the ability to make serious runs at a cup a couple years out of every decade or so. Yet ours is more concerned about the next bargain than actually making a trade that would improve the top six. Why does he never have to answer for how little meaningful moves he makes!!!? Why does he never make a trade before we end up falling into a tailspin and losing our playoff spot!!!? Why do trade rumors mean less than they use to yet you can find them more easily than ever!!!? Why can't he actually make a move before the last five minutes of trade deadline day that makes our team better in the present? We will still have like ten years of penny pinching and rebuilding that will follow regardless. Their needs are so evident why wait till the last moment only to have someone out bid you and wind up with nothing, then turn around and tell us I did everything I could? Players get paid for results and so should GM's. They should have base salaries and bonuses that kick in only if their trades actually improve the teams overall record, goal output, goals against average. Then all GM's might have a fire lit under them to not be so scared and cheep about pulling the trigger. Did the NHL forget that trades actually give fans renewed hope and excitement? Changes need to take place big ones, but that is likely an off season conversation. In the meantime, for the love of all things Canuck throw the team a bone and get a scoring top six forward that can handle the playoffs. Cammalleri, Kane, Stastny, Michalek, Jokinen, Legwand, Ott, and Briere, they are out there and the players, the fanbase and the alumni deserve a meaningful move to be made. Man was that the ugliest loss almost ever, almost as much sting as that playoff meltdown for Leaf nation last year. All I can say is do more to earn your money Gillis because the product is laughable right now. Sometimes paying a little more is the right move.