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  1. Haha louis has the option to null his contract - and then sign with anyone. He is still a serviceable NHL player, albeit on the tail end of a career. he doesn’t want to do that because of the cash coming to him. Hard to give up millions - cause he will never get another contract even close to what he has now. so he would rather not play and get paid... than play and get paid less. End of this year he has a bonus? Maybe at that time? Or is it effectively a retirement? whatever. The fire is gone - he is done. I assume he could be used if the Canucks are rife with injuries... but even then I’m not sure. He has kind of burnt his bridges and may be done even if he wants to play. As I’ve said before - was worth a shot. If he had light it up with the Sedins and we made a cup run it would have paid off.... it was always supposed to suck at this end of the contract (as it often does for most late 20s FA signing long big contracts) if we could have gotten him a few years earlier it would have been fun to watch
  2. OJ shouldn’t have been taken 5th.... this was in JBs first few years here when he was still afflicted with the Canucks drafting curse. OJ still has a chance - just wait and see. U can’t win em all but maybe we still have a chance to get a decent defense piece out of it.
  3. Tanev and Edler are going to be injured... just like every other season. so... of course there will be room on the top 4 and really he is a better option over the next 4 years than either Tanev or Edler.... who are a bit long in the tooth. It would be better to reduce their ice time, get more out of them, and put Tryamkin in a top 4 role. of course the real question is his performance. If he deserves to be top 4 he will - that is the reality
  4. A proven player for an unproven one... logic. Why is it it so hard to see?
  5. Lol I’m not that invested in it. Settle down haha just pointing out the logic of trading for a pick. Most at 8 make it... but it was a risk. We should have got more at the time but whatever.
  6. The trade was for a pick.... can’t see how the outcome of the pick makes a difference in analyzing the original trade... it could have been a player like Jordan Schroeder or Patrick white. Luck plays a role in making a right pick
  7. Let’s wait a bit and see... Def EP hasn’t been lighting it up for a while... and he just put on weight - probably too much? Is that effecting him?
  8. The bottom 6 could be a problem. Most teams have a 3rd line that can score - we are using it to place unreadable players no team would want.... (for their salary). To really succeed there must be a meritocracy. We will see how the season unfolds... but the first game isn’t looking good for that 3rd line.
  9. Well the name might change based on who writes it. haha. But I find this monthly analysis while not perfect is some useful reading imho
  11. Well there is this... quite interesting and perhaps this is what you were referring to? however I would point out that elite players peak in the late 20s.... sutter is not elite. And he is at the twilight of his career.
  12. Really? The median age is 26. So not sure where you are getting your facts from. Sutter is 30/31 - and he has slowed down. Dramatically this last year, he is not the same player he was a few years ago.
  13. If there is a meritocracy at camp, Gaudette is in. Eriksson and Sutter are in the twilight of their careers. Useful vets but I question their drive and motivation.... last year both were floating way too often, and that isn’t the veteran example that they should be sending to the young players. They need a kick in the ass. Send them to Utica and hope that lights a fire under their asses - and hopefully they become what we want: solid vets that set a good example. If they make the team right now it is a negative message
  14. Anyone who thinks the rules are going to protect players... is delusional. the players on a team need to accept the instigator, push back, and count on their penalty kill. This is the only recourse as the rules are a joke... teams like Boston realized this a long time ago. The Canucks still don’t. There is no leadership on the team obviously. the rules are just too lenient to be effective. Give a perpetrator of a head shot 5 games without pay. Then 10, 15, etc. That will hit them in the pocket book. And it will stop. Donate their salary to a charity for the time they are put. the nhl is hurting themselves by not fixing this - people want to see talent. When there are so many concussions it hurts the game and their bottom line. Of all teams. Or u subscribe to the gladiator approach. That it isn’t talent alone we want to see but a spectacle - that a display of talent or fighting or hits or goals or speed is what we want. And u may be right....