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  1. Talented Coach. Defense first though... but defense wins Championships. I'd like to see this team model on an up-tempo fast exciting pace, and not a Hitch style team... We have a young team hear that is going to be even younger over the next few years - I'll bet we have at least one more lottery chance after this upcoming one, maybe 2. But he is a good and astute coach, I guess the bottom line is if we win the fans will accept almost any style of play. I would be OK with him.
  2. sure you do have a valid point. however, my point is that WD coached a trapping boring style. Maybe he was forced to do so because of personnel, I get it. My read is that besides that he gets out-coached by the opposition a lot, and I'm not a huge fan. He doesn't react as quickly as I would like. That's my opinion. I don't mind if you are fan of WD, that's your prerogative. He has a lot of good qualities, but those aren't the ones I value over some of the others. Peace
  3. talking more about first half of the season... which WD will replicate if he's back...
  4. What makes a good coach? * Getting the team prepared * Deployment * In-Game adjustments to opposition deployment * Managing the psyche of the players so they perform well and are motivated * Offensive Strategy * Defensive Strategy But whether he is a good coach or not, lots of opinions: Here is one of the only ones I could quickly google: I liked watching the high-tempo teams, and as I've said I would gladly pay to watch those teams even when they lose. It makes a rebuild a lot easier to watch if you see a lot of goals and the players can score. Really I can't stand to watch WD's team... trapping and boring. I'd rather see a Crawford team lose for a few years while rebuilding. Just to get some effing entertainment! But is Crawford the genius? No of course not, but I like his style. In a game where coaches only want defense-first boring trapping hockey - in order to have a better chance of winning - he stands out. Or he did... not sure what his stance is now
  5. if they get to Alex Burrows level, we will all be happy. 25-35 goals for their prime years. 50-70 points. more we would be ecstatic. You never know with younger players they might be superstars - we know a few years from now if they get given a chance. chances are one of them might make it, the other will dwindle... but they need that playmaking center to work some magic. Bo is awesome, but we need that super talented player to fill the void since HS has left (well, he hasn't left yet, but in reality he left sometime last year imho). WITH that player they can be like Burrows. Without they will be what Burrows would have been without playing with the Sedins... 2/3rd line players. And Bo needs superstar wingers to really shine... he doesn't have the magic that HS had - he is more like a minor version of Toews... never get to a point / game (shortened season 2012-13 everyone scored well, so its an exception), but super valuable. We need a Kane to go along with him, and maybe a Hossa too. then we are talking. lots of young players, lots of reasons for hope. I wouldn't mind a first overall pick in the next 2/3 years. By year 4 I'll bet we start making the playoffs for sure, so a 1st overall would really really really really help, as we won't be close to getting a 1st overall pick again for a while.
  6. I actually can't remember a Canucks coach who WASNT fired. Almost every coach league-wide is fired before their term is up. There are notable exceptions of course. Willie isn't one of the top coaches in the past 20 years... he won't survive his contract - only the really really awesome coaches survive their contract. He is learning, I'll bet his next coaching gig will go a lot better for him. If he gets hired again... it's tough to find an NHL coaching job OH and the plugs? well... he's learning. Its just plain graft.
  7. I define good coach by their in-game strategy. Anyone can make up a plan beforehand, but making changes to that plan in real-time makes a good coach. Is crow good at that? I'm not sure actually, but he used to be. Or at least that was my impression...
  8. they need to sell tickets... maybe a new coach can net them more $ in overall revenues. special teams is all coaching. we don't ever score on the PP. More goals = more tickets sold. and even just for optics, you don't bench a player after he scores an awesome goal - even if you don't let that effect his overall deployment game to game... you let him run with it (you know who I'm talking about here) for at least one game. WD has made his own country-club and hierarchy - and it doesn't fit anymore. First year it did. Not now. I'm for Crow. He seemed to get Mathews prepared and is still able to learn. He has won a cup.
  9. If i read one more retool vs rebuild argument I'm gonna flip There is NO difference for the Canucks. Rebuild: Start a new core. Do a wipe of a lot of older players Retool: Change the supporting cast around your core players. If you need to rebuild cause your core can't make the playoffs... it doesn't matter if you want to retool, you will be forced to rebuild. You can try to retool (aka The canucks the last few years) but because you don't have a core anymore the retool fails and you end up in a rebuild anyways... having wasted resources by trying to retool. That is what an experienced GM / President / Coach would know. Retool? The last time this was a valid options was before they traded Kesler, they still had a few years there with the slightly younger sedins... but that is over. no cup run for the sedins - unless next year the team makes it and wins, which would be awesome of course but unlikely... We would have to get The #1/#2 draft pick, and have them make a huge impact unexpectedly, and everything else to fall into place magically over the next year and a bit. More likely we will be in the basement for a few years - probably need a new coach (not WD's fault, but the coach you had on the way down can't be the coach that picks you up... just a fact.... the systems and culture of hanging on to an old core can't transition easily - anything is possible of course - to a culture of energy and youth and positivity... usually too much negativity left over from all the years of losing and missed opportunity)
  10. We just need that player who can score a point per game to help lead the charge. Need a game breaker - at least one special talent pray for a lottery win, we got a few years to get lucky. Or find a gem somewhere in the draft. Hope juolevi works out, we really passed on a gem in Tkachuk it looks like
  11. the way he is producing, he won't have any longevity. Not a good sign anyways. Based on this season, he has just fallen off the cliff. Retire at 32?
  12. Not really, I think we pick anywhere from 3rd to 5th... if we keep playing the way we can 5th to 7th if we get on a hot streak. but won't matter, it's a lottery - you never expect to win the lottery ! haha! I'd rather have our young players get on a hot streak. it won't make much of a difference. if we win the lottery it's a fluke either way
  13. scroll down to lottery. I expect us to finish the remaining games playing 50-50 hockey, or close to it. so 70 something points. that puts us in 25th to 28th spot... somewhere in there. it's all the lottery now, so it doesn't matter where we finish, not really. Although I appreciate that it can be fun to root for a tank - gotta root for something I prefer to root for goals by developing players and focus on that. But the lottery? Ya, we have a chance!
  14. right. speeding up the rebuild. makes sense, and it fits reality
  15. 2018 "seems" to be a better draft year than this year. not that it is worth anything but so... the smartest move is to stockpile picks in stronger draft years. Should the team trade some picks away this year (2017) for picks next year (2018)? It puts dev a year behind, but we might get 2 first round picks if we play it right. i.e. trade our #1 pick this year for Phoenix's first round pick next year? It's dangerous and bold, and completely nuts, but... maybe it is worth doing? Depends if we get a top 2 pick? If not then trade it for a #1 next year?