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  1. Blaming the team is just a way for the agent to be in a position where he can fleece another team. LE is done. He is slow. He has no creativity. That won’t change no matter what team he is on.
  2. I assume “play” is a loose word. He is definitely an NHL player but not close to what he used to be... but who is after 10 years + of hard play... he was brought in when Edmonton was making the playoffs - for the few years that would hopefully put them over the top. Now all that is left is the back end of a contract everyone knew would be brutal. If Edmonton eats some salary sure...
  3. Just stop it guys. Holy mother of irrelevance.
  4. Sorry... I’ll be interested in the pick... but buying tickets to it? Lol. Maybe it is just me but I don’t get the live entertainment value..... you know, it looks faster use close, etc. that said, a community event can always be fun. Beats watching your phone for 2 hours
  5. I would argue that both players can’t keep up to the game anymore..... LE to a lesser extent, but he can’t defend against fast players anymore
  6. Sad sad sad. you may have issues with his opinion - but not with how much he cared. He is missed! Just as a rejoinder to some critics - he didn’t take himself that seriously apparently, a true bright spot in the Canucks community.
  7. Oh oh... you know what they say about women - the same thing they say about men: if you want to know what your woman/man will be like in 20 years, just look at her mother/father
  8. Well... the mix of JB drafting and MG contract acumen is a match made in heaven. It would be the best thing for the franchise. Anyone who thinks otherwise has an axe to grind and is not thinking properly. that being said, fantasy and reality don’t mix and never the 2 shall meet. Based on MG being quite an a-hole and his relationship with management being almost unrepairable there isn’t a chance in hell
  9. The team obviously needs better support players. they will come in the next few years - and maybe a FA (top end) will be enticed to sign once the team starts competing. Forget about a FA now... that FA would just sign for the money. You want a FA who is going to a team to win a cup, not collect a pay check. Any FA that would sign with this team isn’t doing so to win a cup unless they are really young. the team has enough basic level players - now we need young / new players who can take their jobs away to make the team better. anyways talk is cheap. Lets see what happens over the next year.
  10. Could be a reunion at some point - after a few contracts.
  11. No point complaining about the past. Just do something now. There is no future. I’d like to see the team focus on stockpiling Utica. Our picks aren’t going to go straight to the bigs going forward as we are picking later from now on... we all remember what that was like, right? It will work out naturally - as long as picks and prospects aren’t fodder for quick fixes then the farm team will get better. IF!!! And if we keep signing mid level FAs then these players will never get called up - which is a huge part of development. IF!!! we will see... the MO of the general manager is to take the quick fix, cause that = contract extension by way of revenues. It’s a tough sell to ownership, so we will see....
  12. JB is right... even star players need a few years to develop once they play in the NHL. So maybe 24-25 sounds ok. Or a bit earlier. but 35 is a bit late. Star players usually last close to that long though.... but really it is a few years before that when they start to drop off production wise. His point is that there is time to get the team together still... in typical JB fashion he doesn’t sell himself well but he was trying to say he needs another contract (and quietly said yes to that question when asked). Understated! Let reality do the speaking for him. No/little spin! Awesome
  13. ??? reality meets ideology/what you want reality to be. reality is that he is already a top player. How can you argue otherwise? Sooner you sign him the less you pay.... so do it soon for a reasonable amount