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  1. Disaster ahead ? Lets share our thoughts

    Yup... we are a few years away from being able to compete. Basically I agree with some of the other posters here, in that the loss of a few players means the team doesn't have the depth. Which is OK. It looks like the team will have proper depth in a few years. Depth being defined by most players on the team playing at positions below their maximum responsibility level, so your 4th line center could easily and comfortably play the 2nd line, etc etc. And when you have injuries you can really limit the minutes of call-ups. However - this could be a blessing and not a curse - if we end up getting a lottery win out of it. I wouldn't choose that path as it is a crap-shoot and you can get players down the draft who are just as good ("can" - however unlikely it does happen, like with Boeser). But if those are the cards you are dealt with, you hope for a lottery win...
  2. Stealth Tank Is 80% Done!

    Team will be good - I think everyone can see it. As long as all the prospects keep developing and none are flops. So far so good, but lets wait before planning the parade route... What this team really needs in order to actually plan a parade route would be to actually win the draft lottery and get a(nother) star. Dahlin would be sweet - potenitally the best defenseman in the league 5 years from now. And the Russian guy (whatever his name is) would be a win too.. By "Win" I mean get a bona-fide franchise player - we may get one anyways by drafting better in the later picks... but a jump start is exactly what we need. Anyways, sorry to flog the dead horse...
  3. Stealth Tank Is 80% Done!

  4. Stealth Tank Is 80% Done!

    Well... the oilers are on track to win the lottery again. They need a top defense man so their golden lottery luck will get them dahlin...
  5. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    ya getting rid of this guy was a sacrifice in order to get players who could play "now". but almost were guaranteed to have a lower ceiling. sometimes you don't need the player with the most upside, you just need a player who can fill a position now. of course - it didn't work out, this was part of the whole "we don't have to rebuild" mantra that used to come out of the management team. at least its not a cam neely type mistake! (although easily could have been) look on the bright side!
  6. Eriksson and Edler? Do We Really Need Them?

    Lol thry are solid NHL players, but we don’t need them to rebuild. They should be expendable I the pursuit of the future
  7. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I love the fact that the team is competing and seems to be turning a corner. I just wish we had a true #1 star. Like if we had gotten Mathews. Maybe Boeser is that star, sure... I hope so. However the team just needed another real true #1 center and a #1 defenseman... I guess we had our chances in the draft but didn't win the lotteries. so what can you do? I fear we will be good enough to make the playoffs, but never good enough to win it all - in typical Canucks fashion. I'm almost hoping to tank so we can win the lottery (fat chance anyways eh?) but that is probably unrealistic. I blame management. I think that JB and Linden have done a terrible job in not embracing a rebuild earlier - especially as they are so talented at actually rebuilding! if only they would have played to their strengths... So the rebuild is over - kind of - but we don't have the pieces that we could have. The community kind of knows this, and thats why attendance at games still sucks. there is no obvious McDavid or Mathews or Laine that is the core of a rebuilding team... so it seems half-done. Which means the team won't be as good as it could have been when they are in a position to really compete. anyways, I'm just voicing what a lot of people who buy tickets must be thinking. Not saying it can't change, or that we can't grab the required players later in the draft if we get lucky... just saying I'm dissapointed in where the team is - I wanted to see a more youthful team making the same progress instead of a bunch of late 20s players in the mix. I know, I know... hard to do when you don't have the players. I mean... the team plays a really boring style - cause it doesn't have the players. if this is the vision the tickets will never sell... and that's what I'm worried about. anyways, I know there are a lot of peeps drinking the team kool-aid, and I like the team's direction too... but just wish we were at this point with another 5 really good prospects in the lineup instead of signing older free agents who enable us to play a boring style... I'd rather see more young players playing a balls to the wall offensive risky style with a great goaltender (haha who wouldn't want that?) anyways, no hate please - I can see this team competing and being really fun to watch eventually, but never winning the cup...
  8. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    how about a player that they didn't have to spend $6 million per season on.... They paid that because they thought they could make the playoffs - and they traded away picks for players that are young but low-20s, so they could complement the aging core - that was still pushing for the playoffs. It didn't work out, and it is too bad. But that was their strategy. Obviously drafting players yourself (especially if you have JBs experience) is better than trading for players and giving up picks - IF YOU HAVE TIME. they thought they had no time, so that's the move they made. listen, I know you have a point. But can you concede that I do as well? Obviously they weren't thinking rebuild when they first took control of the team. It couldn't be more obvious. And obviously they are thinking rebuild now. And there was a transition period. Please don't reply by stating the same arguments you have already stated. If you want to respond, can you please indicate how signing a 6 milliion player as a UFA is part of a rebuild, and how trading away picks is part of a rebuild. peace
  9. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    every team is always rebuilding. sometimes with younger players, sometimes with veterans. the idea of focusing on younger players in a rebuild was NOT part of the teams modus operandi when the new management took over. Just look at the contracts for older players given out, especially at the beginning... There are some great trades for younger players mixed in, I'm not questioning that. But the Eriksson signing - how can you say that is part of a rebuild? Just that signing alone is an indication of what the team was thinking. And trading away tons of 2nd round picks (and other round picks) at the beginning is also a very good indication that the team was NOT focusing on a rebuild. To think otherwise is silly. They have come around, slowly... the point is they could have been focused on a rebuild much earlier, and we would be farther along than we are now (more picks - and have won about the same amount of games. If you think the team was always rebuilding - explain the signing of older players and trading away picks. It doesn't add up. I'm not saying they didn't have a reason for it - that they believed in - or even that makes sense... I'm just saying that they weren't focused on a rebuild early in their tenure, and that is the cause of a lot of controversy for the fan base and media pundits alike.
  10. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Haha it is common knowledge that the team wasn’t embracing a full rebuild.
  11. What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    A rebuild is sacrificing the present for the sake of the future. By trading away assets for younger potential. When a team is making the playoffs, they trade away picks to bolster the team, to help them win now. When a team isn't making the playoffs, they don't trade away picks, so they usually rebuild naturally. But they don't sacrifice the present for the sake of the future. Canucks: They are rebuilding now - they certainly participated in the trade deadline last year. Some would say that they missed the opportunity for a few years previously to last year when their assets could still be traded for something - which was the reason for all the controversy... the team said they didn't need to rebuild, but they were forced to in the end anyways (they "backed into" the rebuild), which made the management team look foolish and incompetent. They saw the team with rose colored glasses, they couldn't see reality. Anyways it's over now - we lost a bunch of players for nothing when they became UFAs, which has really hurt the rebuild imho... by a few years. Last year was the START of the rebuild. Anyways I think the 3 definitions are accurate - you may or may not agree with my assesment of the Canucks. Certainly I'm happy to see the team on the right track... finally (even if they were forced into it by reality
  12. Not a time to panic. (Discussion)

    Ok ok I’ll try to be positive. But you can trade for them like we did last year at the deadline... we could have been doing that for a few years already no delay - ok let’s say you are right - It’s going to take a while though;). On the bright side it looks like Boeser is the real deal - fingers crossed.... just need a few more like him
  13. Not a time to panic. (Discussion)

    If we signed young players 3 years ago they would be ready now. That was the point. Signing older players 3 ears ago didn’t do anything at all but delay the rebuild. It isn’t complicated I agree... 1+1=2
  14. Not a time to panic. (Discussion)

    The team will be fine. Meaning that they should provide some entertaining games this season. There are some problems - mainly the fact that the coach wants to play an up-tempo attacking style, which I really really like and enjoy watching, but the team has a lot of slower forwards. Also we are not very far along in our half-hearted rebuild, and don't have the young players available to slot in that would be a lot faster. Another 3-5 years probably before the team is close to competing for a playoff spot: The canucks are proof that signing a bunch of older players doesn't help a rebuild! (who would have guessed that???) There is some awesome potential: Horvat is really coming into his own, and is super fun to watch. Virtanen looks to be a real NHL player, and Boeser looks great. These are the 3 most exciting players right now and give the fans a reason to watch games... I don't understand why they can't all play in the same game... but I guess that is because we are not rebuilding? We have also made some great draft picks, I really like Pettersson and LInd and Gadjovich seem like they have some great exciting potential. I just wish this sort of drafting could have happened when JB first got here - he traded away all the second round picks to fill the roster with older stable players who have a relatively low ceiling compared to the players he could have drafter (safe, but not exciting). So the only reason to panic is if you expected the canucks to make the playoffs and win a SC in the next few years. I don't think anyone expects this. Really we have to give the team time to go through the re-tool / rebuild, or whatever it is. Basically we have to wait for the older players JB traded for to get pushed out of the lineup, then we will have a team that can compete. And we have to win a draft lottery. Winning a draft lottery in the right year is the only way we will ever win a SC. So be glad we are at the bottom for a bit, as this is the only way we can eventually win.
  15. The curious case of Brock Boeser

    Early returns say otherwise. We got another 5 years at the current pace. That will make about a decade