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  1. who cares? fishing violation? compared to drinking and driving, or killing someone behind the wheel (for which professional athletes have been forgiven btw)... really an unfortunate event - nobody really wants to fish endangered species - usually perpetrators are just ignorant of the rules and violate them. Never automatically assign malice to a situation that can easily be explained by incompetence peace
  2. he looks awesome in those highlights. Hopefully he can bring some of that this year or next!
  3. So jake is playing roller hockey this summer?
  4. do we have a choice? haha! it will all work out, we will have another good team with a shot in 5-10 years... patience... enjoy the process - especially now that the management is making better moves that correlate closer to reality! reality is a harsh mistress (the reference to Heinlein is intentional)! peace
  5. says a lot about the pieces VAN has: You mean like Chaput, Megna, and Eriksson?
  6. the usual... a team saying it will make the playoffs but falls short. A few players will be developed but not enough given real chances. We will give up on a player who will be a solid player for another team that we really need. Lots of talk about one way contracts at the beginning. Lots of talk at the end about elder and tanev at the deadline but nothing happens. The Sedins slip even more after 20 games played and they get injured again... but aren't traded (who would take them?) We we miss the playoffs in the lower middle not because of tanking but because the team is just bad. We draft some players who should be good in a few years. Despite mismanagement the team is more enjoyable to watch the second half once injuries force management and coaches to actually give young players chances... and the team is better for it. And from that we get told that was the plan all along and a new marketing strategy begins next summer.... Errr... I mean... will continue as usual! the rebuild is dead! Long live the rebuild!!
  7. Not necessarily... From the posts I've read - which admittedly isn't that valid to start with, I admit - he hasn't been a dominant player in junior this last year. So if you can believe that (and make all the excuses you want (not you in particular, 3rd person you) if you don't dominate because of your deployment, then you aren't a top player, assuming you get the ice time)..... if you can believe that, then ya, he didn't continue on his development path the way a lot of people hoped. That said - I call hogwash on it - lets see what the kid can do, I still think he deserves to be higher based on my thin air reasoning - haven't seen him, haven't seen junior games - but just because he is young enough and was picked high enough, with pundits at his draft indicating he was one of the only players who may eventually compete for a norris trophy... I don't think one year should change the minds of most people that much. So until I hear otherwise - or better yet see it - I will have faith in him. Lets see what he can do!
  8. really? forget it - I want Mario
  9. mid 20s... IF we get lucky enough to get some truly elite talent here in the next 3 years (during which I estimate we will be bottom feeding / draft lottery victims) Without Bure / Linden 1994 never happens. Without the Sedins / Kesler 2011 never happens. We need stars or we can be like Buffalo. Lots of great players, but probably won't win a cup with them... Just look around the league... lots of teams with lots of great prospects... you need really elite talent - Nashville I would say is on D - to win the cup.
  10. I was trying to be funny... I'll assume I failed!
  11. really asking if there is something to learn in the pre-season games that would be missing from the AHL
  12. Chaput and Megna say hello... and dash the chances of Virtanen and Goldy.... muhahaha. We will build an evil empire, errr... team... to crush the hopes of childish vancouver fans looking for entertainment
  13. Is there a chance - stay with me for 30 seconds - as more probably isn't worth it - just a chance, that if Subban is given a pre season game he shows that he deserves a decent shot? i know that sometimes the pro leagues in sports are more positional than minor leagues, can Jordan potentially actually learn something by playing in the bigs? That he isn't in the minors? That could turn a switch in his head? Maybe it's all mental (the other half is 90% mental after all) and something will sink in. Like he will get beat defensively wide but then realize that he has to make an adjustment - that he wasn't making in the minors because he thought his role was different head too big or whatever? long shot for sure but is there a chance that this is true?
  14. I'm not a tanker but we will be tanking for 2 years. Win the lottery and get Dahlin next year and then win again (Oilers did it why can't we?) to get Hack Hughes... top D and generational player. Then rebuild is finished The glass is 1000% full obviously, Key is to never look at the bottom half lol this team has no stars... we are at the part of the cycle every team goes through where we need to pick up some stars in the draft. Might not be the above mentioned 2... but another solid star quality forward and another star quality d is what we need (by "another" I'm assuming some of our existing prospects work out!) Our playoff chances are dead! Long live our playoff chances!
  15. The Seattle Winter Hawks. It will happen around 2024