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  1. No... being a true fan doesn't mean that you have to agree with management all the time. Are u really asking that? Or is that your go-to question that you pull out when you don't have anything to say but feel a need to post? im just saying that true fans would like this pick because the player could be a Norris winner and it is a risky pick... And I like that. It means being positive. And if you don't like it fine, good. But it doesn't make you a homer, a true fan. That's the definition. Sounds like you are proud not to be a true fan, and that's ok. Maybe you are a hockey fan first, then a Canucks fan second... No prob... But don't question the validity of the definition... Or suggest you are being wronged... Accept what you are, it's ok. is it logical to like a team and be a homer? A "true" fan? Of course not. But us suckers out there who get a kick out of it. So so are you a homer? Or more like Bart, Lisa maybe? Or mr. Burns... Lol... I like the janitor myself... If you really want to get into the metaphysics of sports And what makes fans I 'm game... But we would have to take it up a notch... doo you understand it now?
  2. First post since 2011. We just might be getting a top line d man... That we have needed forever. Rejoice true fans and welcome j to the circus. Lots of really good fans here and some idiots. this is a gutsy pick, and I believe In it and appreciate the risk. J: This is is a great city, and as long as u are cool and funny sometimes u will fit in to the social media scene perfectly. The real fans here want to love you. jb is off the map a bit on this one but I love it. If you want to get back inside the box move to Edmonton . If you want to think outside it you have to like this pick!!!!!! True fans will like this pick, false bandwagoners will hate it. Truth.
  3. He was signed so the Nucks can sell tickets next year. If the team tanks, it is in trouble - we already have empty seats and the team had one bad year. Unbelievable really. No hockey fans in this city... only Canuck fans. Anyways, he could have 5 good years in him (this 3 year contract and the next 2). He has won a Vezina, so better than Luongo and better than Lack. I guess he could be here for the turnaround - on 2nd contract. Which is probably the selling point to him: Help us grow, we are going to win a cup in a few years, etc etc. And shoring up the goaltending is always a good idea. But this team needs to make another trade at the coming deadline to try to get a chance at the lottery - I mean a franchise player(s?) come along - and it just so happens the nucks suck... and are poised to really suck... we have to make the playoffs (to keep the team here in Van), but have traded for that lottery chance. fine line...
  4. he won't be here for the turnaround... or he will be on a new contract. depends how he plays. if he is lights out, we will all love him
  5. What this team actually needs - is to sign a bunch of players that haven't hit their potential, but will - (easier said than done) Or someone who can play 5-10 years at a high level... Stastny is 28? He could have 5 years at a high level, another 5 at 3/4 or so?
  6. you guys: it was NEVER going to be nylander or ehlers... BOSTON model - ie. get big and good
  7. btw: if we got every bc born player the last 20 years we would have won a cup or 2 by now...
  8. lucic was drafted in the 2nd round. this kid could be a great player - give him a chance. no other pick at this level has much more of a chance of success - roll the dice and hope he works out! he could be awesome!
  9. shoot first winger.... sounds good. good shot aparently. won't play this coming year, but good for the future - we hope!
  10. well... there are no facts here. so by that logic everything related to this topic is verboten. /endthread
  11. amazing - you mean expensive mediocrity isn't going to be the norm anymore? not his fault - the concussion basically took him from a top 6 forward to a bottom 6... MG always took a chance, and too bad it didn't work out
  12. etem 10 and 24 for kes and 36 that would be another 3 first round picks - total of 5 in the last 2 years. that's really good. smart, long term, but won't help win next year. but i think we are all ok with that - if we see progress and a vision, we will get behind it.
  13. This team needs a #1 D more than a forward. Look at Detroit - they were dominant while Lidstrom was there. Not that he's gone... not so much. Ekblad - if he is that player - is who I think the team should target. And since nobody knows, it is worth the risk. Not a short-term fix, but if it works... from what I recall, every #1 pick for years has been on forwards... and not much has amounted from these picks by and large. not yet anyways. worth the risk
  14. don't judge before we see him in another set of games. 10-20? If he hasn't shown anything at that point he never will. reminds me of grabner - never showed anything, might not make it - so trade him. reality is that you need to give these players a shot before burying them. last year wasn't a legitimate shot with the injuries
  15. schroeder should be able to do the same shouldn't he?