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  1. I was trying to be funny... I'll assume I failed!
  2. really asking if there is something to learn in the pre-season games that would be missing from the AHL
  3. Chaput and Megna say hello... and dash the chances of Virtanen and Goldy.... muhahaha. We will build an evil empire, errr... team... to crush the hopes of childish vancouver fans looking for entertainment
  4. Is there a chance - stay with me for 30 seconds - as more probably isn't worth it - just a chance, that if Subban is given a pre season game he shows that he deserves a decent shot? i know that sometimes the pro leagues in sports are more positional than minor leagues, can Jordan potentially actually learn something by playing in the bigs? That he isn't in the minors? That could turn a switch in his head? Maybe it's all mental (the other half is 90% mental after all) and something will sink in. Like he will get beat defensively wide but then realize that he has to make an adjustment - that he wasn't making in the minors because he thought his role was different head too big or whatever? long shot for sure but is there a chance that this is true?
  5. I'm not a tanker but we will be tanking for 2 years. Win the lottery and get Dahlin next year and then win again (Oilers did it why can't we?) to get Hack Hughes... top D and generational player. Then rebuild is finished The glass is 1000% full obviously, Key is to never look at the bottom half lol this team has no stars... we are at the part of the cycle every team goes through where we need to pick up some stars in the draft. Might not be the above mentioned 2... but another solid star quality forward and another star quality d is what we need (by "another" I'm assuming some of our existing prospects work out!) Our playoff chances are dead! Long live our playoff chances!
  6. The Seattle Winter Hawks. It will happen around 2024
  7. No I think a lot of teams give players opportunity based on their future role....
  8. Well.... if Goldobin doesn't get a chance this year when he shows promise - this team is an utter joke. The MO of the team has been to play grinders ahead of players who have talent, cause they need to learn how to play on the 4th line before they can earn a spot up the lineup. Even when the player out-performs the existing plugs that have been signed (we have an overwhelming glut of middling talent - so many of these low-end players with one-way contracts that it is hard to see how it is actually going to work). - think Stetcher last year - if the injury to Tanev didn't happen we would never have seen him. The only players who have made it were 2-way players. So unless we ONLY want a team of 2-way players, this approach doesn't work! The team has a backwards approach to competition imho. When you hire someone - or sign them - you actually have to give them a chance. And especially when they show talent - you don't put them in a menial task as a reward - or put them back to the minors. Score a goal (Goldobin) and get benched - cause that is the "plan". Supposedly this year it will be "different" with the same people in charge, so we will see... I honestly hope it will be. I just don't get the plan... sign a bunch of players who aren't that great (Chaput, Megna) but who will always be better at a 2-way game than a young player who is just starting out - and let the Chaputs and Megnas win the spots on the team because of it - year after year after year.... Question: If Virtanen, Juolevi, Dahlen, and Goldobin all show they actually deserve to be in the league this year, can it actually happen? The answer is no. The team would never do it. Contract status trumps development in this organization ... SO FAR! I'd love to be proved wrong this year. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks... peace. sorry for the rant, am a bit negative - I think / hope it is temporary!
  9. Picked the wrong brother haha
  10. if he really can't play def but has great offensive instincts.... really why is he a defense man? I know I'll get I insta-hate for says it - again - but try the poor sod on wing and maybe it works out. Wouldn't be the first dman to excel as a forward Cause at 22... if he can't play d yet... he never will... not at an lite level. It's over.
  11. gotta get star power from drafting D. you don't need a top pick, and it can be almost as effective.
  12. I think we have a good solid NHL player in Gudbranson. And as the defense on the canucks is neither super skilled nor very tough... he brings a little of both. Still young, lots of potential - he won't be a superstar, but neither will McCaan. Definitely fills a need - I can see the Canucks drafting a lot of skilled young D without much toughness, they need someone who can play a bit tougher to complement them... who can play some minutes - ergo this trade. He will either morph into a top-4 role - entirely possible, which would be great... or be relegated to a 3rd pairing. Either way, he is young enough to be around for the next winning cycle, so I still like the trade.
  13. I must be drunk. sorry for that last post! lol
  14. Teams are desperate to win a cup, and are always willing to sacrifice the future for it... so yes I guess I underestimated the Sedins value there. What I'd really like from the Sedins - and what I really wanted that last year we went into the playoffs - and what any future team would want when they sign them at the trade deadline (if) - is this: Come on strong at the beginning. Then coast until the playoffs (or trading deadline). You know, like the way older players used to do it: Turn it on when the playoffs come, but don't kill yourself week to week. As long as you are in the playoffs thats a good strat. Problem is nowadays teams aren't gifted the playoffs as much as they used to be (more teams, same # of playoff spots) so teams can't afford to have that veteran or 2 coasting through the year but knowing they can turn it on later. Anyways, I digress... What I'd really like from the Sedins would be to coast - having a few really outstanding games. then they would still show signing teams they are worth it, but would have something left. I'd love to see them large contributors on a cup-winning team... unfortunately, it won't be the Canucks. They really have only next year - and maybe one more but I doubt it - where if they conserve their bodies throughout the year an avoid injuries by playing crap a lot of the time (coasting) - but not ALL the time! they need to show signs of greatness still (what's that song, I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was?) - this is it - trade em at the deadline for a few first round picks or defensive prospects - Nashville probably has enough depth in their prospect pool to do it and not blink an eye. bah. rambling now, had a beer, friday afternoon! lol
  15. occam's razor outside the scientific laboratory: It means that the more explanations you have to give for an opinion or a point of view, the less likely it is to be true. So if you can make a clean and straight-forward point, with clear reasons, it is a better argument than one where you have to explain parts of it properly to get across your point. The leap of faith in this method of thinking if you really want to go by it: truth is simple, my argument is simple, therefore it must be true - at least truer than your argument!. A complete logical fallacy. So it has not been considered by any serious philosopher for ages and ages... but it does have some historical interest. Question: Is truth simple? I guess if we finalized that axiom then we could say that Occam's razor is probably very useful... but the truth is sometimes quite complicated...