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  1. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    Mistake to demote him..... ow is the time to get him more playing time he he would shine with a great defensive team that needs that spark and can cover any defensive liabilities so... once juo is here and we win the lottery our defense will be good enough to keep him in the lineup
  2. Seeing the bright side, and why you should too...

    The bloody team isn't cursed. Do you also believe in witches, santa clause, god (well that one some of you probably do), and the fairy god mother? How about All the Indian gods and Chinese gods? Or are they all the same under some unknown power in the universe that people fear / worship / love? Funny how money follows this practice and sometimes appears to be the most important facet of the practice (or as that power... hard to keep them separate sometimes isn't it?) There is no such thing as a curse. Other teams have had terrible luck with injuries too. There is no reason to believe that the Canucks are singled out. At least no logical reason. Do you think that some particular witch put a curse on the Canucks? Which one and for which reason? Be specific please! hahaha! good luck with that one. Do you really believe there are nefarious forces at work that we have no control over that govern our lives (besides the government and multi-national corporations of course - which of course would have no care in the world about the canucks winning percentages). It's great to believe that you aren't in control of your lives, as it is much easier that way, but really... a curse? roll 2 6-sided dice 20 times. is it possible to never get 12? Would you think you were cursed if it didn't happen? What if it happened 5 times, would you assume the gods were on your side? Tangible spiritual evidence would be required, and last time I checked, that is extremely hard to come by - aka impossible. By the very nature of faith there is no tangible evidence at all. So - $&!#ty news for the injuries, hate to see it happen - the bright side is none of the injuries are career-threatening. but its not a curse. nor is the SCF losses. And maybe we can get lucky in the lottery this year as a silver lining.
  3. This Team Has No JAM!

    when you are hitting you rarely get hurt - compared to being hit!
  4. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    well, its not like this fall from grace is costing us a chance at the cup. the team will fall in the standings. then when players get back they can make a push at the end of the year. we are sellers at the deadline, and win the lottery. God told me that, so it must be true... or was it Nietzche?
  5. Jim Benning's Drafting

    Really... Ok, so Gretzky is about as good as Eichel... no difference... got it! thanks for clarifying
  6. Jim Benning's Drafting

    We may as well get rid of the Hall of Fame then, as we can't compare the players
  7. Jim Benning's Drafting

    would you take Crosby over Gretzky?
  8. Jim Benning's Drafting

    Well... Generational means in your lifetime, so of course you won't see another one. At least it is highly unlikely. We just had 2 in the 80s/90s... which is an unbelievable rarity. There isn't a player in the game now of the same caliber. ok... so the question is this: Would you take Crosby over Gretzky, Lemieux or Orr? No way that you would do that, as there is a drop in talent. If you can't see that, then you never saw them play. I love Crosby, he is my favourite player right now. But he isn't at the level those 3 were at... Would you take one of Gretzky, Lemieux or Orr over one of the other ones? Yes, you might, and you wouldn't feel that there would be a drop at all in talent. I'm not saying Crosby isn't a phenomenal player, and one of the best to play the game - but he isn't at the top rung elite generational level - only a few players are. But whatever, you can have a generational player mean the player who has the most points in his generation, but I don't think that is acurate. I mean... it isn't about statistics. Gordie Howe has phenomenal statistics, and a fantastic player. But he wasn't at the talent level the 3 I mentioned were at. And I think that talent level is what separates the generational from the franchise player. OR call them uber-generational, or whatever lol! haha!
  9. Jim Benning's Drafting

    imho Boeser can be a franchise player. but not generational. generational to me means: Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux. Crosby isn't generational, imho. Franchise player? definitely. but he's not good enough to be a generational player who outshines every other player in the league by a long-shot. Anyways, the Boeser pick was definitely a steal, and I'm happy about that for sure! But he isn't gretzky. haha! The Sedins weren't gretzky (well, maybe if you combine their point totals)
  10. Disaster ahead ? Lets share our thoughts

    Yup... we are a few years away from being able to compete. Basically I agree with some of the other posters here, in that the loss of a few players means the team doesn't have the depth. Which is OK. It looks like the team will have proper depth in a few years. Depth being defined by most players on the team playing at positions below their maximum responsibility level, so your 4th line center could easily and comfortably play the 2nd line, etc etc. And when you have injuries you can really limit the minutes of call-ups. However - this could be a blessing and not a curse - if we end up getting a lottery win out of it. I wouldn't choose that path as it is a crap-shoot and you can get players down the draft who are just as good ("can" - however unlikely it does happen, like with Boeser). But if those are the cards you are dealt with, you hope for a lottery win...
  11. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    Team will be good - I think everyone can see it. As long as all the prospects keep developing and none are flops. So far so good, but lets wait before planning the parade route... What this team really needs in order to actually plan a parade route would be to actually win the draft lottery and get a(nother) star. Dahlin would be sweet - potenitally the best defenseman in the league 5 years from now. And the Russian guy (whatever his name is) would be a win too.. By "Win" I mean get a bona-fide franchise player - we may get one anyways by drafting better in the later picks... but a jump start is exactly what we need. Anyways, sorry to flog the dead horse...
  12. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

  13. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    Well... the oilers are on track to win the lottery again. They need a top defense man so their golden lottery luck will get them dahlin...
  14. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    ya getting rid of this guy was a sacrifice in order to get players who could play "now". but almost were guaranteed to have a lower ceiling. sometimes you don't need the player with the most upside, you just need a player who can fill a position now. of course - it didn't work out, this was part of the whole "we don't have to rebuild" mantra that used to come out of the management team. at least its not a cam neely type mistake! (although easily could have been) look on the bright side!